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Fast-Track Derails Democracy


Fast-Track Derails Democracy

Bill Moyers

Pro-democracy forces won a big victory Friday when they stalled the top-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement backed by the White House and the Republican leadership in Congress.


House Reps hold out for better deal - for themselves.


Question: can a president be impeached by his own party for being a complete FRAUD?


Only if he got a blow job in the Oval Office …


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Corporations are determined to undermine international governments as well as our own by passing a LAW that enables them to establish a TRIBUNAL of 1% who have the power to sue any country based on IMAGINED LOST PROFITS and the guilt or innocence of the verdict flows from the corrupt TRIBUNAL. This way they never have to sell another good or service and continue to drain the resources of the nations of the world. Is this not the foundation of GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP? Why is our PRESIDENT united at the shoulder with those who would enslave the world. OBAMA may think he is a slick critter. The day will come when he will stand before true Giants like Dr. King, Malcolm X, Medger Evers and others who would never have allowed themselves to be taken over and used as authors of GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP.


You mean when Obama posed as a liberal Democrat in 2008 when in fact he was a stealth Republican all along?

The whole thing was an elaborate ruse.


Because he isn’t actually “our” President.


The promised transparency equals “the emperor’s wardrobe”.