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'Fascist-Enabling Coward': McConnell Declines to Reconvene Senate for Trial as House Moves to Impeach Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/fascist-enabling-coward-mcconnell-declines-reconvene-senate-trial-house-moves


The Failed Fascist Coup and the Futility of “Reconciliation”
Trump and his most devoted fans and allies have responded to Biden’s win victory in precisely the ways one would expect white-nationalist fascists to react to an electoral humiliation inflicted largely by non-white voters: with Orwellian denial and violence.



It’s clear why he is doing it: a vote in the Senate would force Republicans to commit to Trumpism or rule by constitutional law. They do not want to have to make that choice because it will affect their electability…


Honestly I don’t understand why this surprises anyone. He said this last week. And I’m sure Schumer is happy to go along with the Biden 100 Days delay plan anyway. By then the fascist movement will be on steroids.


“Gorram!” I’m tired of the Mental Abuse.


Yes - now we see the true McConnell.


McConnell will co-own any violence that occurs within the week.


M.Mc.: Fellow fascist.

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Most members of Congress will be spared its ill effects, although they got a wee bit of a scare on the 6th. Just need to convince a few more members of law enforcement to side with DT. We remember that the Fraternal Order of Police wrote a letter to Congress, complaining of the very existence of the first impeachment inquiry.

It matters not to DT whether he’s impeached twice, or ten times.


This was always the plan - Dems get to tongue wag and posture, reps get to obstruct.

A true zoolander “walk-off”.

Of you’re still falling for this bullshit, I suggest you watch the kids movie “up”. Be sure to pay special attention to the dog character that says “squirrel”


In a sense this may be much ado about nothing. As historian Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny, mentioned today on Democracy Now!, if Trump is impeached then an investigative committee can be launched and its impartial findings put forth around April. If that is done then there is a good chance that the senate will vote to convict Trump. If that happens that would mean that Trump may be prohibited from running again in 2024. In addition it would also mean he would not be entitled to any benefits after he leaves office such as a pension. It would be wise to wait in order to get it right instead of rushing into a trial where many Republicans are still on the fence about Trump.


I suspect some Dems and Republicans will not be spared. They are now quaking in their boots as the fascist threats roll in. Recall the gallows they set up for Pence? Not exactly a liberal democrat. “Where’s Nancy!??” I think the fire of fascism has been lit and USAians will be shocked at what a low intensity civil war looks like up close, which they usually reserve for other people.


Yes and I think you are correct, the fascist, coward, Mitch is shaking in his boots because he knows Trump’s base would threaten him worse than they did Pence if he allowed the senate to impeach Trump.


I’m somehow expecting that on January 19 the Donald has already promised to pardon all thugs who have committed felony assaults on the Donald’s hit list. I note the nonchalance with which at least one duo reportedly stalked and beat up Congressional staffers, then patiently waited in a restaurant at the scene of the crime for the police to come. They may have known something before the crime.


Not surprising, but a horrible, egregious, travesty and just more proof that it is more transparent than ever that Amerika is not a democracy.


The National Review calls for Trumps Impeachment !

An Impeachable Offense

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It still really strikes me as a bad idea to have a rule that allows one Senator to hold or move a process. While I understand each House of Congress has its’ own rules, and getting any “reform” done in the Senate would be tough, but even for such a “deliberative” body, they sure screw around a lot. To think a single member can cause so many problems is really 19th Century thinking.


Hey, I think about some of the crown legacy loyalists involved in drafting the Constitution… which IS INTENDED to be an ever evolving document … and their 21st century iteration as … drum roll please …
corporation owned “representatives”. Far as I can see, thats where the rubber meets the road - if youĺl excuse the fossil fuel metaphor.


Stop giving Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a pass—only 10 Republicans voted to remove Trump—while McCarthy led the Traitor House Republicans to follow their great white hope Traitor in the White House.

Do people get this-----These Republicans want to overturn the will of the American voters------Not only did Biden win Georgia and Arizona he won the popular vote by 7 million votes.

If McCarthy had been Speaker they might of got away with this.

The Republicans made their choice-----The Republican party should go the way of the Wiggs---------They are Traitors.


Nancy gives Mitch an out:

"While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declined to yet say publicly when the House will send the article over to the Senate, a source involved in the Democratic leadership deliberations told ABC News earlier Wednesday Pelosi plans to send the article to the Senate next week.

She could have had Trump impeached nine days ago on the basis of the Raffensperger recording - when both Houses were in session and all of the members were in town.

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