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Fast Track Derailed? House Deals Blow to Corporate-Friendly Trade Agenda


Fast Track Derailed? House Deals Blow to Corporate-Friendly Trade Agenda

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday dealt a serious blow to President Barack Obama's corporate-backed trade agenda, while erecting a major stumbling block for proponents of Fast Track, or trade promotion authority.


Not a “victory” in any real sense, a welcome stall but no actual completion. We just add more rounds to the political ride.

If i’m reading the votes right at the House Clerk site, my rep Smith WA, after not publicly announcing his stance, did vote against Fast Track. i will thank him and try to hold him to it if it comes back for another vote.


Delay is a useful tactic for them. It relies on the fact that we can’t stay mobilised for long because it will exhaust us.


My wife and I were discussing this and she asked about this TAA thing. “What do they mean by retraining?”

  • I told her that, as near as I could tell, perhaps you have a job as a highly trained technician, or an engineer, designing or constructing, say, aircraft assemblies. TPP decides that your job can be done in Bangladesh or Indonesia by a worker making fifty cents or a dollar a day.
  • Since your job is gone, you can go to the government and they will train you for a new job. “Do you want fries with that?”
  • Then the government has done its job and the world goes on.


Yes, and they were going to pay for this ‘retraining’ by using Medicare funds – again, the 1%ers [esp Wall St] wet dream!


That’s my take on it too – remember an article not too long ago about how the Senate had rejected this same p.o.s. and then just a few days later they passed it by a big margin? I’m afraid this is nothing but propaganda so that next tuesday they can vote again and actually ram it thru.


Most of that money transferred out of Medicare will pay well connected consultants and contractors who “retrain” displaced workers for jobs that don’t exist or pay far less than the displaced workers’ offshored jobs.


Awww gosh, now isn’t that just the scoop of ice cream on the piece of sh*t pie that we peons are getting rammed down our throats? :weary:


Let’s all remember that when Democrats initially voted down the TPP in the Senate, that that Liberal Theater™ lasted all of 24 hours:


The problems associated with today’s utter dependence upon automobiles are mirrored in globalization which serves manufacturers shipping the longest distance. Just as absurd traffic undermines other fundamental modes of urban/suburban travel, the growing global economy likewise undermines critically important local, regional, state and national economies.

Here then is a basic outline for reducing fuel/energy consumption planning future economies: Drive less, fly less, truck and ship goods around the world less. No doubt, Big Oil, Auto and Boeing too would rather cities remain places citizens impulsively seek vacations elsewhere, only to find more of the same demoralizing traffic and precious campgrounds overrun by RV jetski snowmobile ATV practice, an oblivious sacrilege to nature.

1980’s energy conservation killed 5 wppss and Trojan nuke plants.
Conversion to fleet EV/PHEV matched to rooftop PV
would kill offshore drilling everywhere.
Build Dakota Bakkan fields to Oklahoma pipeline.
Safety upgrade existing petro facilities along a
less vulnerable route than Keystone.
Reduce demand for off-shore drilling in the Gulf.
Fuels find more domestic uses reaching our east/west coasts.
Reduce hazards of rail transport and marine terminal operation.


A correction on a detail - believe that the money to fund TAA was NOT going to come from a cut in Medicare. That was originally in there, but not at the time of the vote.

But yes, it would have been a big improvement to also emphasize that TPA did pass, though it is not a done deal, given that the Senate has to address again without TAA.


Actually, you are correct that the TAA would be funded (in part) by $$ that would come from Medicare.


I thought Pelosi had cut a deal to have TAA funded from different sources and not Medicare, but i guess I was wrong.


Goddess I hope so!* *The more people out of work the bigger the numbers in the street? It’s not ‘Miller time’ it’s GUILLOTINE time!

By the way, it’s nice to ‘see’ you again! :smile:

Pwr 2 the DISENFRANCHISED peons!


Ding Dong the Witch is dead, almost.


Does anyone have a link to a site or an article that tells who voted for/against this today? I called my elected terrorist yesterday to tell him that his employer expected him to vote no on this debacle and I want to know if he actually paid attention …


Hey, I am a card-carrying witch – don’t insult us that way! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for posting this link – I knew I had read something like this but couldn’t even begin to remember where.


You sound to me like a good which.


Which good witch??? :wink: