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Far-Reaching Prison Reform Must Be Part of Racial Justice Movement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/17/far-reaching-prison-reform-must-be-part-racial-justice-movement


It must be understood that “law enforcement” is now a business; part of the Prison Industrial Complex.
Any business follows a plan to build revenue and grow; in the case of police it involves building and generating “perps” to feed the business, and that requires laws to grow and create more “perps” asnd aggressive interactions to generate arrsts and charges and court cases and potentially prison sentences and/or fines.

Training in aggression, “controlling the interaction”, ie, demanding instant submissive compliance without the least, smallest, amount of what is considered “resisting”, especially when police interact with people of color or the poor. Flinching, pulling a hand away when grabbed, asking any questions “why”, showing frustration - ANY excuse to escalate and increase the length of time in the interaction to perhaps “reveal wrongdoing” or the least whiff of “resistance”, or “justify” arrest and further processing of the “item”.

We’ve seen that premeditated MO that is a central part of police training in countless interactions that could have ended peacefully, turned into a brutal or deadly interaction.

Police training that emphasizes and teaches confrontation, demanding submission ie control, aggression, and violence including attacks and killing as the normal progression of interactions are central to police training, not any other MO or method or possible outcome to interactions;

It doesn’t help that people who “are too smart” (or think for themselves) are not considered qualified to hire as police; a well documented reality.