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Fast-Track: A Gut-Kick to the Progressive Movement


Fast-Track: A Gut-Kick to the Progressive Movement

Sarah Anderson

In a move that elicited a collective groan from virtually all of progressive America, the Obama administration and congressional Republicans reached a deal on April 16 on so-called “fast track” trade authority. This is the legislation needed to ram new trade agreements through the U.S. Congress with limited debate and no amendments.


The policies are not “failed,” they are doing exactly what they are designed to do: disempower every level of society and ecology, against the rampant license of unencumbered transnational corporate capital.

“People” and “Planet” are just encumbrances that are pushed aside by these “agreements” that the vast majority never agree to, but are told we must obey.

It’s a gut-kick to a whole lot more than just “progressives.” The question becomes, how do we effectively disobey, and give a gut-kick to transnational corporate capital?


Ever since the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 the Party’s mission has been: GET MORE CORPORATE MONEY THAN THE GOP.

In the spirit of the DLC it was not just “Obama and Congressional Republicans who reached a deal on April 16” as Anderson alleges. My Democratic Party Congressman wears his participation in this deal as a badge of honor as he parrots Obama’s “if we don’t write the rules, China will”.


I’m watching the debate on TPA on C-Span right now and the problem is becoming clear: our politicians live in the delusion that more consumption is a good thing. Thomas Donohue, President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce just said that 95% of consumers are outside the U.S. He clearly thinks that increasing consumption by potentially 2,000% is a good thing.

We don’t need policies that encourage more consumption of the Earth’s resources, but rather policies that reduce consumption. TPP/TTIP will make it easier for corporations to sell their stuff no matter what the consequences to the Earth of Living Things.


Your US Chamber of Commerce citation is another example of the media doing a great job of distracting us from the TPP issues of consequence. The “95% of consumers outside the US” are going to consume whether the TPP is enacted or not. Although I agree with you that consumption is a huge problem , it is an irrelevant statistic with respect to the TPP.

Just as the media helped Obama accelerate the ratification of “trade deals” with Colombia, Panama and South Korea as his initial response to the emergence of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in 2011, the media is helping him push TPP through.


Yesterday on Democracy Now, Amy Goodman interviewed a lawyer who’s spearheaded an organization with aspirations similar to those of the A.C.L.U. However, Mr. Steve Downs is mostly concerned with the way the FBI is setting up stings to grant the appearance that all the money and muscle directed at anti-terrorism efforts have justification. His coalition to protect citizens is a direct strategy put into place to challenge what he wisely terms: “Inventing terrorists along with the law-fare of preemptive prosecution.”

I am bringing this up because in the same way that an armed and covert infrastructure has been put into place theoretically to target terrorists when more often than not the FBI tries to create the operation via its infiltrators, these global treaties act preemptively to thwart any challenge to lethal actions.

The corporations behind these trade rules–which effectively anesthetize now, and into the future any legal constraints against their trespasses–are the very ones that nearly annihilated all marine life in the Gulf of Mexico, intend to use these trade rules to push for the Canadian Tar Sands exploitation, sunk the global economy under the weight of gargantuan graft, profit from war, spread misery, pain, poverty and ecocide and are setting themselves into positions that allow for NO legal constraints.

Apart from continuing the make-war state agenda of the New Homeland Security MIC state, this is the Obama administration’s most deadly sin.

One individual set up under an FBI (alleged to fight “terrorism”) sting was convicted of a lesser charge. Asked why that wasn’t challenged, the attorney explained that with so much State ammunition aimed at one individual, it would tie up years of time and resources to attempt to fight this disproportionately empowered State Force.

THAT is what TIPP and TPP do: they enshrine into law precisely what this planet’s worst trespassers–the bankers, Monsanto, energy behemoths, war profiteers, and other KILLERS-- decree. This is not about law or trade; it is the blatant introduction of a New World Order where citizens have virtually NO agency and a relative handful (see proof from the Piketty Study and The Page & Gilens Study) run the world.

As a young Mexican woman explained, the War on Drugs is more about arming a nation so that a militaristic force is in place to take aim at those advocating for environmental protections, labor rights and increasingly, students’ rights.

Look at the brutality let loose on so much of Central America under the guise of “Democracy Building” when all of the savagery was done to make the way safe for absolute corporate exploitation. It is THAT model that’s being increasingly applied to more and more of the world as corporations aim at global control & profits. It’s sickening when heads of nations lie straight-faced in pushing this diabolical agenda under the guise that it will protect jobs. This is humanity’s death sentence.


Ridiculous. You want to demonize the only people speaking out, organizing protests & divestment movements, and doing what they can to oppose the already consolidated financial, political, military, and media power of corporate oligarchs.

Progressive Democrats are out-numbered and over-powered. By your logic, it is the victim that deserves the greater share of blame for not being able to fight off her attacker.

Your post identifies with the brute use and abuse of power by Dominant forces within a Dominator Cultural hierarchy by blaming those unable to stop this beast for what THE BEAST DOES.

I tire of this.

Why is it that the ONLY people who post on this site take aim at the ACLU, Sierra Club, Naomi Klein, Progressives, Amy Goodman, Marjorie Cohn, Bill McKibben, 350. org, Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, and anyone who is doing what they can to oppose a tidal surge that favors Big Money and the 1%?

Either you are here to slime anything and anyone slightly Left of Center, or otherwise eager to cover up the CRIMES coming from high places. By ONLY linking the problem of corporatism to Dems and in particular, Progressive Dems–as far “left” as is made allowable within a totally controlled election system–you grant a pass to the Koch Brothers and right wing ranks including:

  1. The powerful block created by authoritarian Fundamentalist Christians
  2. The power held by 5 corporations that control mass media
  3. The power of Rupert Murdoch and the Fox “news” empire that convinced a majority of its viewers that Saddam Hussein masterminded the 911 tragedy
  4. The power of the military industrial complex
  5. The role of the Deep State along with how its covert facets–like the CIA & NSA–murder other nations’ leaders while using muscle, threats, and bribes (John Perkins chronicles this) to open the way for the corporate predation of those nations
  6. The power of “Citizens United” in ensuring that no election will be free of the taint of big money
  7. The power of lies told often–even in how this horrific trade deal is being promoted by the mass media’s circus of lock-step servants to Power
  8. The power of the 1%, the fed, & Europe’s central bank in a globally controlled system that guarantees hunger, homelessness, and despair to any who lack capital
  9. The power & role of the Energy cartels in holding the industrial engines of the modern world hostage to THEIR bidding

This is off the top of my head. But in lieu of any honest analysis about Power’s true beneficiaries, you and your tag team buddies make it your daily job du jour to slime “progressive” Democrats.

I’ve read their “to do” list and it’s right on! They lack the POWER to implement it. You purposely invert that lack of power into a rationale for denigrating this group.

Either you do this to protect the status quo powers (one of which picks up your salary-tab); or like any card-carrying Agent Provocateur seek to fan the flames for a violent uprising as if that would do anything but grant to already bloated powers, a rationale for instituting martial law. The Black community knows what that type of disproportionate armed muscle and legal asymmetric warfare feels like. Do you?


While the TPP is indeed " the Obama administration’s most deadly sin" NPR this morning aired an interview with Obama wherein he tells us “I won’t do anything to cost US workers jobs, I wasn’t elected with chamber of commerce support, I’m going to dance with the one who brung me to the dance”.

Perhaps Obama forgot that June 2008 day when he passed on public funding and invited the banksters (whose gunners include the US Chamber of Commerce) to fill his campaign war chest ?


You’re either stupid or so locked into your own polarity that you don’t even understand my post. I am pointing out that this site’s DAILY posters who all sound alike constantly bash ONE side of the political equation when the problem is not seeing outside of this Team A-Team B syndrome. And a syndrome it is.

Even those who recognize the necessity (as I do) of voting outside the duopoly, still blame voters. It’s not as if they speak honestly about all the impediments now thwarting any true or representative Democracy.

I have been over these points HUNDREDS of times and hardly am making a case in favor of Obama, fool. Nor did I vote for him. THAT is your projection because, as I stated, you can’t see outside of the “either this or that” frame.

“Real Progressives…” since when do you or your tag team pals do ANYTHING but show up here to bash Progressives? Since so little opposition or repugnance for the likes of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, or the other odious reptilian Neanderthals is posted… your uni-polar outrage is what I am pointing out and contesting. Doing so hardly puts me on the football field with only 2 teams playing.

The tag team is uniform and stays on message.

I know Obama’s record and cut and pasted a particularly in-depth indictment done by the poster “Maxwell.” I can probably dig it up and repost it… his analysis FAR SURPASSES YOUR TRIVIAL TRIPE.


Question: If Dakota Bakkan oil/gas reaches world market more safely in a pipeline via Oklahoma to the Gulf, incidentally reducing demand for off-shore drilling, also reducing hazards of rail transport and port operations, and existing petro facilities get safety upgrades and fuels find more domestic uses, WHY build the Keystone XL pipeline, twice as long, through more sensitive habitat?

Warran buffett can’t answer while recklessly mismanaging BNSF rail lines in Warshington State. Oregon is protected by the Columbia River RR bridge, which “cannot” handle the difficult crossings and other operations safely. Highly explosive shipment crossing this RR bridge looks unlikely to happen. Rail operations to the propane tank-farm in North Portland are less hazardous at Longview Port which plans instead to ship coal instead though the better jobs are in propane. Alberta tar sands produces mostly low-grade shipping fuel in freighter engines for globalization and Obama’s global trade policy.

A sensibly upgraded pipeline and facilities from
Dakota Bakkan fields to the Gulf should get a fair hearing.
If we’re gonna build a pipeline, this is one to do instead of KXL.


When I read commentary like this, it is as if all the resistance, and (yes) its incremental successes prior to September of 2001 (others might say March 2003) - Seattle, Quebec, Goteborg, Genoa, DC, the WSF - it all never happened; totally gone; vanished.

Where are the call to simply mass in the streets shut DC down?


So what will the “Progressive Movement” do in response other than groan? Dis-elect its representatives such as Sen Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Rep Schrader (D-OR) or elect them again.


Remember that the official Democratic Party’s policy regarding progressives was well and repeatedly articulated by Rahmbo Emmanuel many times over: “F&$! the left!”

Obama has never wavered from that doctrine. Neither has Hillary.


TPP can be defeated!
I have seen Ed Schultz give great voice and comment on this issue.Most democrats are against TPP. And republicans who talk about sovereign rights should be held accountable.There is a pathway to defeat TPP. There is a reason Hillary has not come out for TPP even though she supports it.



Quit Accepting Federal Reserve Notes issued from the private Federal Reserve Bank if someone owes you money. This sticks it to Wall Street Banksters as they loose interest on the issuance of extra M1 money supply, they lose bank fees, exchange rate extortion, etc.

Bartertown Baby. Trade fruit for veggies. Trade fresh water for work. (bottled water is now more expensive than gasoline.) Only keep real assets like unencumbered land outside the USA Police States. Downsize and get ready for Berlin 1937 cuz it may be coming soon. The “Experiment” has failed royally.

That’s my take. Of course I’ve seen this coming for a long time, and being paranoid, I got the hell out early…


A trade deal we can not see? What kind of democracy?