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Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Sonny Perdue Mocks Those Harmed by Trump Trade War as 'Whiners'

Trump is not as intelligent as a pig…he is a deranged fat slob.


Yes, and the GOP has depended upon serial support from the “deranged fat slob” cult for decades.


In the faux predatory corporate/media age those are probably the most salient words on the horizon. This is why the predators go after whistle blowers. The system of democracy has been rigged since Bernays to centralize power. Those engaging “the almost DNA based” methods is, IMHO, the second most interesting point. That DNA predates not only this nation, but goes back to the choices made selecting from the work of Greeks, in the “enlightenment”, and many would argue back to the emperor Constantine when he took Christianity and subjected it to the powers of empire. Its never quite been the same unless you consider everything in the bible together with a verifiable history and concordance for etymology. (We should all be familiar with the travesties of what was eliminated from the KJ version).
I think of Wicca - the indigenous knowledge of thousands of years as one of the earliest large-scale systematic genocides, femicide and so much more. We still suffer from the loss of tried and true wisdom and have had to turn to fine records maintained in Chinese medicine. The same is being done to indigenous peoples in all over the world. And what makes me sad is that we don’t know what we don’t know.


I have no sympathy for the farmers or the corrupt and insane Mr. Purdue .
The farmers poison the planet and support the likes of Bayer and Sonny Boy Purdue bends over for Bayer / monsanto and allows them to wreak havoc on the soil and water of our only benefactor Earth.
They deserve each other.
Unfortunately the people and the planet have to suffer for their colossal ignorance.
My post of course excludes organic farmers.


Would be interesting to know just what crops are effected by the trade war.

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Perdue sez:
“I had a farmer tell me this in Pennsylvania …”

If, in fact, this “joke” came from a source other than his own backside, it was more likely delivered by a Pennsylvania-based lobbyist during a fundraising gathering of corporate factory farm suits.


The bail outs don’t cover most of the crops and they don’t go to the “real” farmers. That being said, and I’m a farmer myself, most of them are getting exactly what they voted for so the empathy meter isn’t getting off zero for them.


As much as I despise Trump I must agree with his Plan to bring back Jobs from China and try to level the Playing field with regard to Trade.

However, his bullying tactics are not working.

American Corporations are already addicted to doing business in China; they do not have to deal with demanding Unions, they do not have to furnish their employees with Health Insurance and they can pay Chinese Workers Slave Wages, thereby increasing Profits.

In the Good Ole USA it is God Bless America, but to Hell with the American People.

American Corporations were enticed to pack up their machinery and move to China by the scent of greater profits and very low wages for Chinese Workers.

They did not care that they were destroying Towns and entire Communities when they said goodbye.

They even got Tax Breaks to cover the expense of Moving their Machinery.

This is where I give the Racial Bigot some credit; he is trying to force the American Corporations that left the Country to return and build their Products once again in America.

But his tactics are thus far not working.

He did not realize how intertwined these Corporations are with the Chinese government, and he did not realize that American Corporations made the Chinese government very strong and powerful with American Dollars.

China has managed, due to American Investment, to find trading partners around the world and are no longer fully dependent on the U.S.

As a result, Trump is forced to use Socialist methods to distribute our Tax Dollars to Farmers who are losing money because of his haphazard policies, in order to maintain his Voter Base.

This is nothing short of Corporate Welfare.

He is taking Food and Money away from the poor, who would never vote for him, and re-distributing it to Farmers who will Vote for him.

Trump had the right idea but his methodology is absurd, he is trying to Bully China and the Ex-Patriot Corporations but Bullies never win.

He is incapable of using the power of persuasion combined with Tax incentives instead of Tariffs to bring back Jobs to the Rust Belt and Rural Farmland.

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Excuse me but who ever said that Sonny Perdue works for farmers? He works for the farming INDUSTRY, not farmers.


More apropos.
Two fascists in a flooded cellar, drowning in debasement.


Excellent gaffe! Save for rare exceptions like Monkes Tale in this forum, farmers were Trumps most loyal supporters. Maybe less-so now.


Trump’s “bring back American jobs” stance is incompatible with his “corporations can do no wrong” stance. In doing nothing to rein in Wall St --and in fact appointing Wall St vultures to his cabinet – Trump is merely fishing for blue collar votes while keeping the hedge funds happy.


Mostly soybeans - China is making deals with Bolsonario to get their soybeans from all that newly cleared Brazilian rainforest land - so the market will not be coming back even if the trade war ends.


Anyone who supports this idiot in the white house is in for some big surprises and they aren’t going to be pleasant. This thing - Trump - is a danger to the well being of every american. His administration subverts and distorts the best interests of the american people. No person of good will or conscience could ever support this man in any way except if he decided to resign.


When will people start to wake up to this guy…when they are starving?


Except by cheating! Remember HRC got an estimated three million more votes in 2016 than Trump.


Yea, but he’s a self proclaimed billionaire who had a tv show. Makes him a great choice to lead one the the largest countries in the world.

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If I voted for Trump I might consider suicide too.



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The thing is the Farmers in the USA get nothing form the Democrats either. Both parties are that bad and both parties are more interested in promoting Industrial agriculture over the Family farm.

As mentioned above by another in both Canada and the USA , the farmers were behind Socialist policies in the 1920’s and into the 1930’s. Why they ever abandoned Socialism for the Corporate parties I will never know.

Now here in Canada we still have the NDP but farmers on the prairies tend to now favor the Conservative party and one of the main reasons is this. The Conservatives are big friends to the Oil industry and many of those family farmers work in that industry to supplement their incomes. It akin to offering your hands up to be chained.