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Families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, and Philando Castile Join 600+ Groups Urging UN Probe of US Police Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/families-george-floyd-breonna-taylor-michael-brown-and-philando-castile-join-600


Mr. Philonise Floyd cited the Till case:


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Ultimately we need ongoing mass uprisings everywhere, with a growing shared awareness of the kinds of deep structural change that we need to demand worldwide, to stop replicating white supremacy, racist violence, militarism, war, and ecological devastation.

Ultimately we need to end neoliberalism, capitalism, and all forms of colonization that are woven into the function of “the economy.” We need to recognize that both white supremacy, and the investor-owned limited-liability corporation, were invented by “enlightened, liberal” European colonizers to justify and carry out colonization.


Europeans have a lot to answer for.


Good. Anything to put an end this hate.


H wingsofadove:
The world is having another holocaust-----and again, the world is not speaking Up. The people of America, Israel, and Europe need to speak up NOW,as Palestinians, African Americans and immigrants from so many nations are affected!


There are good police? Really which ones? The cops walking past the old man pushed back and falling, lying unconscious with blood streaming from his head? The chiefs, judges, mayors representative looking the other way and begging for more cop money? We are over copped. We would have less civil fire arms deaths if cops had less letel weapons.


I could be worse stardust BID. The four cops in Minneapolis could be aquitted like in L.A. 1992. Burning buildings galore.
I sure hope we mature really fast.

It never freaking ends. Here’s another African American death by police, for failing to dim his lights when passing a police cruiser. No that’s not a miss print, FAILING TO DIM HIS HEADLIGHTS !!



One voice that is missing from the calls for justice is the killing to silence journalists all over the world. “Free Julian Assange” along with “Stop Killing Journalist” needs to be added to the signs carried by those protesting in the streets. Without the press free to continue to publish in depth accounts of the eggregious behavior of the people who have usurped power.

A bit off topic of the complaint issued by citizens of the oosa to the united nations Human Rights Network which sounds Kool but the UN justice department is toothless when it has not been able to rectify the genocide of the Palestinians or even the silent death of Julian Assange.


We live in an out of control POlice state. In every corner of this country people have been killed for having black skin or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time whatever that means. There is no freedom when you can be shot just for being


Ben Crump is a great man, perfection in the moment, rising to the occasion with the rest of us:

“Now, even though the murder of black people is consistently captured on camera,” Crump added, “we have yet to capture the minds and hearts of legislatures and jurors, and we have yet to capture the justice and equality promised in our Constitution and inherent in our human rights.”

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Hi Gandolf:
I think that the world’s response, and from governments ALL OVER the world who saw the horror of what cops can do in America—As the government is hanging by a thread of threats------Karma will make sure that JUSTICE is finally served.
America has been losing credibility since Bush 2 and his phony wars.There are no leaders leading in America—they appear tp be feathering their nests before crap hits the fan. Maybe they should read up on 1789, and perhaps the current rulers will rue their actions in time.

I’d like to see this expanded for now to cover more policing systems. State patrolmen. Homeland security. Border control. Problems are documented with prison controls, school police, and airport police, remembering the peaceful guy who got dragged out of an airplane last year.

Love to stop war, but no leadership, no movement exists. Maybe someday.

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We and the Earth need to grow this movement, which does exist. Time is (as i know you know) entirely out for waiting – the ecology and society are both being ripped apart. Both need healing to take precedence over stealing.

We need to recognize that “the economy,” and the military and police functions that enable and maintain it, are built on stealing, colonizing, privatizing, profiting, and imbalanced wealth, and needs to be based on healing, honoring, sharing the commons, and balancing and regenerating health.

As to the movement, i promote the work of Code Pink, and of the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, to keep focus on how the war parts of the system integrate with the colonizing and capitalizing parts. All glued together with divide-and-conquer racism and white supremacy, nationalism, sexism and patriarchy, and human supremacism. So much work to do!

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