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Far-Reaching Bill Would Legalize Weed, Offer Reparations for War on Drugs

Far-Reaching Bill Would Legalize Weed, Offer Reparations for War on Drugs

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Advocates for marijuana legalization and criminal justice are lauding a bill Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) introduced on Tuesday to end federal prohibition of pot and offer financial assistance to communities devastated by the War on Drugs.

"The War on Drugs has had disparate harm on low-income communities and communities of color. It's time to rectify that."
—Queen Adesuyi, Drug Policy Alliance


With the current climate in the Senate under the tyranny of McConnell, this bill will not make it to a committee let alone to the floor for a vote…VERY sad to say. Perhaps that will change (hoping) come November, 2018…

  1. As Emma Vigeland of TYT Politics point out … there’s a catch.
    Cory’s BigPharma donors are positioning themselves to cash in on the Medical Marijuana industry.

  2. Rep Tom Garrett of the otherwise despicable “Freedom Caucus” introduced HR 1227 “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017” in the house this past February that would also remove marijuana from the Federal Schedul altogether. Rep Tulsi Gabbard cosponsored. Booker’s senate bill obviously goes much farther.


Big Pharma’s attempts to replicate MJ failed miserably. What they could do is the Monsanto and Dow thing: buy up all the MJ grow operations, monopolize the grow industry, and then charge through the you-know-what for the most sought after strains…along the line of what has been done with Aids drug therapies or Hep C treatments (only the very wealthy with Hep C have the means to purchase them). I would hope that the states with legalized retail and/or medical marijuana grow and distribution would put up a stink about BigPharma’s attempts to usurp their MJ revenue streams. I know the people will be up in arms and marching in the streets.

Like Roseanna-Anna-Danna of SNL fame used to say: “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”


Kentucky & Oregon have industrial hemp testing and growing operations ( field and lab ). And Oregon, of course, has legalized marijuana. I don’t know how McConnell would respond to this proposed legislation. He’s such a lackey he’ll support whomever has a biggest bank account and check book, you’d guess.
Tired of seeing The Uniparty Democrats not supporting this. Big Mother or Big PIC & LE conservatives?


This is what big pharma fears the most: a plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors, and when the new cannabis users start taking it for multitudes of possible treatments, the majority (over 60%) of people drop 3 pharma prescriptions.

Remember, with big pharma you take the blue pill. But that pill gives some bad side effects, so then you take the red pill to offset the blue pill. Then the red pill also has some bad side effects, so you take the yellow pill to offset the red pill . . .

With cannabis, you do not have one green pill, you have as many medicines (or call them herbs if you choose) as you do strains of Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. Cannabis is not one drug or medicine, it’s as many as there are now, at the current moment, plus all the strains created daily all over planet earth. And then future strains. Endless possibilities.

Whole plant cannabis works best for most patients (known as the entourage effect). What can it treat?

Here is a compilation of medical studies. It is listed alphabetically, by disease/ailment. As a PDF in 2014, it was just over 3,300 pages long.

But have no fear— this is Granny Storm Crow’s 2017 List, all online and alphabetized, easy to navigate.
(And you can find out more about Granny Storm Crow and the shining soul she is, and why she created the list as a cannabis activist–also she is a school teacher)



The Koch brothers are in favor of marijuana legalization. And I doubt it is merely due to their Libertarian values, but for $$$$$.


Give everyone busted for weed a mule and 180 acres.




Collins and Feinstein and other Congressional fascists are directly responsible for the Black Holocaust caused by the War on Drugs. Does it bother them that they’ve ruined countless lives and families? Does it bother drug warriors who make their living torturing, persecuting, imprisoning and killing poor people of color?

Are these people monsters?


Answering your last question, yes.


NY Stop and Frisk victims will not be saved by this Bill.

As explained by Michelle Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow”, a huge number of the 100,000 a year Stop and Frisk arrests have been young people, in their own Neighborhoods, who naively agreed to a Police Officer’s request to “voluntarily” empty the contents of their pockets, only to be arrested for Public Display of Marijuana.

This is not Possession, or Use, and therefore the Bill will not help them from the Horror that they, and their Families, have experienced after being sucked into a Judicial System that especially Punishes those without the Resources to fight back.


I heard the Private Prisons are thrilled with their booming business. And that these companies are bidding on factory work, bringing jobs back to America at low wage rates. Who wins, the people or the business these days?


Exactly, helen, slavery has never really gone away.


I laugh (and cry) when Diane Feinstein says “I’m not there.” As far as I’m concerned, she hasn’t ‘been there’ for years.


a very rare appearance of civilized adults in Congress.

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Good to read that someone in Congress is trying to decriminalize Cannabis.
This comment is a response to the writer of this article.
Photos used and references to cannabis are often derogatory in the press.
In your article, the close-up of a poorly wrapped cannabis “joint” is slightly offensive in that it implies that the herb is only used by kids or the poor.
Also the term “weed”, tho popular, is a derogatory name for a carefully cultivated herb. Cannabis advocates also prefer to call the herbal medicine an herb, not a “drug”. What other herbal remedy do reporters refer to as a “drug”? What authors would write an article on alcohol and call it “hooch” or “booze”?


Excellent points…MSM (and Common D) perpetuating the stereotypes.


In Alaska: “Regulations spell out that only Alaska residents can own an interest or work in a cannabis business.”
This will make it difficult for big pharma to buy up the Alaska grow operations. I’m uncertain as to regulations in other states.


Drug war people, I don’t understand.

I’m looking forward to having the machines take over. Machines have no feelings or emotions. They don’t feel love, hate, happiness, sadness, depression, pain and more, yet Artificial Intelligence is trillions of times smarter than people. They are not greedy, racist, evil, good, whatever. They don’t need money but work all the time without sleep. They will take over our jobs and liberate us to do whatever we feel like. Or they could be used to oppress us, but I doubt it. Why oppress anyone when all our needs are met by machines?

I’m more worried about what people with their global warming, their banks, corporations, their military, etc. will do. Machines have no human reason to act like that. I can’t wait.

You raise a very good point here. Actually there are two types of cannabis.even by legal definition. Medical and recreational with some standards for use. Commercialized and genetically modified for specific use as a medical remedy and then there are backyard grows that are also considered medicinal. It is a plant we evolved with and has always held some healing potential that we have yet to fully understand. At least it has a chance for that without being criminalized.

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