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Far-Right Activists on Social Media Telegraphed Violence Weeks in Advance of the Attack on the US Capitol

The rwhite wing thought process is something like this.

People on the right and supporters of Donald Trump respect the rule of the law and the Police forces.

The people engaged in this riot crashed through police lines killing one officer and broke the law.

Therefore the people who committed these acts can not be on the Right or Trump supporters.

Just as the Democrats blame everything on Russia , the Right wing blames everything on ANTIFA.

That all said they are also saying this was allowed to happen so that more laws suppressing Civil Liberties can be passed. This might well be the case and I am sure Biden will push laws restricting such protests in the future. Broken clocks are right twice a day.

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The approach suggested here is 180 degrees wrong, whatever the intent of the author.

You do not make a society safe or egalitarian by suppressing public discourse or dissent, even though not all dissent is always correct or well reasoned.

Facebook, Twitter, and other such platforms have no business telling people what they can say or hear. The particular danger in their doing so is the same as that for any other form of censorship of political discourse. It does not matter that these are not forums as well adapted to complex thought as some others; neither are newspapers. These are forums that people use, and where people use forums, they should be able to say what they decide to say.

Whyever would any one of us trust this or another government to determine what we can say or write or see or read? What is the case in which any form of government did this extensively that turned out well for the population of the governed?

Probably by now no one here is unaware that the government has deliberately bullied tech giants into censorship, but even were that not the case, what would it be about Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or Pierre Omidyar or the for-profit corporate structure in general that would make any of us imagine that our speech, our reading, or the information that we might gather about our society should be controlled by for-profit entities?

No, these calls to draconian oppression against supposed “domestic terrorism” is the threat to democracy–_the_threat, the only current and evident and obvious threat. Democracy is not threatened by a few yoyos who storm Washington. Please, make a comparison of the relative military potential there. It is threatened by the willingness of the legislature and the executive and much of the population to accept once again a reduction in Bill of Rights protections for some imagined patina of security.

No. No deplatforming. No censorship. And that means letting the nuts talk, too.

I have also heard the January 17-20 dates and posted in on CD a couple of times recently. I don’t understand why major media is avoiding the discussion. Similar to the topic in this article, when the first attack on the Capitol was online plenty but not in major media.


I’ve been getting warnings from folks who are ‘gut-hooked’ by this stuff, that we need to prepare for the next massive and imminent action of insurrection. After last weeks events, I am not too quick to dismiss them.

The fanatical ‘right’ foments violent insurrection. The ‘left’ seems content to point out that the facts do not support their hysterical ravings. Reason is no match for evangelical fervor in these times.

For legacy mainstream media (particularly those holdovers from the analogue era) to actually report on it is to acknowledge they are becoming irrelevant. If that happens, the ad rates they can demand go down whilst also giving ad executives at the likes of InfoWars, Newsmax, OAN, Breitbart, etc., extra ammunition in their argument to prospective advertisers they are the spot where clients can reach their desired audience. To have this conversation means the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc., are behind the times, not a part of them. Add in a complacent / self-delusional security state (on who’s mucky-mucks the personnel of the legacy news media rely upon as sources) who’s ranks are full of fascists from the branch that is not in line with the top brass, it easy to see why they would rather pretend it does not exist a la the First Estate in Ancien Regime France circa 1788.