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Farmers Rebel After Organic 'Elites' Throw Support Behind Sham Label Law


Farmers Rebel After Organic 'Elites' Throw Support Behind Sham Label Law

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Stabenow-Roberts GMO labeling bill, which the House of Representatives is expected to vote on this week, has deepened a rift within the organic industry as farmers and other dedicated opponents of genetically modified (GM or GMO) agriculture are breaking ties with those who support the legislation (pdf), which is backed by both Monsanto and the powerful Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).


Another day of fascism in action, invisible in broad daylight, dressed up as democracy while performing the corporate dance. We will eventually label our products accurately like many other nations. Apparently, America is not clever enough to know how to print "contains GMOs" on food labels. Gosh - what an insurmountable labelling challenge lol.


This law could be a real boon for the restocking employees at the local supermarket.

While you are waiting in line to check out, hand each QR code labeled package to the checkout clerk and ask to see a printout of information that the QR code represents.
Just politely say: "I cannot read this. Can you tell me what it says?"
If they won't do it, then for each item, then just say you don't want to buy it today.
But do ask for each and every item.

If EVERYONE did this, the grocery stores would put pressure on the Grocery Manufacturers Association to change the law because it will cut into their bottom line.
Yes, they would think that you are a jerk, but the real jerks work for Monsanto.
Think how long the checkout line would get if everyone did that.
This could force the supermarkets to look up all of the codes and post a printed copy of the information with the products on the shelves.

I also wonder if the QR codes are in violation of any ADA regulations on unreadable print.


Debbie Stab-us-in-the-back-enow with this one.


The OTA, Organic Trade Association, has been corrupt and not to be trusted for a long time. This blatant sell-out of the organic movement is just the icing on the corruption cake.

Like any "trade association" operating under the "limited liability," "profits uber alles," "endless growth" design of the intentionally corrupt "corporate personhood" regime that rules the economy:
The OTA is inherently corrupted by its need to prioritize the narrowly-circumscribed FINANCIAL INTERESTS of its members, especially its largest and most powerful members. Huge props to the OSGATA for resigning from the OTA on principle!

Unless, and until, We the People are able to organize ourselves, face the hard truth, and successfully dismantle this economic paradigm, to replace it with an ecological and humanistic paradigm that promotes moral and ethical behaviors (rather than promoting looting behaviors above all other considerations), then ALL our rights and interests will ALWAYS be under ENDLESS assault by these undead corporations.

As we look forward to what it will take to win such an ecological and humanistic economy, we should be forthright about our understanding of the baked-in corruption, distortion and deceit in the current system;
We should give NO MONEY to these corporate monsters whenever we can avoid it (which is most of the time);
We should look instead to each other, to take care of each other and meet our needs as best we can WITHOUT buying any of the goods, services, and endless systemic EVIL that the current system works so hard to sell us.

Recognize that industrial corporate commodity GMO agriculture is one of the most powerful engines that are quite literally dis-integrating the ecology, as well as corrupting our politics. Our lives and futures are truly on the line, along with the ecology itself. We should organize ourselves and our families and communities in light of this fact.


If you see the mark does that not mean GMO resides in the product...Perhaps just say no is an alternative why you see the mark of Debbie....


Beautiful action plan of civil disobedience---I love it


No more Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt "por moi"! Nancy's is best for yer money! (That is, until I find out that they, too, become shills for a corporate-bankster, shell monopoly!)


Organic has become sorta yesterday. It's still a nice word, better than natural.

Eco-agriculture may be a more information-age descriptor.

note: Industrial agriculture refers to itself as traditional agriculture.


Alternatively, just put QR code readers thruout the store, and whoever cared that kind of stuff can check the QR code.

Even better if a product is so awesomely non GMO, label it as such. Expect lawsuits from enterprising lawyers tho who will drill down your supply stream and find that one of the farms that supplied the chickens used to make the the can of soup at some point in time fed them chickens GMO maize, hence deceptive advertising, ka-ching, ka-ching....


Obama signing this Nazi legislation will be another spike in the Democrats coffin.


We have to stop the TPP or none of this matters. I know corporations are salivating over a strong TPP to stop the idiots that want to know what's in their food. The nerve of us to reject Round Up Ready in our food. And of course you can count on Obumer to sign it gleefully. Bet his kids don't eat it. They want real organic for Michelle and the girls. Thanks Michelle for all your health tips.
The U.S. is the step child for all those corporations to abuse. What's good for Europe is too good for the U.S. whether it's food, chemicals, healthcare, education, or any number of things Europe considers commonplace, are just too good for the U.S. We are the petri dish for corporations since our government has sold out and no longer protects us. (If they ever did)


Bull's Eye, again, Webwalk
Thank you for the "Attagirl" yesterday.


Great idea!