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'Fantastic... Who's Next?' SEIU First National Union to Endorse Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/fantastic-whos-next-seiu-first-national-union-endorse-green-new-deal

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Well good for them. So how about the building trades unions? Crickets. Who is SEIU going to endorse for president? They endorsed HRC last time.


With all fossil fuels, most of the money goes toward (often foreign!) land use fees for the extraction and a long, fragile supply chain.

With solar heating your house, you’re going to have to hire local workers who can drive to the work site. Most of the jobs are going to be rather site-specific. Bring your tape measure! Also your table saw, your nail gun, your truck,… As you might have guessed, this type of work is going to involve skilled labor. So, would you rather pay a foreign strongman who locks up union organizers for that tanker full of oil or would you rather pay local workers a living wage to get rid of your need for that oil?

Now you can start asking the question, “A million new jobs in this country, huh? Can we get carpenter’s unions into the biggest employers?” I guess that you’re about to find out if you can.

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The SEIU management endorsed HRC. I think the rank-and-file went with someone else.
This happened in several of the big unions last time



We can’t have 4 more years of Trump, and Americans need to start looking out for themselves even more, because I don’t think that the corporate DNC cares about We the People, or the nation Especially after nixing the Green New Deal.


Hi RazedAwareness:
Yes, and I am seeing this more and more! As in today’s DNC ORDER!
LOL. I’m going to be deleting a lot more DEM email. And—that’s a great feeling! : )

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LOL… great post, as you can see the puppet show appears to be going full speed ahead at SEIU. I wonder if/when more members will get sick and tired of being used as both financial and political puppets?

You’re absolutely right, Phred_Pharkel, and it has become more than obvious that SEIU management doesn’t really care about what their rank-and-file members think as long as they just keep paying their dues. IMO, the members deserve better than that kind of status quo style.

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Government workers endorse government spending. What a shock!

Watch for this ‘phenomenon’ to happen again…and again…

The corrupt DNC told Jay Inslee that climate devastation cannot be allowed in the upcoming debates…why?

Hi Shantiananda_----you ask why? I suppose they have all become soulless dementers----like in the Harry Potter books. : )

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