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Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Sonny Perdue Mocks Those Harmed by Trump Trade War as 'Whiners'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/13/farmers-hit-back-usda-chief-sonny-perdue-mocks-those-harmed-trump-trade-war-whiners

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Trump said we’d be winning so much under his administration that we’d get tired of winning. He also said, “Trade wars are good, and easy to win.”

Are we tired of winning yet?


These are the folks that keep voting for Republicans time and again, then keep getting it in the shorts. The book What’s the Matter with Kansas explains it, even though it’s a bit dated now. Michael Lind also wrote several books about the almost DNA based hard core conservatism of the rural US. There was a time when farmers in the Great Plains were a hotbed of social populism, but that went bad when FDR imposed allotments and they starved as a result. So…dissociation in a mentally ill patient is very hard to treat. What do you do when it’s on a national scale? When people vote for politicians whose personal way of life and amorality is so different from theirs, yet who speak as if they’re solidly behind you in terms of religion, small government, a strong military, isolationism…in other words, your core values…well, there’s that old saying…actions speak louder than words. You voted for the scorpion, he stung you. I come from a rural farm background, I was raised there, and I can tell you being a democratic socialist Wiccan trannie in that culture is like having crosshairs on your back.


It is starting to look as though the damage will be permanent. Many other nations, especially in South America, are increasing their production to fill the void. Since only 17% of China is arable land, the leaders have probably decided to diversify their sources anyhow.

Trump/Bolton handed them a good idea.


Thomas Jefferson, who largely pinned his hopes for the new nation upon the strength of its agrarian sector in lieu of over-industrialized urban environs would likely have bitch-slapped Perdue over yon hill and dale. Trump has brought absolutely no one into his misadministration that has any historical context about what the founders and framers of this nation conceived as the fulfillment of The Enlightenment. Therefore, I am pulling for a Brooklyn (largely secular) Jew, who relocated to bucolic Vermont. Bernie 2020!


I would like to see Tulsi on the team as well.


“He’s working for farmers.”

In their dreams.


I assume most of these farmers voted for Trump and other GOP’ers. Sometimes you get what you deserve.


Trump is a bigot a racist and a pig!!


Trump will toss these “rugged individualists” another bail out soon.

Sonny Perdue will be featured at the signing of the executive order. All forgiven.


djt and staff hate America, what about this do you not understand?


You have to wonder what it takes to break the trance that Trump has on people like these farmers who support him and his admin. Trump is actively abusing them, yet they continue to follow him blindly. Is it like an abusive relationship? Do they have to go through some kind of cult deprogramming?


As I noted on another thread, I think it’s time everyone read or revisit “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer. Yes, de-programing is in order.


Trump is the most terrible human to ever be president.
Pigs are innocent, sentient, smart animals much abused by humans.
Please don’t insult pigs by calling Trump a pig:)


I’ve contacted the DNC and Bernie and Tulsi’s campaigns and asked them to weaponize all these “gaffes” by Trump and his minions for political advertising, social media, and campaign talking points.
There’s no way the GOP could stay in power if progressives learned how to market the disgusting attitudes, actions and statements of the Trump gang.
That ludicrous photo of Trump laughing his head off and doing a two thumbs up gesture while Ivanka Sub Wife holds the orphaned El Paso baby whose parents were killed by a Trump gun fondler could be weaponized to destroy Trump.
Perdue’s statement should be made into a meme that blankets the farm states.
If any of you know anyone in the messaging sectors for our side, please explain this to them.
Only the late-night comedians and YouTubers like Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore seem to know how to to this properly so far.


Perdue has zero clue about farmers problems or plight.
His record shows official corruption, evading or using laws he signed as Georgia gov, and manipulating the legislative process to benefit himself!
He is scum, just like all the rest of the trump regime liars and criminals!

“perdue signed an executive order prohibiting himself and all other state employees from receiving any gift worth more than $25 - but During his governorship collected at least $25,000 in gifts, including sporting event tickets and airplane flights”

"late in the evening of March 29, 2005, the penultimate day of the legislative session, introduced legislation making capital gains tax owed on Georgia land sales deferrable if the income goes to purchase out-of-state land, also, unusually, making the tax break retroactive Perdue signed the legislation into law on April 12, 2005, three days before tax day - Perdue then used the new law on his 2004 tax return to defer $100,000 in taxable gains from the sale of land"

“In 2007, Perdue convinced a skeptical legislature to approve a $19 million fishing tourism program then decided the Education Center would be built down the road from his home”

CLEARLY an unprincipled crook & thief - deceiver of the people just like his boss trump! Both scum now demeaning and screwing farmers all over America!

FARMERS of America do you get it NOW? the trump regime is NOT your friend! Quite the reverse - they don’t give a shite if you live or die!
Who DOES care? Bernie Sanders!


Insensitivity to people’s struggles and lack of compassion and empathy are among the many despicable hallmarks of Trumpism.

The entire greedy, selfish, arrogant Ruling Class of the US needs to be dethroned and put in the cages now holding immigrant children, with those children freed to play and laugh.


Remember his comments the next time you hear the ultra-wealthy whining about having to pay taxes.


Farmers are slowly awakening to the fact that their adoration of the strong assertive male President was a major mistake. Yet many farmers cling to their traditionalist views of the authoritarian male leader (white, of course). Trump is trying to keep us farmers in line with cash, but it’s likely not enough to make up for the near-term damage, and it will do no good for the long-term loss of markets in China. China will not trust the US again. BTW, it is interesting that the US is working so hard to get China to run their economy more like we do. China’s GDP is always at least twice ours. China is far too smart to succumb to a unilateral surrender of their better performing system.


If the floods in the midwest farm land had happened 2 weeks later…farmers would have no plantings. Climate change will be worse next year. Impeach the orange climate denier and demand a democratic climate debate. Climate catastrophe is attached to our economy, health, migrants, food etc…
As far as Trump is concerned…it’s going to get much worse.