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Farm Workers Sue Over Labor Rights in Landmark Case for 'Dignity and Humanity'


Farm Workers Sue Over Labor Rights in Landmark Case for 'Dignity and Humanity'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Farm workers have sued New York for the right to organize in a groundbreaking lawsuit that demands they receive the same rights as "virtually every other worker," the New York chapter of the ACLU said on Tuesday.

The lawsuit claims that laborers are being forced to work in "life-threatening, sweatshop-like conditions" and are prevented from organizing under threat of retaliation.


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You have no idea who these people are or where they come from. All people have rights. You should be ashamed of yourself.


In the sixties, I didn’t eat grapes for years. I heard Caesar Chavez speak and he was brilliant. He had a grasp of history and was a great leader. The farm workers need another Chavez. The Democrats were behind the farm workers then, but now they are with the Oligarchy… Hillary will say anything but don’t expect much action. Bernie will produce!


I would rather see farm workers who work brutally hard receive top dollar for growing my food. I would rather see farm workers at the top of the economic pyramid, resisting toxic spraying of themselves and our food.
But no, we pay CEOs of multinationals top dollar while they undermine democracy, buy power, and ensure farm workers will live under harsh conditions to satisfy their extremist ideology.
Go farm workers!!!


Arguments that undocumented farmworkers deserve what they get are what prop up neoliberal and neoconservative policies. They further institutionalized racism to divide and conquer us and whatever nation or boogie-man on which we want to drop bombs. Human beings are human beings wherever they are. Our Constitution (flawed as it is) would not have passed without the addition of the Bill of Rights and its protections, and does not differentiate citizenship, except in voting and running for federal office. In this respect it embodies the Golden Rule, which should be a good enough reason to support farmworkers.

Borders box people in, and they box people out, while jobs and money move freely across them. In the case of farmworkers in New York and all over this country, if it weren’t for them, a lot of the rest of us would be very hungry. They deserve at least basic labor and health protections.

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