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Farewell to Doublespeak: Israel’s Vision for the Future is Terrifying


Farewell to Doublespeak: Israel’s Vision for the Future is Terrifying

Ramzy Baroud

Empirical historical evidence combined with a little common-sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual Apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both.


It's taken only three generations for Israeli's Jews in power to go from victim to oppressor. Well done Bibi and company.


This bodes absolutely no good whatsoever for Israel, much less the Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Frankly, the only thing that can be done is for the International Community, the UN Security Council, and Israeli Jewish and Palestinian leaders to step up to the plate and make peace. Otherwise, Israel won't survive, either.


Maybe it's a good thing that Israel and the U.S. can no longer hide behind the fig leaves of "two-state solution" and "peace process," which have always been deliberate lies as Israeli ethnic cleansing and theft of Palestinian land continued unabated.


Israel might survive, they are setting the table to be able to commit genocide. They can goad the palestinians into rioting and thus justify war. Thus like the US did to the native americans while committing genocide.


The thing is unlike with the Native Americans, the potential genocide of the Palestinians will be an issue that the whole world will be involved in. And I feel that the U.S. and Israel will be the only countries in the world who will condone such a genocide. Maybe this could spark a World War.


The Jewish terrorists of 1947-1948 were pretty oppressive, as their Arabian and British victims may have noticed.


I have to disagree, SkipMoreland. The birth rate among the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories (i. e. West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem) is much, much higher than that of the Israeli Jews, who could be outnumbered by the Palestinians in a matter of years. That's one big reason why it's important for Israel to pull out of the Occupied Territories...now!


Is there an answer to the question of why don't the rich Arab countries give at least as much economic aid to the Palestinians as American Jews and their government give to Israel?


One simple answer to that is that all of that aid would have to go through Israel. It would be distributed, "Here's a dime for the Palestinians, here's a thousand to Israel, here's a dime..."
* Anybody that has tried to help Palestine with supplies has been met at sea by Israeli warships and planes, by land with tanks and artillery.
* BDS! BDS! BDS! It works! Israel is squealing like a stuck pig and trying to get its subject states like the US to outlaw BDS, and any criticism of Israel.
* And, a lot of so called US Legislators are trying to do what they're told by Israel and AIPAC and get such laws passed.
* We've had almost a month of trump. We've had a small taste of what is in store for us if we let it continue.
* It is time to clean house and take our Country and Constitution back for We the People. The demonstrations going on, both in the Fourth Reich and around the world are a good start. Tomorrow, On Strike! Shut it Down!


True. But so far neither the US or Israel care about world opinion. Nor have they cared about it in the past. I see no change about it in the future. If Israel can game up an excuse to go after the palestinians, they can do what they want. Just like they play that game in the Gaza strip. Provoke the palestinians to violence and thus Israel can crush them tenfold.


That is the problem Israel faces if they just took the land. But if they provoke the palestinians, they can use that as an excuse to kill and drive the palestinians out of the west bank and Gaza. That is the goal.
And it is something that Israel has perfected, they tightened the screws on the palestinians, it pisses the palestinians off into rioting, and Israel uses way too much force in response. Every time Israel has a 10 to 1 kill ratio when using violence in response to the palestinians.
By using the settlements to goad, sooner or later the palestinians will react. And then Israel can claim a free hand to 'protect' itself. It's how the US went after the native americans. Push settlements into their land and then claim self defense when the natives attacked the 'poor' settlers.
Netanyahu lied that the palestinians have never said that Israel has the right to exist. It is strange though, that Israel has never once stated that the palestinians have the right to exist and in fact most Israeli prime minsters have only stated a one state solution, where the palestinians have no home state.


I agree that Israrel won't be fettered from enacting a Final Solution on the Palestinians. I just wonder what the overall world response to it be.


Israel should evacuate their right-wing Israeli jewish settlers and their troops from West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, and either dismantle the settlements or hand them over to the Palestinians to do whatever they want with them. Again, the International Community should force Israel to evacuate her right-wing Jewish settlers and her troops from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, stop the settlement building, demolition of Palestinians' homes, and allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state alongside Israel, and not in place of Israel, like many people want.


What they should do and what they will are two different things. To a number of conservative jews, that land belongs to them, god gave it to them. When you add religion to the equation, what is moral is thrown out the window. It would be like asking the christians not to believe in manifest destiny or dominionism, which is never going to happen.


Oh they will piss and moan, but with little effect. They have been doing that for decades. They will pass a resolution condemning Israel with no result. The US will protect Israel, Israel is needed for armageddon and and the 2nd coming and so is extremely important to the christians in the US. When Israel goes to war, the world will go to war and Christ comes to save his chosen people, not the jews, they will die or convert, but the faithful christians who are fighting against the evil.


If the Messiah should return and He is indeed a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and He is true to His nature as an advocate of compromise and peace regardless of race or creed; what emotions might be felt by all who still hold hatred and hardness in their hearts for their fellow brothers and sisters on Earth?


They'll "send him back" until he learns to do it "right."
* Probably with a grenade rather than a cross, this time.