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Fate of Vermont's Historic GMO-Labeling Law in US Senate's Hands


Fate of Vermont's Historic GMO-Labeling Law in US Senate's Hands

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Gee- who is connected to Monsanto?
Who accepts money from foreign countries with record of human rights violations- especially towards women and gays?
Regarding the long awaited FBI interview:
‘Voluntarily’ right- as opposed to being frisked, cuffed and transported?
‘Review’ right- except the FBI doesn’t do reviews- they do INVESTIGATIONS or more specifically CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS!
Liar, liar pants suit on fire…

Granddaughters first words allegedly ‘Crooked Grandma’

By the way David Brock- head of 2 Hillary superpacs, the man who verbally raped Anita Hill, former GOP dirty tricks hitman now working for Clinton- has his paid trolls blasting away on social media. The spin is amazing. Today Uncle Tom Booker and Sherrod The Occasional Progressive Brown are trying to explain what this really means.

Wonder how those polling numbers will look next week.
SHAME on the Democratic Party for nominating such a terrible candidate.
You know we didn’t buy it in '08 and we ain’t buying it in '16.

Bernie- start vetting your VP list. (like Tulsi Gabbard)

As Yogi said: ‘It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over’


Call your senators. I did this week. Even if they voted for the compromise.

Wake up their consciences, that is if they have any. (Here in MO. both Blunt and McCaskill voted for the compromise. Both big Monsanto money takers.)


That is in the US.
Now look at Russia by comparison. Free of US corporate pressure unlike the Europeans, she has passed, I believe it was last Friday, a law prohibiting GMOs altogether.
See: http://thedailycoin.org/2016/06/30/black-friday-for-gmo-in-russia/

Not only that the sanctions by the west have triggered a rebirth in Russia’s self sufficiency and combined with her own retaliatory sanctions strengthened her agricultural industry, to the degree, that she has already surpassed the US on wheat exports, but more is to come in the next few years.
See: http://www.williamengdahl.com/englishNEO15June2016.php

Not only will these products be GMO free, but also organic, due to the high fertility of these newly re-activated lands:


A preview of what life under TPP and TTIP will be like ?


And AR is such a gorgeous state minus the Tyson torture chambers.

I had hoped that McCaskill would show some moral fiber but it was not to be. Hopefully out she goes, same with Blunt.


When corrupt politicians and government wants to shift the responsibility, they claim “states rights” - when they want to overturn “states rights” they don’t like they claim federal oversight…bottom line is corporate campaign-contribution bribes buy influence and whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…big-money corporate influence profits and power that is…they say you can’t have it both ways, but these corrupt SOB’s do…


It should be noted that even Bernie Sanders offered up a tacit endorsement of GMOs during his campaign in the corn state,Iowa, when he announced his support of bio-fuel ethanol. Aside from all of the issues regarding ethanol production being a less than efficient source of BTU’s, it’s enormous impact upon aquifers and their depletion, its contribution to groundwater/river/lake/ocean pollution, nearly all of the bio-fuel corn crop, 94%, is genetically modified. Bernie’s decision to do so was a bitter disappointment, as with this endorsement he gave his lateral sanction to not only GMO’s, but also to the ridiculous system of farm subsidies that lend the false notion of economic viability and profitability to ethanol, as well as his apparent approval of one of the most environmentally destructive uses of precious and increasingly rarer agricultural land. That Bernie’s digital campaign was being managed by Revolution Messaging, among whose clients include Fuels America—an industry front organization for Dupont, Monsanto, ADM, Novozymes, and more…, I’m sure had little impact on Bernie’s decision.
Of course Bernie did mount a tepid defense of labeling last Wednesday evening, so there is that. However, that didn’t last too long as Bernie soon fell back into Democratic line after Senator Chuck Schumer stepped in.
Here’s to his ‘revolution’.
Time is running out to get Dr Stein on all state ballots



No, endorsing an alternative fuel is not endorsing GMO’s.

You lie like a politician.


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Would you prefer I said you were dissembling, liar?

Funny, I see no requirement that ethanol has to be made from GMO corn. Perhaps you could provide a link?


The so-called compromise is so much more complicated and puts all of the onus on the buyer when the Vermont law offers a simple and elegant solution. Plus, the Roberts-Stabenow legislation requires someone to have a cell phone - granted they are numerous but not everyone has one.

The fed legislation is no so much a bipartisan compromise as a simple giveaway to corporations by our two corporate parties.


Heres the facts remember when Hillary early in the primaries had the dancing female Senators support her. All of those supported the original dark act… It has been reported thatThe co sponsor Sabano biggest contributor is Monsanto . Clintons campaign manager was tied to Monsanto. The Queen of corporate democrats is telling the people "Let them eat cake’…of course the politicians will just go to Whole foods. The Senator from Mi. the same place where inner city kids are being poisoned by lead in the water should be called out for this racist by effect legislation…disgusting…


It require a smart phone and even the FDA commented it is worthless legislation. Do you really think this will equally impact intercity kids?


I have always been suspicious of GMO’s as a long term way to cull the herd. My adult son says they aren’t trying to kill you they just don’t care if you die. But as hard as Clinton and Obama have fought for them all over the world, I’m not so sure.
The elite are into eugenics and think there are far to many of us to control. So why wouldn’t they be happy about something that would do it over time and feed the health and pharmaceutical companies too?
Monsanto the poison manufacturers are now in Our food business. The sound of it doesn’t even make sense but like climate science, many are willing to ignore the science on GMO’s and push it down our throats, literally.
Both Senators Dem and Repub in Colorado voted for the new sham law. I’m furious. They have received multiple complaints from me over this crap.
Of course it would be Bernie’s state that get’s it pushed through. Imagine if he was our President.


In that case, Might be good to go ahead visualize them as president and vice all the way. Drop the elect bit…just sayin


So, no GMO requirement ergo no tacit endorsement of GMO’s.

Thanks for making my point, liar.


Wow: Tulsi Gabbard. a neat idea!


Ok so as for GMO corn. Sanders endorsed the ethnol from Iowa corn in 2011. The hope was to move away from fossil fuel dependency. Which ethanol is not the ideal, yet better than petroleum for so many reasons if I had to go into each item, (war anyone?) the point would be mute to those who needed an explanation. ipso facto, petroleum sucks. Further, few people gave a fig about GMO support in 2011, especially Washington. Scientist had dismissed and convinced leaders to dismiss, concerns about their use. Over time we have made some progress on that front though it is still a battle. Having the senator support and implement the first GMO labeling bill in the US is a good measure of success. I’d like him to outlaw GMO seeds all together, but we should get him a bulletproof polyester suit first.


Gosh liar, you seem offended in being called out on your lie, and are still pretending endorsing an alternative fuel is a ‘tacit’ endorsement of GMO’s.

Tell you what, you stop lying and I’ll stop pointing out your lies.