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Fast Food-Loving Trump's Labor Board 'Pulls Rug Out' From Under Fast Food Workers

Fast Food-Loving Trump's Labor Board 'Pulls Rug Out' From Under Fast Food Workers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"While working people struggle to make ends meet, Trump's NLRB is making it harder for those who hold real power in workplaces to be held accountable."

McDonald's Protest
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DJT and the word “love” (or any version thereof) do not belong in the same sentence. Fast Food-engorging DJT is more fitting.

Wonder how many Mickey D meals will now contain added (just before packaging and/or delivery) “ingredients” placed specifically for the emperor’s consumption. Next new hire will be a “king’s taster…”


Every few days, we learn of another Obama-era rule that is being reversed by the Trump Administration. Many of these things never got much press at the time, so most of us didn’t notice them unless we were directly affected. But Trump and the Conservatives sure must have had a “hit list” going in. They are methodically undoing all of the good things that were done during the Obama years, whether it hurts ordinary working people or not!

The point is this: There are fundamental differences between the Parties!


I would never eat the food at McDonalds but for those that do they should boycott them least they should ever have to work there and expect their rights to be respected.

I tried to point out, through most of 2016, to my fellow leftists all the positive things done under the Obama administration - which in many cases were not strong enough, but the best that could have accomplished against the hostile Congress regardless of who was president - that would be reversed under a Trump administration.

Next up is a reversal of the new, but currently suspended overtime rule under Obama/Solis/Perez, which would have greatly expanded overtime protections. They may try to do away with overtime altogether. Remember, that most Republicans are opposed to even the idea of wage and hour laws including minimum wage laws.

And along with that, new proposed respirable silica rules, for which the USA is way behind the rest of the world (silica sand is not even allowed at all for sandblasting in Europe) will be reversed, and proposed tougher rules to address the major upsurge in coal miner’s black lung are pretty much toast now.

And in my own job in the DOL-MSHA, many of the plans for potentially hazardous coal waste dams and piles over the past year have increasingly become technical garbage - containing just the appearance of engineering analysis, but ultimately being little more than “this 700 foot high waste dam is stable and safe because we say so”.

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Thank you, Yunzer! You are in a unique position in which you see the real-life implications of policies and regulations, and their impact on working people. I am discouraged by so many who post here, wanting left-wing perfection. They will be waiting forever. In the case of 2016, there were certainly no desirable choices, but the Evil that we ended up with was a far, far worse one. The fallout from this 3-pronged disaster (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) will do untold damage for years to come. The only sane course of action was to vote for the “Lesser of Two Evils”, it being so obvious which Party was, far and away, the greater Evil.

"The American People will take Socialism, but they won’t take the label."------Upton Sinclair