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Farmers and Meatpackers Are Teaming Up

I love pasta and love pasta salads-----but a friend paying large amounts of money for health advice was told to stop eating wheat because of diabetes ------so I decided to stop for a while ( I stopped drinking for about 20 yrs and thought my belly fat would disappear—it never did) I lost the belly fat and about 30 lbs and can see many other health improvements----and this happened in about 4 months two summers ago. I really wonder how much of this stuff we should be eating.

But then I was a teen in the 70’s who ate loads of fake “healthy” butter.

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Thanks for the kind feedback Elcil. I often find myself following zed down one of the WTO and Global Trade Agreement rabbit holes myself and learning a lot by using the non-linked links he references as continuing adult education! I will look for your reader comments too. Never thought I’d be worthy of ‘stalking.’ To bring up any of my more cultural journalism just search my name online and add OREGON ARTS WATCH where a couple-three years back they had an adventurous editor who allowed me to cover some literary musical artists and experimental theater and poetry performance. If you ever add your name lemme know if you have a blog I could read up on too. Keep on doing!

Health and balance in these Plague Times
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Big Time THANKS Elcil! This non-linked reference to the EWG Farm Subsidies Data Base is one valuable resource when boning up or crafting a counter media campaign to the ceaseless amplification and repetition of the phrase NANNY STATE and the mission of Shrinking Big Government to where our gubment could be drowned in a bath-tub.

While I don’t agree with the volume and direction of these Big Ag subsidies, I also don’t expect PLANET MONEY, THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET, MARKETPLACE, FREAKANOMICS, BUSINESS INSIDER, MSNBC, FOX NEWS or any of the plethora of bid-net news media from BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE NEWS to FORBES to remind U.S. how much our tax-payer dollars have gone to undermining so-called FREE TRADE and subverting so-called FREE MARKETS. While all these Cold War decades later Washington via Big Ag and Vulture Fund patronage has been keeping Food Production and Distribution prices from sky-rocketing via natural inflation to beyond the affordability of those not already de-professionalized into working for FOOD STAMP wages!

The pay scale of my UFCW negotiated online commerce job for Kroger which was booming even before the Pandemic Outbreak of 2020, especially for the non-competitive cartel of Anti-Trust\Anti-Competitive national grocery chains that have bought up the regional competition from WalMart to Kroger to Cerberus (who bought up all the western grocers that Safeway and Albertson’s spent decades of buying out with no Anti-Trust enforcement like the west coast once-dominant chains of Von’s and Ralph’s) to Jeff Bezos’s WHOLE FOODS and AMAZON models of Predatory Caputalism. Where Main Street has long ago been sold out to a Vulture Fund rapacious investor class making the most of House of Clinton\Bush de-regulation that unfettered Global Capital from a felony named Capital Flight to a federally incentivized form of off-shoring and encouraging the return of Slave Labor under the Libertarian term "Independent Contracting." i.e. Uberization.

Federal subsidies especially to keep dairy and meat prices of Big Ag affordable has played into the national DEFLATIONARY CYCLES we WAGE SLAVES and CLOCK PUNCHERS have been stuck in for the last half century and has been widely quantified under online search of key phrases like WORKER WAGE STAGNATION.

Only the rentier class has contributed to any countervailing inflationary force against the state-subsidized and Free Market disrupting anti-inflationary methods of AUSTERITY policies and subsidizing the basics of life which like THIRD WORLD DEVELOPING NATIONS (see Egypt and the cost of bread, wheat and grains which when the government subsidies were withdrawn during Egyptian AUSTERITY policies the Arab Spring went into overdrive) the U.S. doesn’t do nearly as much of as those nation-states which have socialized some of these basics of life and national stability like the high performing Nordic and EU states.

The money hoarders and oligarchs need to keep the value of their idling off-shored capital from losing value via the natural inflation of our monetarist cycles.

Almost makes me sentimental for that closet Marxist Richard Nixon who caused the overthrow of his Paleo-Conservatives by the Milton Friedman and Daddy Warbucks-led Neo-Cons when Nixon tried to slow down inflation and counter the OPEC pressure at our gas pumps by FREEZING PRICES and WAGES! Friedman and his MARKET DEMOCRACY Neo-Lib\Cons viciously attacked NIXON, which was poetic justice given how Nixon’s entire political career advanced him to the White House from the lower class east LA suburbs and a down-scale local legal practice by destroying his California liberal campaign opponents tarring them as Commies!

This was in the late 60’s and early 70’s during the Vietnam Chemical and Weapons economic boom to the Dow Chemicals of the world whose stock value was boosted by contracting to Daddy Warbucks for the Agent Orange and other defoliants used to destroy the Southeast Asian agricultural economy.

Nixon’s enemies from the Conservative Whacko GOP Farther Right Wing who overthrew Nixon’s Paleo-Cons had by then embraced Neo-Liberal E-CONomics and other U. of Chicago Bid-Net School federally if covertly subsidized academic disciplines during the Cold War Industry’s decades of contracting out the Gray Propaganda to campus and news media hacks that comprised the real influential faculty on campuses. Meanwhile the Neo-Cons and Paleo-Cons were beginning the demonization of even Vietnam escalating Liberals as being too sympathetic to the Soviets and to China (who Nixon and Kissinger wound up opening up to Robber Baron State Capitalism and Global Trade).

These rebel Neo-Cons were claiming all college campuses were under tenured Marxist occupation and guilty of radical Left Wing biases in the curriculum of a LIBERAL EDUCATION! It took at least sane and intellectually active right wing war hawks like William Buckley through his Conservative Magazine and Public TV weekly discussion program to note that the alternative to a LIBERAL EDUCATION was an ILLIBERAL EDUCATION (which is what we were accusing our Cold War rival Pinko Commies of using for their state-run indoctri-NATION and either authoritarian or totalitarian regimes)!

All of this has been deleted from our mass mediated amnesiac memory and gone down the Orwellian Memory Hole as the rise of Trumplicans has down-shifted our national dumbing down into warp(ed) speed…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
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I stopped eating wheat and saw a dramatic change in my body and health as well.
I lost about 20% of my body weight in fat in about 3-4 months also.
I have family that lives on bread. Every meal is bread with something. It is effecting them badly, you can see it. I love/hate the smell of bread every day. Pizza nights are very hard for me, because it is my favorite food. Thankfully the wheat free pizzas are a thing in the grocery store now. They are different but satiate the cravings.
I really wonder how much of this stuff we should be eating, too.
Is fake “healthy” butter aka ( partially hydrogenated soybean oil ) margarine? LOL.
My mom used margarine and shortening too. From the 60’s - 90’s, until the trans fat awakening, I suppose.
The nuclear family had better living through chemistry, from farm to table too.

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Thanks for that, I will look into more of your writings throughout the year. When I take breaks from my usual studies and related side quests.

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