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Farm Sanctuary Gets Lift from Celebrity Couple Jon and Tracey Stewart


Farm Sanctuary Gets Lift from Celebrity Couple Jon and Tracey Stewart

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering a boost to the animal rights movement and farm animals everywhere, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his wife, advocate and former veterinary technician Tracey, announced this weekend that their property in Middletown, New Jersey, will be the fourth outpost of the nation's largest and most effective farm rescue and protection organization.


I did not think I could think more highly of Jon Stewart (and Tracey), then he/they do more for living, feeling farm animals in a big way! I hold the Stewarts in very high esteem and applaud their contributions to the betterment of "all creatures great and small." May their rescues and those rescued grow and thrive!


I got to meet the wonderful people who started Farm Sanctuary, back in 1988. They are the antithesis of Americans who believe that only (some) human lives matter...


This is getting right down to the roots of paradigm shift. What could once be argued as functional 'system' (as long as tons of information about costs, waste and denial of alterntives were 'externalized') is hitting the wall of long denied centuries of aggregate consequences. Have you ever noticed the spectrum of recognition in simple flavors your taste buds open onto with simple organic foods? That is an information base that can be honed from the nutritional to medicinal, and can be highly refined by non-industrialized practices of peoples throughout the world.