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Farmers and Meatpackers Are Teaming Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/14/farmers-and-meatpackers-are-teaming


Foreign corporations do not have to do US reporting stats like American companies do. Why do we have big foreign corporations working our food supply? The small farmers have a tough time with foreign and american made corporations chemically lacing our food and meats as do we the people being poisoned. It adds up in our systems and why we have more cancers.


Breitenmoser, the farmer, is right private money must be removed from political campaigns. Publicly funded campaigns like in Seattle and Australia work well. There are many ways to do it. Currently the US has a legalized bribery system of elections. No corporation gives more than it gets back. That is just business.


You have more in common with the cows than the CEO, too. Go vegan.


Good article, Sarah Anderson, and it would be good news to see Wisconsin farmer Breitenmoser’s agriculture initiatives expand into Iowa.

Iowa farmers are loath to associate with the state’s meatpackers, who are mostly people of color. In farming western Iowa, Congressman Steve King built his political career on racist rants, and he kept getting reelected by the farming population.

Congressman King mentored Kim Reynolds into the governorship in 2018. Agriculture and meatpacking corporations own her and her ( R ) colleagues, and that’s just the way it is out here. We could use a few Breitenmosers in Iowa.


How do you manage B12?
Thank you.

Good Article. Thank you.


I appreciate solidarity that reaches across the lines to work together. We need more of this!


I find it is added to a lot of vegan foods, like soymilk. (Though not all soymilk is vegan, B12 can be cultured in a vegan way.)

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The vast sums of money in the PR (Persuasion Reach\Public Relations) industry within the U.S. comes from political advertising. The so-called Public’s Airwaves used to bar commercial advertising and by licensing the People’s Airwaves to profit-maximizing content providers and program producers locally and by accepting corporate underwriting at the national level of the well-named Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), our greatest mass communication utilities compete in marketing this necessary service to the never-analyzed or critiqued industry that packages our political representatives like they do consumer products. For Mass Consumption, not equitable representation of news and public affairs programming.

Instead of institutionalizing a national PUBLIC INTEREST Broadcaster as most of our Global Trading rivals have to varying degrees insulated from the popularity contests and market tyrannies of dumbed-down delivery services of consumer eyes, ears and minds to PRIVATE INTEREST profit-maximizing and competitive advantage-seeking advertisers and endowment foundations of trans national concentrations of wealth and influence in robber baron scaled corporations for the direction of consumer trends and distraction\diversion engines which keep the concentrations of wealth secureand stable by socializing risks\costs while privatizing profits and stable from any cyclical and truly Free Market fluctuations that come from corporate competition freed by enforcement of Anti-Trust\Anti-Competition Laws already legislated back during the era of Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Party that yielded the TRUST BUSTERS. Activists first then elected legislators who made sure wealth couldn’t concentrate to democracy-threatening Feudal Age levels by breaking up such cartel or competition-stifling monopoly conglomerates of High FInance\Industry\Life Sciences Big Ag and Pharma\Tech\Transport.

Meanwhile the U.S. broadcast system could not even handle the use of a tiny network of truly National Educational TV stations using local airwaves on a non-commercial model, not to compete for consumer eyes and ears but to encourage critical thought and more inclusive cultural communication forums than would be supported by winner-take-all Robber Baron controlled commercial broadcast markets.

Search on U. of Tube and see some of the programming on this National Educational TV network of local non-commercial producers compared with what the corporate-structured and corporate-captured CPB filled cookie-cutter schedules with at all of those local non-commercial and educational broadcast stations, whose call-letters (like KQED in San Francisco’s Bay Area and broader No Cal region or WNET in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area still invoke to older audiences and historians of U.S. Mass Communications something akin to what you will still find to our neighbors to the north at CBC in Canada or in Euro and Nordic State national Public Interest broadcasters where so many artists, authors and grass-roots leaders are still welcome that can never get uninterrupted access to even a small group of intellectually or culturally curious U.S. media consumers.

U.S. jazz artists considered even more worthy of broadcast time in nation-states speaking different languages than English (like Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Benelux nation-states, Poland, the Serbo-Croation states of the former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia, Scotland and Gaelic-speaking UK, Iceland and Nunavut along with many Caribbean ‘Treasure Islands’ where our oligarchical fortunes accumulate and are hoarded unproductively shielded by Global Austerity policies that preserve the value of such hoarded and idling currency).

Where African-American jazz is respected and studied as a world classical music. Where Public Interest investigative journalists can probe how the Global Speculative Real Estate markets are routinely used by narco-traffickers and War Lords to launder their kleptocratic, crony and oligarchical fortunes. Where Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Privatization is used to free ‘captive nations’ from the restraints of institutionally corrupt so-called Socialist failed states.

Note that no tax-payer bailed-out Financialized into massively displaced and pauperized former First World Nation in economic collapse and institutionally corrupt if immunized against Suite Crime criminal prosecution (who did ya try in California during those bank and insurance bail-outs VP candidate and former Top Cop of Cali cartels Kamala Harris?) and where the non off-shore-able assets are in melt-down mode within the borders and classical languages of western nations and the Anglo-Saxon banking system is ever referred to as a “failed state.”

While those American artists often commanding hours of Public Interest broadcast time (with translation provided by the producers) often can’t even make a living from their expertise and cultural communications innovations in their own country, much less rate an occasional broadcast special. Here our ‘free markets of broadcasting’ have little patience with cultivating critical thought or facilitating educational discussion rather than emotionally frenzied and anti-social entertainments that unregulated markets reward. Weapons of Mass Distraction keep U.S. docile. Until protests in the streets damage some private property funneling money out of Main Street to Wall Street investors.

Meanwhile Corporate Looting is now routine and institutionalized and is dutifully reported as financial innovations in the forms of Junk Bonds or Collateralized Debt Obligations dba bid-net as usual sans any criminal trial discovery process by our judicial system. Trans National CEO’s looting their own share-holders may have to sneak out of Japan like the criminally indicted Carlos Ghosn, CEO of both Japan’s Nissan Motors and France’s Renault for defrauding share-holders and whisked past these developed nations’ own law-enforcement and judicial systems to safe haven in the land of his birth, that model of income inequality and fiscal Public Interest rectitude named Lebanon. Lebanon is to the Muddle Eastern reaches of the Mediterranean, Black, Red (Sea of Reeds) and Caspian seas along with the Indian Oceans, Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea shipping lines what Delaware and Rhode Island are within the United States. Legal fictions where what is encoded in law as illegal in the other states is permitted to anonymous executive principals of secrecy-protected corporations in nation-states the size of the P.O. boxes they are incorporated within like Feudal Fiefdoms of old…

Use of Public Interest spectrum in cyber-space for programming is now producing those earlier challenging results found by seeking out the Cold War era debates where social critics and dissenters of the very systems of our U.S. mass communications and other public utilities could reach beyond the Pay2Play advertising\PR budgets required to run for office as a political representative of our corporate-captured republic where participatory democracy is viewed not as a vital element of our revivifying body politic but as an insurgency to be countered with militarized police trained in Israel in methods of counter-insurgency or by a private market-based security firm like those that have been winning the contracts to Privatize our National Security State here at home.

Like the ineffective techniques of interrogation that the CIA paid many hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars to up in Spokane, WA to the Mitchell, Jessen firm of rogue psychologists and amateur plagiarizing “State Security Entrepreneurs” James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. They are not household names in the U.S. Pooof went our money and years of ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) BUILDING under the noses of our unlimited HOMELAND SECURITY budgets and never audited bank-secrecy portfolios and accounts.

Finally exposed for their ineffective attempt to PRIVATIZE U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY by WHISTLE BLOWING (and proven effective Arabic interrogator and extremist\cult investigator) former the demonstrably effective anti-terror interrogator loaned out to the CIA by the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) for deployment to extraordinary rendition sites where some of the highest placed figures in the Islamist Terrorism and state-building hierarchy of international terrorism were tortured rather than mined for useful and corroborated information, that in a functioning democracy would be made transparent to immunize at home and prevent the sorts of foreign policy short-sighted individual opportunism that the experiment known as the United States and its regime-changing history is only too well known for.

With way better and actionable results on a public employee’s wage rather than the Black Budget funds spent on entrepreneurial frauds and American Psychological Association outcasts like MITCHELL, JESSEN in Spokane, Wa.

Lebanese emigrant Ali Soufan was an actual Arabic speaking and Islamic Extremist acculturated effective investigator and U.S. Intel Trouble Shooter and Dysfunctional Intel Whistle Blower. In a functioning participatory democracy he’d be a household name and what John Lennon would’ve called to an Antifa chorus coast to coast “A WORKING CLASS HERO.” Instead, Sufan was author of the initially CIA censored edition of his revelatory book BLACK BANNERS now through a de-classification challenge by other FBI Whistle Blowers published without the CIA’s censorious black banners that the first edition used to keep ‘censored passages’ out of public discussion on the techniques that proved either action-ably effective or demonstrably ineffective and resource-wasting in actual counter-terrorist operations.

Whether of White Supremacists, who Ali Soufan also was earlier tasked with investigating as he excelled at the FBI over a fruitful career even before the 1998 World Trade Towers Parking Garage car-bombing and then the 9-11-01 globally operational targeted insurgency. Sufan specialized in building rapport with domestic Islamic Caliphate revivalists, rather than torturing them. Those often-recruited by U.S. Intel “assets” whose family and para-military networks Ali Sufan was even better prepared and in-formed to delve into to better in-form our national political leaders…**

Meanwhile back in Washington our political representation restricted to the corporate-captured duopoly have been keeping the masses insecure (food, health, higher education and housing insecurities) and unstable enough to be compliant to ever more corrupt institutions serving fewer PRIVATE INTERESTS and propagandizing against the very concept of privileging in policy-making the PUBLIC INTEREST (and Greater Good). As was systematized during our Cold War administrations of both of our duopoly political parties and meant to target Totalitarian and Authoritarian spheres of influence (dba Communism as manifest in the Cults of Personality in the USSR and China along with their satellite ‘captured nation-states.’

Reinforcing the federally funded ‘academic work’ of our official state propagandists like Milton Friedman, Rose Director Friedman and the Chicago Boys at such elite and establishment reinforcing institutions as the University of Chicago and Ivy League MBA programs. The CPB is the distribution and national programming hub that administers TV as the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), while the national radio network operates as National Public Radio (NPR) where every day is PLANET MONEY or BUSINESS INSIDER and where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or BLOOMBERG BID-NET NEWS. Or for the geeks, FREAKANOMICS… Where never a troubling word is heard from the PLANET OF THE CLOCK-PUNCHERS and WAGE STAG-NATION FOOD STAMP\WORKING HOMELESS MINIMUM WAGE OF $7.25 NATION ever ripe and pliable for more orderly and exploitable indoctri-NATION

With all the recruitment being done for extremist enterprises that have been de-stabilizing U.S. from within, you’d think the smart money ponied up by our tax-payers bearing the costs\risks of our Privatized Shadow Government would be directed to truly enterprising research diggers, muck rakers who’ve gotten action-able results and Whistle Blowers not to mention Deep Up-Rooting Analysts like Ali Soufan or even local long-studying Reed College interrogation studies academic like international torture expert Darius Rejali,
might be worth contracting back to state-owned Intel services to figure out the methods and practices that have turned Q-ANON from a mischievous Deep Net prank into a grass-roots political force with its candidates winning constituencies and seats without even having to hide their own ideological indoctri-NATION…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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I think B12 is the Achilles heel of veganism. ( I learned from experience )
So, let’s consider:
B12 is necessary for homo sapiens life.
B12 is abundant in meat.
B12 is not available in fruits and vegetables.
B12 must be supplemented in vegan/vegetarian diets.
Supplementation is not natural.
Meat is natural.
Ergo homo sapiens must eat meat.

I made my decision considering:
during the evolution of homo sapiens we more than likely would run into the fields to secure a source of meat as scavengers or as likely would get a meal from the sea every once and a while. This meant we spent less time eating insects, as well. Seems reasonable to me. As homo sapiens evolution progressed we developed tools for hunting/fishing and cooking.
I have been a vocal supporter of a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet for many decades.
Homo sapiens (especially western) eat (WAY) too much meat.
I do not believe Homo sapiens were meant to eat more than a serving or two (of meat) a week for optimal health.
I do not condone animal torture of any kind.

Thank you for your comment


Thank you!
Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List and Looksee

ARE YOU EFFing KIDDING ME!? (BOOM, headshot!)

I enjoy your posts as much as I enjoy “Zed’s” posts.
You are both on a different level from the norm and I enjoy your opinion’s and rants.
I have actively pseudo-cyber-stalked you both in an effort to learn more.
Thank you both for the doses of reality we all need.
Please keep up the good work.

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My understanding is that Vitamin B12 comes from a soil bacteria, so it’s only in meat if the animal grazed on land with B12 in the soil, as grazing animals consume some dirt when they graze. Or if the animal was fed supplemental B12. Also humans used to get B12 from root vegetables before it was standard to process every speck of dirt off. I have heard modern farming practices have depleted B12 in soils, so you are as likely to need supplemental B12 if you eat meat as not.

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I always think it’s hypocritical of Common Dreams to publish these opeds or articles defending the meatpacking and animal ag industry while at the same time publishing articles advocating for a green economy or the elimination of fossil fuels, since animal agriculture accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry combined. I have worked on a hog farm and they are filthy, stinky places full of animal cruelty and the worst kind of pollution you can imagine; all so people can have their stupid bacon and eggs which will clog their arteries and cause them to have to utilize our already overstressed healthcare system. I really don’t see any hope for future of this planet unless people quit consuming animal products like I did many years ago.


Yes, I have heard those ideas as well.
It is important to be aware of food choices.
Eat as much organic fruits and vegetables as possible.

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I don’t remember reading any of that.
It was an article about different labor sectors acknowledging each other vs. profiteering owners and the lawyers in those pockets.
The more that labor sectors realize the connection of each other, the better.

I gave you a heart for

The article even ended with a progressive rally cry.

“Right now we’ve got the Cargills and the Monsantos in D.C. lobbying for the food industry,” Breitenmoser says. “Unless and until we get money out of politics, we’ll never get the public policy that farmers, meatpackers, and all the rest of us need.”

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Is pasta real food???

So where did this 46 billion go??? Republicans since Trump came to office have put 7 trillion on the credit card??? And they want 2 trillion more------and when dems win all we will hear about from repub and corporate media is the deficit is out of control.

The Republican party is a bunch of Vultures that stand for nothing except hate and greed.

Check out little larry kudlow----what a JOKE ------larry you are the biggest SOCIALIST in the room.


Pasta is a type of food typically made from an unleavened dough of wheat flour
…blah blah blah.

Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism.
…blah blah blah.

I am curious to see where you’re going with this question.

I do not eat wheat products, by the way.

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Easy to read article with spreadsheets (for people like me)

Farm Subsidy Database

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