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Far Right Groups Are Stumbling, But Their Rhetoric Is More Mainstream Than Ever


Far Right Groups Are Stumbling, But Their Rhetoric Is More Mainstream Than Ever

Juliette Legendre

On March 5, the prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak at Michigan State University.

The event quickly turned into a bust when only about three dozen people made it inside the building — while hundreds of Spencer supporters and anti-fascist protestors confronted each other outside, throwing rocks and punches. Local police arrested 25 people.


But people - especially women - according to this short film, are revved and seriously dedicated to progressive change. Discover someone’s path to becoming her own leader:


This illustrates further how the two major parties differ and also how important state level government is to this movement that thrives on hate against non-whites and Jews. It is being fueled by increasing numbers of Muslim and Hispanic immigrants and the presence of large numbers of blacks. Jews are often viewed as being in control of things behind the scenes. The Southern Poverty Law Center has recently documented an increase in hate crimes in the US. This is a moment when liberal democracy is being challenged. Those who believe in liberal democracy need to work for what they believe in or it will be destroyed by these forces on the right.


Mythologized European heritage is the key term here.


Isn’t it crazy? All these constructs are delusional. Yet humans everywhere are so susceptible to the rhetoric of madness.

Of course the roots of today’s manifestations of white supremacy go way back through colonialism enslavement and genocide, and remain intimately woven throughout the structure of ownership and wealth, the economy and society, not just in these “fringe” groups. How do we break through such deep-seated false consciousness and sick culture?