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'Famine Not Seen in 40 Years': UN Warns Pompeo Decision in Yemen Could Lead to Hundreds of Thousands—If Not Millions—Dead

It’s time to expand the members of our family.

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I mean you don’t harm members of your family.
If you have made a nice cake you cut it up and share it with all .

This is the kind of understanding we must strive for.

All For One and One For All.

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I did not define Saudi Arabia as Zionist. I included Saudi Arabia and their supporters along with Israel, their supporters and Zionists as those who want millions dead in the ME. Every immoral conservative scumbag on planet earth with a vested interest in Zionism, Israel or Saudi Arabia wants to eliminate opponents to those enterprises and my immoral nation under conservative leadership (democrat and republican) wants to help them. Chuckle away while you preach gibberish in support of these assholes who murder millions in the ME.

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Thank you for so eloquently revealing your inability to discuss issues as an actual grown up.

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Not all Christians think/believe the same things. Sadly, it’s the Christians least Christ-like that seem to get all the (bad) attention, for views they get in wrong places.

I love your thinking!

He is phony Christian, as far as his actions go. Jesus would NOT approve!