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Fantasy and Fatality in the Facebook Era

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/31/fantasy-and-fatality-facebook-era

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Beautifully written and very moving. Thank you for expressing your grief in such a giving and productive way. Thanks also for bringing up the fantasy of technological salvation. Very few people do, and it is a conversation we MUST have.
I think your Dad would be proud. That is not a platitude, it is just my opinion - I’m truly sorry for your loss.


Humans are the only species wilfully incapable of reason

And willingly capable of delusion


Beautifully, passionately written lament, in the true literary sense. My condolences for the loss of your father. Might I add another element of our current crisis to be lamented, which is the overpopulation of our species. Verily you wrote: “You cannot begin to fix a problem when you pretend the problem doesn’t exist.” As long as we continue to pretend that it’s okay, no big deal, to house, feed, clothe and accessorize 7.7 billion homo sapiens - and to uncritically accept projections of 9 or 10 billion in the next couple of decades, we do naught but hasten our own demise. What I lament is the number of innocent species we are taking down with us.

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Excellent piece detailing the connections between an individual life and what we face collectively. I would add that as Americans, we suffer this disease of denial more than others. We are continually taught to avoid looking at the system(s) around us, while that same system atomizes us, isolates us, and makes us feel that any suffering we experience is because of our individual faults. And when mass shootings happen, the shooters (the non-Muslim ones, that is, the majority) are always portrayed as merely flawed individuals, never vulnerable people who have been alienated economically and driven to believe that violence is the catharsis.


K_Towne, welcome to CD. I fully concur with your excellent post, and look forward to
reading more of your thoughts.

This article by Kristine Mattis is an excellent example of Common Dreams at its best.
In her time of great sorrow, she has gone straight to the core of what is wrong with our
society, and why it is so important to face the reality of the harm that it does to people.

Nothing I can say will ease her pain. The best I can do is to thank her for sharing her thoughts. Hopefully, her article will be read by many.