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Fascists Compete To Own America


Fascists Compete To Own America

Thom Hartmann

Given how reactive hard right snowflakes have gotten in response to a few truth-based jokes from Michelle Wolf, and that Mick Mulvaney has confessed to running a pay-for-play operation out of his congressional office, and Trump is


Hartmann states the obvious that Rethugs are fascists, then ignores the wisdom of his own essay: “But American fascists who would want former CEOs to fill the roles as the leaders of the GOP, and write legislation with corporate interests in mind…”

Employees of corporations (called lobbyists) have been writing legislation for both wings of the Duopoly at least since the end of WW2. And other corporate employees (KongressKritters) have passed the lobbyist-written legislation, and other corporate employees (The Supremes) have interpreted the law for their corporate bosses and the whole scheme is greased with legal and illegal corporate money and a corporate-owned media system.

While Trump is a sick caricature of Mussolini, dems are more likely to model themselves after network news readers of all genders and ethnicities and define Hannah Arendt’s phrase: the banality of evil.


Also an interesting point on fascism, the National Recovery Administration was based around Mussolini’s economic ideas.


Yeah, that’s about right. We have as a real fascist state here in America.

I am not even thinking of Trump when I say that. Trump is an anomaly. As as Trump may be…what created him is even worse.


At this moment over at the Tablet online Jewish news magazine, they are smearing FDR with a totally distorted piece about FDR authorizing an evil anti-Semitic plan to ship Jews all over the world.

The smears of the Democrats and FDR in particular, to drive the Millenial youth into the arms of the fascists (the GOP et al) is RELENTLESS. And it’s working. Reuters Ipsos reports this morning their recent poll shows Millenials leaving the Democratic Party and slowly shifting to the Republicans, their absolute enemies. The GOP, eternally guilty of treason after treason and eternal enemy of the New Deal Social Safety net is very well funded and knows how to manipulate perceptions of the first “internet” generation.


The fascists are succeeding in rewriting that American Heritage definition too. Orwell is here with us, right now. Winston’s memory hole is stuffed.


An even more interesting point: the NRA paved the way for the national Labor relations Board which in its most potent days prevented industrialists from playing a national “game of beggar they neighbor” to quote FDR himself, the practice of moving production across state lines to avoid the merest labor standards one state might enact in feeble attempts to protect their workers from exploitation.

Now what were you saying about Mussolini? You wouldn’t be trying to smear FDR would you?

“Let me say with complete frankness that during the twenties, I in common with most liberals did not at the start visualize the effects of the period, or the drastic changes that were even then necessary for a lasting economy. We knew that many changes in monopolistic practices and in the concentration and the control of wealth in the hands of the few—changes fought for by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson—were long overdue. But we did not understand the real depths of the problem.
Almost all economists were then preaching the theory that the greater the production of goods, the greater the wealth and well being of the Nation. That delightfully simple theory of 1928 ignored that fact that in 1928 when production was increasing unemployment was also increasing…
During that period (1929 - 1933) there were two clearly defined and opposing classes of thought. Those in charge of the national Government believed that individual and collective private action could restore the prosperity of 1928 and that the restoration of such prosperity was the sole objective. This group wholly ignored both problems of modern civilization of which I have spoken— the ideal of the democratic processes and the necessity for social justice.
The other group, to which I very definitely belonged, believed that a material recovery could not be established by the same forces which had created the depression and, furthermore, that if those forces were entrusted with the task of recovery, they would wholly ignore the needs of reform. To us, strong vital government action was therefore a prerequisite in any program for material recovery.
During my four years in Albany this prerequisite became more and more apparent because of the complete failure of the private groups actually in control of the Federal Government either to solve the economic situation or to care for the growing number of human beings who were definitely in need of assistance. The remedies proposed by these private groups were inadequate. They sought to do a patchwork job on unsound foundations. Most important of all, they clung obstinately to their opposition to all social reform.
In these volumes those who seek inconsistencies will find them…but through them all, I trust that there also will be found a consistency and continuity of broad purpose.
Consistently I have sought to maintain a comprehensive and efficient functioning of the representative form of democratic government in its modern sense. Consistently I have sought through that form of government to help our people gain a larger social justice.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Introduction to the public papers and addresses of FDR. Volume One, The Genesis of the New Deal, 1928 - 1932 Washington D.C. January 24th, 1938


More a failure of his early advisors, cartels, price floors, etc. all bad policy decisions. As for ‘overproduction’, simply the wrong diagnosis of the problem.

"Despite the fact that society could produce exponentially more food, families continued to starve. Despite the fact that the nation’s leading industrialists earned more profit than at any other time in history, workers struggled to support their families. Despite the fact that America’s economy had become larger and more diversified, the nation continued to face worsening financial panics and industrial depressions.

Unlike other social commentators of his generation who attributed these conditions to overproduction, under-consumption, or a unsound monetary policy—Congress had recently passed the Coinage Act of 1873, which drastically reduced the price of silver—George concluded that at the heart of this dilemma was land. As he explained:

The reason why, in spite of the increase of productive power, wages constantly tend to a minimum, which will give but a bare living, is that, with the increase in productive power, rent tends to even greater increase, thus producing a constant tendency to the forcing down of wages.

By “rent” George referred not only to the monthly fee a tenant paid to their landlord, but to “economic rent”—which economists define as the profit one earns simply by owning something of value, such as land.

George continued:

Land being necessary to labor, and being reduced to private ownership, every increase in the productive power of labor but increases rent—the price that labor must pay for the opportunity to utilize its powers; and thus all the advantages gained by the march of progress go to the owners of land, and wages do not increase."



Thom Hartmann hits a Home Run with this one!

Henry A. Wallace. (sigh) The very best “almost President” we ever had!

Oh, to think what might have been.


Okay, we get it. You hate Democrats. Enjoy being governed by Republicans.


Thom Hartmann “colluded” with Russia.


In other words we exist to further enrich the already rich who need more riches in a never-ending downward spiral of the dollars buying power.


“states the obvious that Rethugs are fascists”.

Here’s some points from the program of current actual self-identified neo-Fascists/National Socialists.

“The abolition of incomes unearned by work The breaking of interest slavery.”
“In view of the enormous personal sacrifices of life and property demanded of a nation by any war, personal enrichment from war must be regarded as a crime against the nation. We therefore demand the ruthless confiscation of all war profits.”
“We demand:
The nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations (trusts).
The creation of a livable (sic) wage.
The immediate discontinuation of all taxes on things of life’s necessity, such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine etc.
We demand the treasonable system of health care be completely revolutionized.”

Sound like Republican Party platform?

Full list is here: http://www.nsm88.org/25points/25pointsengl.html - and being an American version of Fascism it also includes overt racism in service of ‘white supremacy’ more in line with historic German ‘National Socialism’ than the original Italian ‘Fascism’. (Also using ‘fascist’ or ‘nazi’ for everything bad also gives oxygen to such groups who desire status as ultimate ‘bad-asses’ to compensate for their personal inadequacies.)

The Republicans are certainly not ‘fascists’. What they might really be was suggested by Sheldon Wolin some 15 years ago in this article: https://www.thenation.com/article/inverted-totalitarianism/. Also what needs to be remembered is that the U.S. has been governed in the interests of the wealthy from the get go.

The other thing to understand is that the U.S. is much more tended towards ‘feudalism’ than ‘fascist’ totalitarianism as it is not unitary state but a concoction of thousands of petty fiefdoms who at least profess opposition to ‘big government’. Your County Sheriff’s Dept. has always been more likely to interfere with your ‘life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness’ than Washington D.C.


Are you talking to yourself?


Are you neo-liberal? What is your game?


”Fascists have an agenda that is primarily economic. ”

”They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest. Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection. (emphasis added)”

No, they have an agenda that is entirely emotional, an insatiable addiction for safety and control that can’t be met in the world because its origin and real-time manifestation is stuck from the past in their minds and bodies. It, combined with the rage they feel for not having those basic childhood needs met, causes them to drive whatever they can control toward endless further control—making destruction inevitable.

”They” may have the conscious idea that they want power, money and domination but those—even world domination—will always turn out to be insufficient to satiate the addiction. You can never get enough of the wrong thing. Healthy systems contain paradoxes and enigmas, but even more than most things, systems with split-off shadow, like the drive toward fascism, are full of conflict and contradiction. And then of course, there are just plain lies. Exceedingly rare for them to actually be simple, but sometimes…

”There are probably several hundred thousand if we narrow the definition to include only those who in their search for money and power are ruthless and deceitful. …”

Oh come on… ”ruthless and deceitful in pursuit of money”? You’re describing 3/4ths of the people in the US who qualify to a degree that it would be considered a disease by a sane, natural society. (and has been described that way by many such societies destroyed by colonialism and corporate neo-colonialism.) The term Wetiko disease is exactly that—a Cree word, with variations in other Native American languages that means “an evil person or spirit who terrorizes other creatures by means of terrible evil acts.” It was used constantly to refer to European USers.


Now dont tell me this is an oversimplification. I know that, but anyway here it goes:

After the forties with FDR :slight_smile: came

The fifties with Truman the Nuker :frowning: and Joe McCarthy’s Commie Scare :(, after which came

The sixties with Kennedys for don’t bomb Cuba :slight_smile: and Civil Rights movement :slight_smile: ,after which came

Assassinations of Kennedys :frowning:

So now, there is a precedent that things can be turned around, but also a precedent that it won’t be for long.


Henry Wallace was victim of his prescient, statement. And because the channels of public information poisoned his political life Henry never had a chance to be nominated for POTUS because, in my view, Truman was selected by the deep state and the fact that Truman dropped nuclear bombs on so many thousands of innocent Japanese men, women, and children civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, corroborate my statement.


That is exactly why Henry Wallace never had a chance! And I would argue, that even if by some chance, Wallace became POTUS the fascists would have done the same thing to him they did to JFK.


The indifference of Congress is not good. That might be their “pursuit of happiness,” but it isn’t mine.