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 Famine Could Kill 20 Million in Africa and Yemen—Why the Deafening Silence?


 Famine Could Kill 20 Million in Africa and Yemen—Why the Deafening Silence?

Patrick Lawrence

Two striking stories, back to back, come our way as spring arrives. I cannot get either out of my mind—for what they say, for what they imply about everyone unmentioned in them, for what they do not say.


At this point, they need $5.6 Billion just for "Band Aids".

Think the US Military could spare any part of the $54 Billion Bonus they just got Promised?

You know, to be spent actually accomplishing some GOOD in the World?


It is this rather than Revolution that the corporate oligarch elites fear. When the oligarchies now attempting to consolidate control by manipulating the power of governmental positions, see things like a famine, it is as if it were a force of nature like the change of seasons or ocean tides, as something that can't be removed. Their understanding, such as it may be, is to calculate how famine will affect the political (both at home and abroad), the military (how famine will destabilize or further exacerbate an armed conflict somewhere) and the societal (where the fate of refugees may demand some response either positive or more likely negative.

The oligarchy (now a work in progress) is psychopathic and non empathetic generally. Nevertheless, they will expect to publicly help alleviate the worst of a famine, mainly (if only) because to do nothing would be bad PR for their administration. What they won't do is to avoid the potential of creating a famine by ceasing military action or aid (to the one side in a conflict that we support even if they are the cause of the famine).

Similarly they will redefine future climate chaos refugees as an immigration problem. They will not acknowledge their role in exacerbating the climate chaos that causes millions to flee killer droughts and famine.

It is at that point where in a climate destabilized world that the ruling elites will claim a mandate from the public (whether one exists or not) to 'protect our way of life' and their non democratic corporate coup will be written in stone. The billionaire/CEO ruling oligarchy will have established the idea that they alone can restore order and stability. Amid the continuing climate chaos, who could then unseat those that still have some power in the face of that which renders us all powerless? Moreover many will out of selfishness and resentment, applaud the draconian measures that will be imposed.

Climate Chaos will not be the end of the world. Our science may not be able to clean and restock the oceans but it is sufficient to ensure that a minimum of oxygen producing plankton are maintained worldwide. We may lose forests and swelter in scorching deserts but irrigation and gmo crops will still create massive amounts of food even if of a monotonous variety. We will eat gmo salmon able to tolerate toxic waters and sadly grow used to the stomp of jackboots (as police) in our streets.

But it won't be the end of the world ...although it might feel like it.

It will be a world of immensely wealthy elites who rule the multitudes and masses like once did the nobles and princes in days of yore. We will not call them dukes and barons but CEOs and such instead. What's in a name anyway? Some will be as rich and powerful as once were pharaohs and kings. Only one thing is guaranteed ...

It will be the end of democracy to say the least.


iirc, if nothing is done, we could end up going extinct.

hopefully, once it becomes so awful that we rise up and demand energy from cleaner sources, there will be time to reverse it. I'm talking centuries, perhaps.

so agree with everything else in your comment. grump is speeding up the culling process. watch for privatization of basic services coming your way....


The wealthy Elites who rule, use Mindless Clones to do their bidding, in return for Money and Position.

And these Clones are then called "Heroes".