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Far Right Urging of Jailing of Political Rivals Linked in History With Bombings

Far Right Urging of Jailing of Political Rivals Linked in History With Bombings

Juan Cole

The mass right wing parties of Europe in the 1920s and 1930s were led by charismatic leaders who whipped up the hatreds of mobs by denouncing immigrants and ethnic and religious groups as threats to the nation and as terrorists and saboteurs.

Somehow when politicians set such a tone, in which alternative political leaders and movements are not just seen as a legitimate loyal opposition, but are depicted as criminal traitors who must be locked up, one thing that happens is that bombs start to go off, planted by members of the far Right parties.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Great article with good solid historical perspective. Now, let’s not waste our time any longer, and let’s get at the real problem—Democrats. In the 90s Clinton signed welfare reform so we need to put them in their place. All these people suffering from “economic anxiety” just need our help. If it takes the most corrupt regime in modern American history to do so, as a solid progressive CD reader, I’m all in. Voting my conscious because helping fascists win is the best way towards progressivism. I mean, it clearly worked out in the past.

Yeah, yeah, a bunch of progressives may control congressional committees if Democrats win, new primary-winning progressives will be seated too, but that’s not what I want. Who cares about redistricting and the importance Democratic governors in that process, candidates in red states like Andrew Gillum? I don’t want incremental, I want it all now. The only way is through progressivism via fascism, though I take zero responsibility for my actions at the voting booth making the latter more likely. It’s all the Democrats fault I am the way I am.

Because the extreme right wing rhetoric to win votes is effective it is dangerous. The more extreme it gets the people are convinced of the need to keep the Democrats out of office. Both sides have many people who are not skeptical about the rhetoric they hear from their I think there is far less skepticism on the right where evidence for states is disregarded, there is no fact checking, and errors and lies are not correct if they help the political cause. Many right wingers have urged a race war and some have tried to start one. The alt-right computer trolls harass journalists and others who have tried to get out the truth. There are people out there who become unhinged by political rhetoric and pick up rifles to commit mass murder and other who use bombs. Since 1994 and the Gingrich clones winning in politics has become everything on the right and it has reached a point where the best interest of the US mean nothing, morality means nothing, ethics mean nothing, law means nothing, and American values from the Constitution mean nothing. The right has gone so far right that it has gone over the brink and has lost all connections with the norms of American society.

You seem to think people who voted progressive in 2016 installed Trump, even though more people didn’t vote at all, than voted progressive. I have one question for you, if Sanders had left the party after the screwing he received in the Dem primary, would you still have voted for Clinton ?

Well, I don’t think he was “screwed” by Clinton. I think he lost by a fairly decent amount because voters chose Clinton, and progressives have made way too much out of the DNC rather than look at Sanders’s own mistakes, which he’s clearly trying to fix this go-around.

I do blame some progressives for pushing arguments that were spurious and dumb during the election and only justified a Trump win. Arguments like considering the Supreme Court was “pushing fear voting” were stupid, and they will look stupider as time moves forward. I thought that at the time, said so here, and continue to believe it.

And, save your non-voters argument for somebody else. The idea that non-voters are all secret progressives is nonsense. Every election there are lots of people that don’t vote for a variety of reasons. In 2016, the atypical voters that did come out in the states that tipped Trump were white, rural, and responsive to racial appeals. “Economic anxiety” is just a nice gloss we in the progressive sphere like to spread around amongst ourselves, but it can play out as fear “illegals” and minorities are taking tax money for “free” stuff. Trump is doing that now, right?

Well even though you couldn’t answer a simple question, I have my answer. The 2016 election season exposed the dem party corruption to the world, but you refuse to see the truth, continuing the falsehoods that Sanders lost and “it’s the progressives fault” meme.
Hold on to that, it can only be gop or dem ideolog we’ll see how that works out for us in the future.

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