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Far-Reaching Immigrant Protections Bill Passes in California

Far-Reaching Immigrant Protections Bill Passes in California

Julia Conley, staff writer

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign the California Values Act, passed by lawmakers Saturday, which would make the state a "sanctuary state" with new protections for undocumented immigrants.

This law is just another patch for a very broken immigration policy and law. Have any doubts, try going to Canada as an undocumented person and see how fast you become illegal and deported.

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cali corporations depend on low wage migrant labor to keep labor costs down. that’s what this is about and that’s why Democrat leaders support it.

Their donors would freak if they had to deal with a tighter domestic labor market and actually have to pay people.

refugees, however, are in another category entirely, and they have to be supported, especially since most of them were displaced by this government in the first place.


Well sure that has been going on in for years in California. Many abuses were tolerated. This bill addresses how big that problems has become. There is a lot of domestic abuse and other issues because there are not legal remedies for undocumented people. My point is that this is a broken system that mainly affects six states with some growing problems not represented in the larger issue. For example, where I live the population is projected to double in the next 20 or so years, while the use of water that is already rationed and is projected to decrease by 20 percent. This is just one aspect of how this impacts populations in a negative way.

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You are supposed to think that nothing could possibly go wrong … you’re dangerously close to being connected with reality…

So true----the idea injected into every elementary school child, not by teachers/schools, but by culture/society/religion.

And when we as children ever question authority–we know where that usually ends.

When actually, most children are closer to thoughts of genius than most adults, who have been nationalized brain-washed by age 10, and stick with it their whole lives–God, country, baseball, apple pie, pro-war and no gays or abortion please… What in the Hell could ever go wrong?


LIAR !!!
Trump is not cracking down on immigrants, he’s making noise about cracking down on illegal aliens.

I just watched a bunch of “so called” dreamers protest a Palosi town hall. They managed to shut it down without giving her a chance to even speak. What was that all about? They made me so angry that I would deport the whole crew. I have seen and heard some really dumb stuff, but this is really out there. They made Trump look sane. Send them back please.