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'Far-Right Ideology' of Trump Public Lands Nominee Why Senate Must Reject Him, Say Groups

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/28/far-right-ideology-trump-public-lands-nominee-why-senate-must-reject-him-say-groups

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Unless he’s a member of one of the tribes that called Wyoming home, he’s not a “native”. He’s a descendant of one of the European invaders, which practically leaps out with his view of the land. It’s not home, it’s not sacred, it’s a commodity to use to make lots and lots of lovely money for him and his buds.
Where does Trump find these people? None of them look human in their photos. And those groups? Right out of the Kochtopus menage of ultra-right wingers.
Please, let Yellowstone erupt. Not a large one. Just enough to maybe let him know what extraction around a dormant supervolcano can lead to. Oh, wait, he doesn’t believe in science…


Another example of the good sense that Congress and the Courts have shown - by not permitting DT to seek re-election.

This maladministration is worse than a blind pig. It cannot find an acorn of goodness in a land of plenty. I cannot think of one thing that it has done for the common good. It must be vanquished. Thor, please take your best shot–front nine or back, I really don’t care, but I hope it will be on video.

Please name one Trump appointee who isn’t “uniquely unqualified” ?


Sounds like the slimy little dirtbag is perfectly qualified to perform the last remaining function of “government” under late stage capitalism: dispossession of the People.


“Since he is too extreme to pass muster in this Senate…”

Mr. O’Neill have you been hiding under a rock the last 3.5 years? There is no one too extreme for this Senate. They will confirm anyone, qualifications be dammed, as long as they further the 1%'s interests.


Quite frankly I am always surprised at how “These people” keep rising to the top one after the other. Where the hell are they all coming from? It seems there a never ending supply of them being manufactured in some shit factory.


A shit factory now focused on turning us into a “shit-hole country”. People like this are why we shouldn’t blame Trump for everything nor expect that everything will get better when there’s NoTrump. He does seem to be uniquely endowed with an utter lack of shame to sign onto acts of the machine that pumps these people out but the machine itself and the people (loose usage of the term) are there regardless of Trump.


Greed has no bounds. These people are lined up at the trough begging for a share of the slop.

I don’t know how it would be accomplished, but somehow this mentality must be removed from government, or it will continue to decimate us.

" Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.), the ranking Democrat on the Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Interior and the Environment, told HuffPost in an email Saturday that he hoped the administration would see sense."

See some sense?!! How can anybody even think such a thing?


This might be less of a problem if Republicans didn’t control the Senate. (Thanks, Obama.)

It would be less of a problem if Fast-track Schumer had to endure having a Green Party Senator in his caucus, instead of another DP establishment type.

Vote for Lisa Savage, the Green Party candidate for the US Senate seat now occupied by Republican Susan Collins.

Help her campaign at: ~www.LisaforMaine.org

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Both parties have put people in place because of their patriotism, or skills in PROMOTING the good of the people. Trumpism extremes are an anomaly we can’t let spread.

As in DT hugging the flag?

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We’re going to have to be prepared to remove all establishment politicians from office before this is all over. No way, “we need to look forward” can be allowed when the neo-Nazi Orange Turd is finally removed. However, there is nothing in recent history to suggest anything will change since so many of these appointments, etc. don’t feed plutocracy.

What then can we do?

This guy is perfect for Trumps up is down, hate is love world…a sociopath in charge of a department.
Save the Swamps, Drain Trump.

Congress has been converting public capital into private profit for pennies on the dollar since political “contributions” existed.

Why do we hire “public servants” to give our stuff away to cronies for such a small share benefiting all of Us, the owners? The pressure is there because the price is so unfair to citizens. We undercut some 3rd world countries when it comes to the costs to rape our public lands.

That’s a big ask , nigh impossible.

They are recommended by the Federalist Society. They have a backlog of wingnuts they’ve picked for every position in government. The current conditions have set them free to fulfill their wildest dreams.

Trump/McConnell installed their 200th federal judge this week. Most have been rated as unqualified by the ABA.