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Far-Right Trump Backers Biggest Purveyors of Sensationalist, Low-Quality News: Oxford Study


Far-Right Trump Backers Biggest Purveyors of Sensationalist, Low-Quality News: Oxford Study

Julia Conley, staff writer

Trump supporters are the biggest consumers of low-quality, sensationalist news stories on social media, according to a new report by Oxford University.


It is pretty well known that the far right inhabits an alternative universe. This is what unties diverse movements such as the white supremacists and the Patriot militias. They live in a universe of fake news and conspiracy theories and as a result they are consumed by paranoia. Just read the 10 points of the Oat Keepers’ pledge to see how paranoid these people are. They are deeply committed to defending themselves against threats that don’t really exist.


Much of the far right “news” showed up here during the election. Occaissionally still does.


Like I said in another post about this “problem”, try listening to Cspan1 on tv in the early morning from 7-9 cst. They allow people to call in and give their “opinions” on various political/social happenings in the news. The Republican/conservative callers are fucking unbelievable. I can’t even describe some of the crazy nonsense these idiots believe.

I really advise people to listen if possible just to see how bad of shape this country really is in. To all the people that want “balance” and believe all points of view are equal, I say bullshit.


I get a kick out of the nuts that are bracing for the “apocalypse”, that stockpile food, ammo and gold coins for when the whomever comes to take their shit and freedumb.


This isn’t really news, just authoritative confirmation. The big news is, moderates leftists, sane, rational civilized society seems impotent to stem the tide of dangerous prejudicial bile these un-American fascists are spreading. Trump just called congress members who refused to applaud him “treasonous” at one of his (Nazi?) rallies.
HOW DO YOU STOP THE LIES AND SMEARS AND PROPAGANDA FROM THE DAMAGE IT IS DOING TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!?!?. Average, good hearted hard working Americans are being whipped nto a frenzy of hate and vengeance. Civilized society is losing the PR war! WHY?
"Fascism is when the Rich get the generals to keep them in power."
Woody Guthrie


Fox news is one of the worst purveyors of RIGHT WING, bias news. It should not be called news, but news for Trump and the Republican party! Faux news says it is; fair and balanced. What the Geobbel’s Network really means is: FAIR TO THE FAR RIGHT AND BALANCED TO THE FAR RIGHT!


This only further confirms what we already knew. Social media is very vulnerable to manipulation of opinions, and, in my view, is a very serious threat to our political and cultural realities and aspirations.


I agree. We are like babies playing with matches when it comes to living in this new technological age. The human civilization still hasn’t really come to terms with industrialization, from an anthropological sense, and it’s already over. Technology will eat us alive if we don’t collectively quickly come up to speed.

Whatever happened to just talking to people? About anything at all? When I talk to a stranger, I am often rebuffed as if it is completely beyond the fray to share a joke with someone you don’t know, who isn’t a virtual friend, whom you couldn’t tell from Adam either. It seems we’re more afraid of each other than ever, even people who pretty much look exactly like us. The loneliest place on the planet is a busy airport. Try finding someone, who doesn’t work there, that isn’t engaged with their personal devices–this includes young children. I used to meet some very interesting people in airports and on airplanes, but not so much anymore.

The loss of that contact with one another to a personal gratification device will likely lead to our undoing, if we don’t learn to put them down, turn them off, and rediscover the fascinating exchanges that can and do take place between human beings one on one, up close and personal. Technology is a tool which is being used for evil purposes against us. Recognizing it as such is the first step, and using it as tool for the greater good is the goal. (Net Neutrality is vital.) We can’t do that until we take control of it instead of letting it control us.


Herr Trumpler’s latest hate-filled charges of “un-American” and “treasonous” regarding democrats in congress refusing to applaud his SOTU (bared teeth snarling lip flap) speech, was his standard rabble-rousing meant to inflame the animosity of his racist base and jokingly entertain his fellow billionaire class who couldn’t care less about this country.


Here outside of the right wing alternative universe it does look like they are nuts. There are right wing survivalists doing just that waiting for the New World Order to enslave those who did not prepare to go into the woods and hide. When the black helicopters come these people have a plan to survive.


Sadly so true. It’s a sort of isolationism that makes the suburbs mostly republican
and even more people gullibly believe the LIE of self-driving cars as seen on YouTube.


Very good observations. Modern capitalism-driven electronic media and communication devices threaten to destroy the basic social-solidarity instinct that is the only thing that has kept humans from going extinct. These social instincts are hard-wired into humans brains, and without them insanity results.

So on top of nuclear war and global heating, we have to also consider a descent into mass behavioral dysfunction a major threat to human survival.


Fox, They are the worst, but have you ever done a Google news search and noticed the stunningly biased hits returned? Google will throw at you , on any particularly partisan political topic potentially impacting Eric Schmidt’s taxes, news sources such as Breitbart, NewsMax, The Washington Times (owned by the furthest “right” Korean family, the Moonies) etc. RARELY does Google news return hits for Democracy Now!, Think Progress, Common Dreams etc. if EVER! So you can throw Google in their with Fox, as uncomfortable an idea as that may be.
Now consider the millenials who have grown up believing Google is the wise benevolent uncle. They literally Google EVERYTHING. Trying to get an entire generation to see they have been duped by something so imprinted into their DNA from birth is impossible.


…there… not their… oh God of English Grammar where for art thou…?


Well said. Thanks for your reply.


Given the number of Democrat loyalists who swallow the never ending river of BS coming out of MSNBC about Russia, I remain skeptical that Oxford can identify which news is “junk.”


Gossip, whispered secrets, conspiracy theories, made-up BS passing off as news…so high-schoolish. Much more fun than reading serious articles about serious topics and trying to remember scope, sequence, and verified facts.


So far there has been no proof either way. A dab of skepticism might be worth a try?


Cambridge Analytica was certainly aware of it.