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Far From a Distraction, Hamilton Feud Calls Attention to the Real Issue: Trump’s Historic Unpopularity


Far From a Distraction, Hamilton Feud Calls Attention to the Real Issue: Trump’s Historic Unpopularity

Jim Naureckas

In the wake of the celebration of Vice President–Elect Mike Pence being confronted by the cast of Hamilton—and tweets from Donald Trump confirming that the message had been received—came a backlash: This theater stuff was distracting us from serious issues.


Oh man..I'm So...sick..and tired..to the bone..of PC and Identity Politics and the never...ending..whining and utterly fake pretense of "brown and black people.." blah-blah-blah. Trump is a dangerous Fascist. We're in REAL trouble..more even than the overwhelming majority realize, I mean if the New Left did 'really realize' how bad its going to be, then they would never have allowed Obama and Clinton and Bush to codify into law the true nightmare of Police/Surveillance state that Trump inherits. He has created nothing as yet, the power he has/will have is the direct and unequivocal result of New Left Denial/Rationalization and apathy in the face if, what was to many of us overtly obvious, the creation of authoritarian even totalitarian "Infrastructure". So the New Left continues to rend their hair and tear their clothes while pretending its somehow 'worse' than it already was, and couching the entire discussion....STILL...in the very same terms that lost them the election; Identity Politics, PC baloney and endlessly divisive hypocrisy. Where were these actors when Obama was conducting more criminal investigations into Journalists than ALL other Administrations Combined? Where were while Obama committed war crimes against Yemeni Civilians? Where were they when? When? When? The list is tragically endless. Wake Up. Get over the Identity Politics and the PC control and UNIFY with those of us who have skills and resources to fight back against the very real nightmare that is about to ensue. Or..keep pretending and lose. This really is a choice for the New Left as an 'entity'. Relinquish inherently authoritarian PC control, get off the 2nd Amendment and start DEFENDING all Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights will come along for the ride..it really is that simple. Oh..and FM-24 wouldn't hurt..read it..understand it..and we can win..ignore it and we lose.