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Family of Jacob Blake Hosts Block Party, Voter Drive to Drown Out 'Pain and Division' Brought by Trump Visit to Kenosha

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/family-jacob-blake-hosts-block-party-voter-drive-drown-out-pain-and-division-brought


Should they have also organized a garbage truck parade to “welcome” Trump?


I think it’s great the family did this. Maybe this can be an example? Wish more folks in protest areas that seem to be in an unproductive instigation and reaction cycle considered doing this.

I will refrain from the story, personalities, and study leading to this manifestation of Distiller. It is close to ready for rollout;

√ttps://www.autonomousdemocracy.org check current polls

Grateful for these efforts – and for including a voter drive as part of the event.

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There can’t be a “healing” until the systemic problem is fully addressed and remedied, and that is no where close to happening. Otherwise, “healing” is merely feel-good pabulum.

How about a planned voter and registration drive everywhere he goes?
And the Blakes have too much class and character to protest trump and make a scene.

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What’s the bottled water on the table for? Is the USA so dysfunctional that it can’t provide clean drinking water through taps? Must everyone pay corporations for plastic bottles just for a drink of water?

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Nice, needed counterpoint and creative…

US America will heal once it acknowledges its twin crimes of genocide and slavery and their repercussions still reverberating today.

Truth and Reconciliation panels are in order along with the First Nations tradition of Give-aways to counter the greed.

Slowly, we may finally come to see we need a system of equality for all that necessitates the dismantling on the capitalists system of exploitation. Thanks and love to the Bake Family.

@CommonDreams, while we’re on the subject, Shouldn’t this country be able to vote for politicians who could actually change things?

Instead of the contests we have now between worsts and dumbers?

Do you have any schedule or plans to start talking about this G thing (and others like it) in the near future? Or are you just going to continue to pretend all is normal after the election?

It was convenience at first. Then for safety reasons. Now I think maybe it’s insurance against apocalyptic fear.
Batman movie where Gotham’s water system is attacked by a mad man.