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Fasten Your Seatbelts, Progressives, It's Going to Be a Bumpy Night


Fasten Your Seatbelts, Progressives, It's Going to Be a Bumpy Night

Donna Smith

After of a week like this one during which a sexist, racist, white, male 70-year-old was elevated to the presidency, progressives cannot shrink from our responsibility to rise loudly and clearly in opposition to this very real threat. I have noticed this week that some of the white men around me seem emboldened to lecture me on the meaning of this week's election outcome. Please spare me the benefit of your assessment of how I should see this moment in the life of my country.


Pwr 2 the FIGHTING peons!

Pwr 2 the REBELLING peons!



Please don't make yourself sick. I think Trump was just acting to get the uneducated hillybilly/fundy vote. If this article in the Chicago Tribune is correct, Trump is already reversing himself on his most extreme positions:

Clinton, however, was about to get us into a nuclear war with the Russians and dissolve all our protective Federal Law with the TPP. Trumps election was a blessing in disguise. He won't last six months, and the Repuke Party will be so damaged, they may never come out of it.


I would call it naive. To assume Trump is just a nice guy who had to build his persona I.e. Lie in order to get elected , is very trusting of Trump with no base whatsoever.
Republicans control the government , Trump can do what he wants now.

It is the people like you who smeared Clinton and propagated this dark unsubstantiated image of hers. You helped elect Trump.


Clinton bombed seven countries. Trump has bombed no one (yet.)

Fake progressives like you who turned a blind eye to all her evil genocide by the Madame Secretary, the Queen of War, is what got us into this mess in the first place.

Are you pro World War? What the hell's the matter with you? The Clinton's repeatedly use the defensive NATO as a tool for offensive war crimes. She was going to put up dangerous no-fly zones that would ensure a global showdown with Russia and China.

The Clinton family, esp. Hillary SUPPORTED NAFTA and the madame secretary made her own dark legacy by conning 11 countries to sign the treasonous TPP which lets foreign investors sue the US government via an un-elected secret "resolution board" comprised of CEO's and other scum who Trump the US Constitution. No Judge or Senator is allowed to overrule or Amend their final unconstitutional ruling. We were going to lose all EPA and Federal Labor Law authority.

We were going to lose the last vestiges of our Democracy.

You Clinton worshipers almost took us all over the cliff.


I've been thinking much the same. The fact is, we don't have any idea what Trump will really do. His entire campaign, like is entire business life, was about winning at any cost -- say anything, do anything. Once won, then what? I think the question is, what to him constitutes "winning" now?



Trump is just like the dog who caught the car. NOw wHat?


To be a progressive or liberal or whatever else label de jour we are going to use means being for democracy and freedom, and not trying to defend any first dictator which comes to mind. Whenever you use Assad or Putin talking points you are are not getting closer to the liberal values , quite contrary you are being a tool in a dictator's stride to stay in power and refuse it to others.

I am pro war, pro just war to stop slaying innocent civilians by Russian and Assad muscle.

Where is your outrage for the repeated bombing of civilians by Putin's Air Force ? No? Silence ? You would rather conveniently hate Clinton or US in general. Guess what your hate of Clinton can retire, we are a democracy and the other party won. You can switch to hating someone else. Will the same happen with Putin? No . He is in power until it is taken away from him by force.


Why is it some citizens feel we must force fake democracy on everybody in the world or else bomb them into oblivion and give the borrowed money bill to the poor hapless American taxpayer?

Why is that?

You are pro-war, but you've never been in a war, I'll wager. Spoken like a true TV News addict. News Flash: Everything you watch on TV is untrue. Turn off the boob tube. In real life war, there are no black and white good guys and bad guys. Everyone is forced into a destructive situation that ruins everyone's lives and destroys our planet for future generations. Nothing is ever improved with a bomb. Only war-profiteers win in a war.

The first thing to die in war is the truth. Another mistake you make is in thinking I am a Liberal or on the side of the Democrats. I am not. I despise the Totalitarian Democrats and will never vote for them again. I am a Left Libertarian who recognized that Trump was less dangerous to freedom than Clinton was.

Forcing people to pay for the Oil Mobs Wars is not Freedom. Forcing people to buy a private insurance product (Obamacare) is not Freedom.

Your Larry Lightbulb understanding of Political Science is tragic. Try studying the Nolan Chart. Left-Right oversimplifications don't cut it.

Lastly, I don't care if people in the Mideastern countries don't like democracy. Don't make me pay for wars to punish them for that.


Not even a word about Russian atrocities? Why? Because you do not care about wars or people dying or any other of your demagoguery.

All you care is your taxes going into it. Guess what you will pay for Trump's wars and Trumps walls and Trumps mass deportations ( I hope you do not look like a Latino otherwise it would be double ironic) whether you like it or not. This is the deal of the democracy . You did not vote or advocated for "purity" (whatever it is) ? Tough luck you got Trump. Enjoy your superity ... and pay.


The Russians wouldn't be bombing the middle east if Clinton as Secretary of State hadn't first bombed Libya civilians and then shipped weapons from Libya to Syria via Turkey and gave them to both ISIS and al Qeida terrorists. That's probably how she got the US Ambassador killed at the US Embassy.

I don't care about Russian Atrocities in Syria. Clinton invited them to the genocide party she had already started. I care about American lives and prosperity. That one crazy woman destabilized the entire Middle East. She had to go. I don't want another ten year war in Syria like I had to fight in Iraq.

But you armchair TV analysts, who have never even been over there, seem to know everything don't you? CNN told you so.


I'd love to be a fly on the wall when T is alone.


Thank you very much , I appreciate your honesty.


We have a climate denier as president and that's terrifying. It's time to mobilize our entire country to reverse global warming. If you agree consider signing our pledge at The Climate Mobilization .org


"After of a week like this one during which a sexist, racist, white, male 70-year-old was elevated to the presidency, progressives cannot shrink from our responsibility to rise loudly and clearly in opposition to this very real threat."

Donna! Snap out of the mass hysteria mode and admit that the nomination of Queen Hillary was every bit as responsible for the Trump victory as "sexism", "racism", and Trump's Caucasian heritage.
Queen Hillary who had a huge pile of cash to spend on her campaign and the near unanimous support of the mass media who portrayed her opponent as the obtuse and oafish character that he was (and maybe still is--or was that all an act to garner zillions of dollars worth of free publicity?) and still she couldn't convince enough people in key states to vote or her to win the election.
Queen Hillary who used her office as Secretary of Sate to fund her and Bill's foundation in a "pay to play" extortion scheme.
Queen Hillary who got paid outrageous sums for her to bloviate to Wall Street bankers and then refuse to allow anyone to know what it was she said to justify earning such a handsome speaking fee.
Queen Hillary whose campaign used every dirty trick imaginable to scuttle an honest progressive opposition in the person of Bernie Sanders and who subsequently (with a big assist from Barack Obama) managed to compel him to endorse, support, and even raise money for her campaign.
Queen Hillary whose chief qualification was having two x chromosomes and the last name of a former president and not much else going for her.
The US electorate has shown that such is not enough to get such a "yallar dawg" candidate an election victory. Instead of pledging your undying opposition to Donald Trump, you and the PDA should proclaim what makes you different from the pretend Democratic opposition so typified by the DLC and the likes of those who currently control the party apparatus.
You could start by opposing that pretend progressive Democrat, Dr. Howard Dean MD, who wants to be party chairman.
Howie had his chance and (like fellow Vermonter Bernie Sanders) blew it. Wish him well and reject such a schlemiel.