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Families of Death Squad Victims Allowed to Sue Chiquita Executives


Families of Death Squad Victims Allowed to Sue Chiquita Executives

Nika Knight, staff writer

In what supporters described as "a victory for accountability for corporate crimes," a U.S. judge ruled in favor of allowing Colombians to sue former Chiquita Brand International executives for the company's funding of a paramilitary group that murdered plaintiffs' family members.


Chiquita executives are murderous criminals. Fines are much too little for them to pay.


Eric Holder was the attorney in 2004 that negotiated an illegal deal on behalf of Chiquita with the DOJ about this very issue:

When President Obama holds up the US as a shining beacon of freedom for our adherence to the "rule of law", what on earth does he mean?


Lets not forget history - Chiquita Brands IS United Fruit Company, the company responsible for numerous dictatorships, military rule, death squads, coups and US military interventions in Latin and Central America!
Guatemala especially was victim, suffering the US coup against democratically-elected Arbenz gov in 1954. The resurgence of Latin American US muscle-flexing and de-stabilization is alive and well under the "progressive" fraud Barack Obama.......

"Under dictator Jorqe Ubico (1931-1944), American-owned United Fruit Company (UFC) gained control of forty-two percent of Guatemala's land, and was exempted from taxes and import duties. The three main enterprises in Guatemala -- United Fruit Company, International Railways of Central America, and Empress Electrica -- were American-owned (and controlled by United Fruit Company). Seventy-seven percent of all exports went to the US and sixty-five percent of imports came from the US."



The Spanish encomiendas created the system of land usurpation and indigenous enslavement that United Fruit simply stepped into. The US backed Somoza in Nicaragua, Noriega in Panama, and any FMLN (ARENA) candidate in El Salvador. HRC led the botched US interference in the coup in Honduras as she (and the powers that be) did not want the democratically elected Zelaya to return to office: "Clinton controversially doubled down on defending the coup, outrageously suggesting that the oligarchs and generals who had forced President Manuel Zelaya out had a legal justification." Read more here: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/06/01/hillarys-role-in-honduran-coup-sunk-us-relations-with-latin-america-to-a-new-low/ )

Historically, the U S has championed/ensconced despots and petty dictators throughout Central and South America as you eloquently stated in your comment.(Thank you) All to allow corporate interests to conduct their raping and pillaging of the land, the people and resources throughout.


That fine was alfully convienient....25 million to the USA courts...How about the people harmed how much of that 25 mill did they get.


Please correct me if am wrong. Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton have been connected in their legal careers with central american fruit growers as members of legal departments or teams.


These corporate perps should be treated the same as all those the Washington regime accuses of being "terrorists": a kangaroo--if any--trial...after spending a decade or so in Gulagtanamo, of course. The only difference is that these degenerates truly are deserving.


To know this occurred sickens me. The individuals behind these gruesome actions are subhuman monsters. The court should divest every penny they've got and transfer it to those affected from the atrocities this band of reckless sociopaths paid for.
Then extradite these pathogens to receive further justice in any way Columbia see's fit to administer. And, I'm DONE with Chiquita.


These criminals like it when corporations are called "persons" so they can buy up political hacks, but do not want to be that person when it is time to answer for their crimes.


The U.S. State Department and United Fruit embarked on a major public relations campaign to convince the American people and the rest of the U.S. government that Guatemala was a Soviet “satellite”.

United Fruit Company, Sullivan and Cromwell, Dulles, CIA, Guatemala

The capital of the United Fruit Company empire was in Guatemala, in the town of Bananera, where it made its headquarters. From here it master-minded its empire and corrupted every level of government and politics in Guatemala. United Fruit also managed to exempt itself from virtually all taxes for 99 years. UFCO had its fingers in almost every pie in Guatemala. UFCO had the unconditional support of right-wing dictators who maintained their power by terrorizing the people and arresting prominent citizens who were either killed on the spot or tortured in prison to extract confessions. During one wave of repression under Jorge Ubico, hundreds were killed in just two days.

In 1944, the people of Guatemala overthrew the right-wing dictator then in power, Jorge Ubico. Guatemala held its first true elections in history. They elected Dr. Juan Jose Arevalo Bermej to the presidency. A new constitution was drawn up, based on the U.S. Constitution. Arevalo was a socialist and an educator who built over 6,000 schools in Guatemala and made great progress in education and health care.

At this time in Guatemala, just 2.2 percent of the population owned over 70 percent of the country’s land. Only 10 percent of the land was available for 90 percent of the population, most of whom were Indians. Most of the land held by the large landowners was unused. Arevalo was succeeded in another free election by Jacobo Arbenz who continued the reform process begun under Arevalo. Arbenz proposed to redistribute some of the unused land and make it available for the 90 percent to farm. Here is where the problem arose: United Fruit was one of the big holders of unused land in Guatemala. The pressure mounted against UFCO and finally the company complained to the many friends it had within the U.S. government including President Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, saying that Guatemala
had turned communist.


Great info!


It's good to read that the people manning the controls of a corporation are finally held accountable for their actions in at least some legal forum.


Just like what we accused the British before the revolution.


If you were to give millions of dollars to a terrorist organization, you would go to jail.

It's an outrage that these "executives" are not in jail!


It's only about 85 farggin year past due!