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Fascists R Us: Trump/ Pompeo’s Denial that Israeli Squatting on Palestinian Land is Illegal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/19/fascists-r-us-trump-pompeos-denial-israeli-squatting-palestinian-land-illegal


Just how deranged and delusional can this administration prove itself to be? Why do they think that they have the authority to proclaim what is and isn’t legal under U.N. auspices? Do they even realize that the vast majority of the world considers them to have no credibility or legitimacy? Do they really believe that just because Cheney and his band of fascist war criminals got to walk away scott-free that they will be allowed to as well? Will WE actually make that mistake AGAIN?


Why is it that so many U.S. politicians posturing as altruistic, subordinate not just their own personal integrity (if any) but the interests of the country they are sworn to support, to a foreign State?


I don’t see anything to suggest they’re wrong in expecting to walk away scot-free. A prohibition without penalties is worse than useless, it’s asking for more of the same.

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A more modern example rather than Mussolini is the annexation of Crimea by Putin’s Russia which also broke international laws.

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Will congress push back??

" Anyone who has been bullied, becomes the bully the first chance they get "

Where is Kushner’s peace plan?

sarcasm = let us just provide every Israel citizen the dual citizen bonus.

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Only if you are completely ignorant of international laws.
Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia.

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Not a good analogy.Crimeans voted in a referendum