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'Fascism Coming to a City Near You': Trump Pledges to Deploy Secret Police Units to Major US Cities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/20/fascism-coming-city-near-you-trump-pledges-deploy-secret-police-units-major-us


I hope everyone can put aside whatever differences and use whatever means available to stop this. This Gestapo/Stazi b.s. is like a taunt to protesters and their supporters. “Go ahead make my day”.


Shut the fucking USA down now. The citizens (both “conservatives and liberals”) must impose complete non cooperation and general strikes until BOTH PARTIES respond to the citizens needs. Failure to do so will lead to unimaginable chaos and destruction. I am afraid those on the right are itching for a full blown civil war as their hatred for their fellow citizens is off the charts and they have a green light from their beloved Hair Furor. And don’t get me wrong, this has been in the making for decades if not longer (actually since its founding) and the majority of those in power do not care about stopping it in any meaningful manner. Not as long as the money keeps flowing into their coffers from their corporate oligarch masters. Shut it down and starve the beast that is killing us all.


I am beginning to prepare as best I can for unimaginable chaos and destruction.


Because most folks are too fucking stupid to connect all the dots about how long this has been unfolding. By the way the Posse Comitatus Act was rendered effectively moot when Obama signed the NDAA. But you know, it all started under Trump. Blah, blah, blah…


Yes, if you caught this trump campaign ad released a few weeks ago you could see this coming very clearly.
It’s important to check it out, imo. I hope copy and paste (adding, reconnecting the h of http) will work:

Abolished. “Joe Biden’s allies are doing everything they can to Defund the Police.”


I’ve suggested dressing like them to confuse them. We have Covid masks; we can wear body armor, of a sort, to combat their arsenal of weapons. We can ask volunteers, clergy, disabled folks in wheelchairs, nurses dressed as such along with doctors, high profile politicians to lead the protest as a non violent charge against the enforcements. (If the police or enforcement agents want to risk injuring a high profile person or one who is disabled while cameras are rolling, all the better for change). We need to turn this abuse around back on the jerk who governs by the iron fist. We are smarter than he is and we can nip this in the bud. All they know is a gun and a fist. We have better minds.


Some of the “House Dems” and others of standing need to go to Portland to stand with the mothers against this trump neo nazi shit!

The DP “leadership” are craven failures timid and complicit in the face of trump and his secret police goons! It isn’t worth the breath to speak of the Republicon Fifth Column scum.

Being in opposition to tyranny means putting your body where your mouth is!
If not met in Portland, this brown shirt shit will come to a city near you! That’s the nature of the trump regime and der trumpenfuhrer!


I hate to have to say it but until there is literally bombing sorties on American homes, and napalm and rivers of blood, Americans are not going to assert themselves and reclaim the country that has for along time now been stolen from underneath them without a fight. The way things are going we may soon see exactly that.


I can’t think of a more effective way Trump could turn even more of the country against him.

However, instead of focusing on defiant tweets and the the promised introduction of legislation to curb DHS repression (really… how likely is that to ever pass?), why can’t this article at least mention the basic functions of oversight and funding that Democrats have not yet indicated they will perform?



Tin soldiers and Trump are coming.



This is the chaos that the Knuckle-Dragger-in-Chief is hoping for so that he can declare Martial Law and halt the November Election.


Except we are smarter and this can reveal how absolutely vile this core group of serpents are because they don’t know when to stop and the more that people see of the abuse of our basic rights as citizens as set out by our constitution, the better chance we have of cleaning house of this group of snakes. It takes martyrs. People have been dying since our country was founded—for our freedoms. One of which is the right to freely assemble, oh snap, as the kids say. I was just looking that up and we don’t actually have that right. The govt can disabuse us of that right in a lot of ways. One of which is precisely what trump has ordered in Portland. Except it is NOT constitutionally protected. What he is doing is not protected. He is the outlaw. He is deciding who will be picked up based on the fact that he doesn’t like the nature of the protests and or the people who are protesting. He did none of this bullshit when white nationalist/Nazi groups with shot guns stormed state grounds against the government of Michigan. The silence, and the fact that all in govt are not in the halls shouting and throwing shoes over this abomination, speaks volumes.


At some point perhaps when some one looses their cool, patience and anger takes them, some of these goons may be targeted and pay the price for their disrespect and violence! Let the chips fall where they may!

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Hair Fuor! Lol thanks


This stupidity is a great argument for not reopening public schools…since their mandate is to teach stupid.

You’re going to have to do a lot more that require name badges

You must deploy state law enforcement


It’s true. People have to personally feel the iron fist before they will resist. That’s why people want to remain dumb and numb; facing the truth about our absolutist, corrupt government that leeches off the blood from our veins, the sweat from our brows, to enrich themselves so they can feast and gorge on power, perverted sex (apparently for a lot) drugs, money for more power, money for things—they don’t want to know these things. Better to believe what cheap sentiments we are given and what “protests” we are allowed; the occasional social victory and a bit of free thinking Supreme Court here and there than face the darkness. It’s unreal. I wish I could be like that but I’m simply not wired not to care and not be outraged. Humor is so important in these trump days. I wish some of the establishment historians would use humor more often.


So tRump is trying to become the Terrorist-in-Chief in addition to already being the Failure-in-Chief, in the hopes that he will not become the Loser-in-Chief next November?

Our immediate problem is between now and Jan. What I’m seeing is there’s no legal recourse, only moral outrage. An immense amount of damage can be done in the interim and as a setup for even worse measures. Here’s hoping the DHS, BP, etc. troops will eventually revolt.

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