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Fauci Admits Penchant for Facts About Covid-19 Threat Explains Why He's Not on TV So Much Anymore

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/fauci-admits-penchant-facts-about-covid-19-threat-explains-why-hes-not-tv-so-much


Reality is anathema to the “reality” TV star presidunce.


Television is the perfect medium for fantasy, not facts. .

We have, indeed, amused ourselves to literal death. When we elected Ronald Reagan, an actor, whose only ability was to make people forget reality and pretend it was all unicorns and rainbows.
It was a short step from Reagan to Donald Trump, another actor and all around criminal with zero experience in politics.
Now the governors of border states are feeling the pressure of the continued border closure with Canada. They’ve signed a letter to Trudeau begging for it to be opened. Premier Ford of Ontario basically told them it won’t happen until the US gets its house in order, controls the viral spread, and deal with facts.
Dr. Fauci, hang in there. You’re our last defense against the hordes of ostriches who want it all to just go away. Last news item I heard this evening was zoonotic diseases will explode in the near future, what with climate change, too high a human population crowding into the last open areas of Gaia, and wildlife struggling to survive people. We will not return to normal. That’s as dead and gone as the 50’s.


Facts requires quotes. Doctors are as trustworthy has used car salesmen. Look at their pompous arrogant history, they have been wrong at every moment while simultaneously laying claim to knowing everything. Fauci is an establishment pseudo intellectual. Not your friend. Not on your side. Will say anything for more attention.

Do you believe that Trump, who does not have a medical degree, is somehow more credible than Dr. Fauci?


Hi sekhmetsdaughter:
Oh what a fix America is in with 2 awful choices for president. There’s the Iying idiot Trump, and I am much afraid that Biden’s brain wiII go into the Reagan zone and stay. It was said about how Reagan would be at a meeting where discussions of worId events were being discussed and Reagan would taIk about his movie rotes.
It is very sad when even back in Reagan’s time, and it was cIear to the people around him the Reagan’s brain was gone—and yet that government did and said nothing… and wasn’t Reagan the one that said" here we go again" aII the time? The universe at times has a perverse sense of humor!


You miss football right ?


Is there a reason, ReasonBowl, that you wear a tinfoil bowl on your head?

Asking for a friend.


Before another round of anti sentiment for Biden starts, let me suggest that trump is the unadulterated enemy of the people, of truth, and a danger to the rest of the world. I wish I could get published on this topic.
Whether it is Biden or someone else, we may not be able to swim our way out of the lawlessness of the trumpenstein era.
I’m going to start praying for something drastic to happen to save us.


We are in danger until he is escorted out of the Oval Office and back to wherever he is a legal resident. At the same time, the sheer inanity makes me wonder yet again if this is act three of the theatre of the absurd. (Not COVID, trump and his clown show)


And that paranoia he has about no one loving him? The fact that not a single family member has drugged him and dragged him out of the White House to save him monumental embarrassment is proof that no one loves him, including his children and certainly not his wife.


Ha ha ha hahahahahhahahahhhahahahhha ha.

Trump may be deranged, but don’t put Fauci on a pedestal. The world is not black and white. Do some research on the matter: xxhttp://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55324.htm. Those who think that Bill Gates is the epitome of morality, and are unaware of the extensive connections between these men and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry, with many other players involved, shouldn’t just parrot what passes for “politically correct.” And please don’t shame me and trash my character at least until after you’ve read the above article. Otherwise, just repeating the “Trump bad, Fauci good” routine is a bit too simplistic for the times in which we live.


Well said. Healthy skepticism of Fauci is warranted, especially if the MSM has deemed him the “favorite son.”

James Corbett has done an interesting series on Gates, and the vaccine brigade. Worth watching.


Now we are passing a hard time. Covid 19 Spread in the whole world do have to make awareness in the common people

I agree. Since this is the biggest “thing” since 9/11 and will “forever change” society “as we know it” like that incident did, I have been educating myself about viruses and germ theory, etc. to the extent that a layperson can to examine holes in the narrative and inconsistencies about what we are being told. There is debate among immunologists about some things. I’ll be highly suspicious of a vaccine that is “miraculously” created by fall or in 2021 or in two years or five since this virus is still confounding experts and there is continuing disagreement about how it infects and the progression of the virus in the body and the invasiveness in all the various organ systems. The most striking thing about the lethality of the virus is what it says about our inadequate health system, our poor health habits, our lack of support for each other as humans (as in wearing a simple mask to keep each other safe), and our inability to learn from recent past mistakes. We should not be in a position of, once again, running low on personal protection equipment for health care providers and first responders. That falls right on trump’s head and his inability to lead and/or surround himself with competent staff. Deplorable state of affairs.


It was not long ago that Fauci went on national tv and admitted to knowingly lying about the effectiveness of masks in preventing covid infection.
His “reputation of truthtelling” is only courtesy of the professional liars in the MSN.
Jimmy Dore recently did a piece on it.


It’s not like we don’t get an ample amount of reporting and expert analysis on this pandemic without Fauci in the limelight. And lots of that reporting and analysis is speculation and conjecture, which, sadly, I’ve seen parroted in this forum as fact, alongside armchair prescriptions of treatments.

Your predictions, your conjectures, are not facts.

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“Penchant for facts about Covid” - translation: trump is a malignant force for fantasy and deceit and overt lies right out of Cloud Cuckoo Land.
As some have written and intimidated here, the political power of the for-profit big-pharma lobby, and the number of complicit utterly corrupt politicians vast, their influence goes very far - taxpayers pay for R&D but then forced to pay exorbitant and obscene costs to those parasites - or die. That last truth will be seen in millions/billions if and when there is a vaccine for Covid; yet another reason for Universal single=payer and the death of the power of Big-Pharma and the predatory middleman insurance parasites!
Glad we have great leaders who are committed to that Common Good direction…right…


I always liked the expression that it is unnecessary to believe in the ocean in order to get wet when you jump in. In spite of the fact that covid-19 is world wide, that the experts agree how dangerous and contagious it is, and that we all may know someone who has gotten it or worse died from it…in spite of all that there are some people in the world following reality stars over honest experts like Fauci and have to actually get the virus themselves in order to believe it exists. We all live and die by our decisions.