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Farmers Cut Back as Beleaguered California Hit by Water Loss


Farmers Cut Back as Beleaguered California Hit by Water Loss

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A day after California accepted voluntary water cutbacks by farmers, vandals targeting an inflatable dam in Fremont last week sent 50 million gallons of water meant for the city's residents flowing into the San Francisco Bay.


Because preventing all freshwater from reaching an estuary is the moral thing to do…


Obviously we need to bomb Germany to show those Vandals that they cannot attack the USA and get away with it.

We need that water for fracking!


bin Laden did it.


How many new acres of almond and walnut have been planted in the last 3 years and how may agriculture wells have been drilled in the past three years. Was it a 25% increase?


The real vandals are the oil & gas drillers who permanently destroy 5 million gallons of fresh water per month for each HDD well fracked. There are more real vandals in powerful political positions who destroy the people’s rights to support solar panels, wind generators, and to collect and save their own roof water in cisterns next to their homes. The drillers are major enemies. Not the deflating dam vandals, not the lawn waterers, not even the corporations who steal precious water to sell. The grand silence of protecting the oil & gas industry (major among their customers are the power companies) from the laser focus of the truth is our enemy. Their Halliburton loopholes and tax supported subsidies should be redirected toward giving us alternative energy. Solar panels and Tesla batteries (and automobiles, high-speed trains, low cost transit) are what should be subsidized.


1# of beef, four MacDonald 1/4 pounders, takes 1799 gallons of water to produce. Who or what is the water hog?


This is voluntary on the farming communities part. So will there be any reduction in water use? Who knows? Conservationists said it’s much better than nothing. Their lead negotiator, the law firm of Weakley & Lame; who, incidentally, advised the Manhattan Indians and won the largest cache of beads and trinkets in our nation’s history, issued a statement. Weakley & Lame spokesperson said if this doesn’t create a " sharing ethos " in the state we’ll ask for online coupons and in-store discounts from Nestles and Blue Diamond. We’re not kidding, this time.


Depends if the water is from the water basin or stored surface or river and or what combinations thereof


Almonds, 80% of which are exported, use more water than almost any other commodity other than beef and dairy product production. Wineries, avocadoes and let’s not forget Ronnie Raygun’s favorite lunch school vegetable, the tomato, are water hogs. Golf courses, oh my, these senior water rights just seem to go and on. And, Shatner’s insane idea to build a pipeline from the Columbia River to California, more silliness. Over 99% of the Columbia’s water is already spoken for. If all the lawns in California were rockscaped instead of grass the state would save 9% of its’ water. In 1996 the California legislature, at the behest of Silicon Valley interests, passed a law which stopped water districts from allowing the publication of the biggest water users, both public and private, to interested third parties. What did those people know, and what program type of computer modelling was directed, that would warrant such intervention? Note to self: use the following word consistently to describe the federal, state, regional and local gov’t you find yourself in. Subterfuge means " deception by artifice or stratagem in order to conceal, escape or evade. " Exactly how much water does it take to keep a subterfuge afloat? Again, the golden state will lead this country in finding out life’s great mysteries.


Alfalfa uses most and is shipped as capitalism wont to China and Japan where the greatest return on money happens. We are shipping or water to China and Japan.


I don’t get it. Instead of a real, mandatory cut back, the state accepted a smaller, voluntary cut back without even knowing how many farmers will join the honor system. Yeah, that so totally makes sense.


It is that meme let industry police itself and we all know what that means.


They do this all over with alfalfa. 150 lb. bales are compacted to backpack size and shipped to the countries mentioned. If they’re that small logistics would say the alfalfa could be shipped by rail or truck from the Midwest. Where, the can sometimes get 4 cuttings in a single growing season. Without irrigation and without subsidies and, oh wait,… no profits for special interests and the sellers of propaganda, not alfalfa. Well, that’ll never work in a market economy. Special interest subsidies, I mean, will have not of that! You know what the biggest bi-product of alfalfa is? A lot of methane and a large steaming pile of manure, It has a lot in common with gov’t, that alfalfa, No wonder it’s so popular in The Golden State.


I have designed an economical commercial-scale solar water distiller. It’s not that the State of California wouldn’t rejoice once the first one was built, nor are the bureaucrats idiots. So why does the state need to go slowly down to Hades? Keep asking them!





Only if you believe raisins can sing.


We also need to determine the real cost of each type of protein meat, carrots, almonds etc and stop subsidizing those that are not sustainable and water should be part of the equation.


Hey, They faked his death, maybe they can fake his resurrection!

Think of the endless war profits all over again! Bin Laden blows up dams, laughing mercilessly:



This is untrue, since McDucks got caught using fake meat in their unhealthy restaurants. Better call it 1500 gallons per family visit.