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Fast Track to Hell: Trade Bill Officially Introduced in Congress


Fast Track to Hell: Trade Bill Officially Introduced in Congress

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The fight over Fast Track just got real.

U.S. House and Senate leaders announced Thursday afternoon that they have reached a deal on legislation aimed at jamming the Trans Pacific Partnership through Congress.

"Congress shouldn’t throw Americans under the bus by giving up its authority over this unprecedented giveaway to multinational corporations." —Murshed Zaheed, CREDO


Either “trade deals” are treaties or they are not.

If they are then approval by the Senate is Constitutionally required.

If they are not then they do not enjoy the status of treaties as described in the Constitution and cannot override state laws and local ordinances.



If you have not already called your two senators and your representative in the House of Representatives this week to tell them to Vote No to Fast Track for Trade Agreements/No to Trade Promotion Authority, please call them ASAP and please tell everyone else you can to call their congressional representatives also. Thank you.


I could be way off base, but the rot began w/Clinton’s NAFTA, and then thickly, evenly spread and widely promulgated by eight years of the ignominous W “administration.” Either we deserve this boot in the face by our votes, or our country is near complete takeover by those seeking oligarchy. They’re doing pretty well so far (talk about fast track).


The consequences of the TTP, TTIP, and other so-called free trade deals are so incredibly destructive that stopping their passage (not just NO FAST TRACK, but actually PREVENTING PASSAGE) has to move to the TOP OF THE PRIORITY LIST.


Bipartisanship means good for corporations and bad for everybody else.

The fact that repubs actually want to give Obama fast track negotiating power says it all about how they (including Obama) are simply doing their corporate master’s bidding.


What is wrong with Ron Wyden?


Well, think about it. Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA. Before launching her pre-campaign campaign, Hillary Clinton was busy promoting the TPP. Liberals, etc., claim to oppose the TPP, but our liberal media tells us that we want Hillary Clinton instead of Joe Biden as the 2016 Dem candidate. What are we supposed to think of all this?


It should be obvious my now that voting changes nothing for the common people. The evil among us, as represented by the p.t. b. will frame every decree in a legalized document, while your objections are ignored. Money reigns supreme. The only way these kinds of offensive absurdities will be defeated, is the old fasioned way…bloody revolution.
God have mercy on the young family, clawing out a future on minimum wage. I weep for my grandaugter, who is oblivious to the nightmare that she’s about to suffer through. You can see it developing on the horizon, if you’re astute enough. Vote all you want…won’t change much.


I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven… I thought even back say 5 years ago… that the rich, …the power mongering Oligarchy, would DO ANYTHING to keep their power… now, it’s out in the open… they even have their killer robots now, in case the police decide to be human, they have their drones… now, they will have their TTP so that all the Oil companies can world the world, at least till it dies…choking from Co2…


Democrats have been owned by the corporate state since the Reagan Dems in the 1980s. The most right-wing president we had was Bill Clinton, who signed on to NAFTA, wiped out the Great Society branch of the New Deal, and took the first big steps to “reform” Social Security. It appears that liberals want more of this, as lib media went into overdrive to sell Hillary Clinton (who worked hard in support of the TPP). This time, the proverbial masses were successfully divided, middle class vs. the poor, so there’s not much we can do about whatever govt decides for us.


DHFabian - Joe Biden is as corrupt as the rest of them. His son, Hunter Biden, is on the board of the biggest energy company in Ukraine. Our government’s “concern” for Ukraine - their government is a criminal government and their history with Russia is very, very different than what we are being told; Crimea was a part of Russia - has a lot more to do with the energy companies and their desire to export OUR resources than any concern for the Ukrainian people. I agree with you that Hillary is bad news. So many candidates and not a good one in the bunch.
It is CORPORATE media - look at who really owns the media - not liberal/conservative media.
What I think is that both parties are extremely corrupt and we need to stop pointing fingers at each other and allowing them to get us to play the liberal versus conservative game, because we desperately need to see beyond that and come together as Americans to heal our country ASAP.


The TPP is one of the final linchpins in a plan that was set forth back in the late 1930’s as an effort to establish one all powerful fascist world govenment. I remember seeing old black and white film of a guy giving speeches to adoring crowds, telling them of his dream of eliminating all independant nations and merging them into one all encompassing entity controlling all commerce and trade.
At least that’s what I thought he was talking about. It was hard to understand some of what he said, as the tapes are very old, and the man was speaking German.
The TPP will be the realization of Hitlers most graphic wet dream. The rise of the fourth Reich and one world order will be complete. I think it goes without saying that all of you will learn to love Big Brother.


Vote for either a Democrat or a Republican and it won’t change anything. We must find intelligent people with a strong sense of morals and ethics to run to be truly our Representative. It will be hard to get rid of the greedy psychopaths in Congress now, but it can be done if we all work hard at getting a decent person to run and work our tails off to get that person elected.

Albert Einstein said, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.


I just received an email from Ron Wyden (D-OR) touting TPP’s virtues and making it a done deal.


I had put this as a reply to the article on Congress reserving the right to sandbag the treaty in Iran, but is seems appropriate here.

Help me out here, I'm a little confused.
* Congress is passing legislation giving them the right to tear apart the treaty agreement with Iran. They apparently want to go over it line by line and have the right to, for instance, continue sanctions against the nation.
* At the same time, Congress is trying to pass legislation giving the "president" the right to conclude trade agreements with no oversight, such as the ***T**oilet **P**aper **P**lan* (designed to wipe us all out) and a similar disaster on the Atlantic side.
* Since we were first being Bushwhacked, we have been at war with many small nations, millions are dead or displaced. Congress, which is constitutionally delegated the sole authority to declare war has sidestepped that to let the "president" and his warrior clan attack whomever they want.
* Now, there is a proposed treaty that might *commit peace* and they want total control to do what they want with it, regardless of the people, the rest of the government (if we really have one) or the world in general.
* What's wrong with this picture?

I cannot even understand how any government could negotiate with the 0.001% to create a plan that would surrender the lawmaking power, the various organizations that try to protect the people from adulterants to their food that may eventually kill them, etc., to corporations that could make the people and governments pay for any interruption or lessening of profits by banning these substances.

  • It is hard to believe that governments would give up their legal powers to corporate selected and run secret courts from which there is no appeal.
  • I hate to think that We the People will will just stand aside and shrug our shoulders when what little is left of our country is given away to the banksters who have already pretty well impoverished and destroyed our nation, our society and our future.
  • I would love to see the People throw out the imperial sock puppets of the 0.001%, and perhaps get rid of that nauseous pack of sewer rats that feel that everything is theirs, to eat or piss on, just like rats in a grain bin.
  • On this planet there are billions of us versus the hundred or so with billions of dollars. I think a billion people could easily overrun a billion dollars if they tried. Why don’t we?


Probably the same thing that has been wrong with him for lo these many years. Just to mention a few, he never saw a free trade agreement he didn’t love, an Israeli war crime he didn’t support and he has been calling for, i.e., sponsoring bills to promote, regime change in Iran since at least the 1990s. What’s surprising is that anyone is surprised.


We won’t know until he moves to Dubai next to Dick Cheney…


Hi chapdrum;
Clinton was voted in to stop NAFTA. But it was not his NAFTA it was started in the Reagan years as an idea for free trade with Canada. Then when Georg H. W. started to work on it morphed into including Mexico Georg H. W. did all of the negotiating and named it NAFTA. He also signed the agreement but not into law. When Clinton got it he added two things one protecting the workers and the other protecting environment.
Then signed it into law. These two things everyone ignored and a law that is not enforced ain’t worth nothing.
I agree with the rest of your comment.


What a quaint notion. The constitution has been sidelined a long time ago. Welcome to a brave new world. In this world, the pyramid of power has corporations as overlords, next come the political classes as middle management, then expendable resources called we the people.

We used to call it feudalism and endured wars, revolutions and millions of dead to overthrow it. Looks like we’ll have to do it all over again…