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Fauci Warns Pre-Pandemic Normalcy Not Likely Until 'Well Into' or 'Towards the End of 2021'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/fauci-warns-pre-pandemic-normalcy-not-likely-until-well-or-towards-end-2021

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Science ain’t easy. Neither is truth telling.


Hi WiseOwl:
Trump says he’s ," Rounding the turn…" LOL but -----still he goes in circles. : )


Cognitive dissonance personified.


And Trump holds rally’s counter to the advice of his own adminstration??? Trump and Barr gunning down people on the left---------what is Trump doing ??? Why as president is Trump so bent on creating Chaos-----???—it’s not in his interest???

It’s a trip—I am watching a video with the Oxford police------they are at a house party------and officer runs the ID of the kid having the party----by running the ID the officer sees that he tested positive for the virus a week ago—CBSN on utube.

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… He reminds me of Brad Pitt…

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One of those little coincidences: Astra Zeneca, the company running tests of the Cambridge Vaccine – now halted due to signs of incipient spinal myelitis (multiple sclerosis, that is) – is the same company whose name belongs to one of the most toxic non-superfund sites in the world: the Astra Zeneca site, near Richmond’s shoreside dog park (locals: please don’t let your dogs swim in that channel!) Over this swamp, exotic poisons were developed, manufactured, and spilled all over the place, starting more than 100 years ago. Now Richmond developers seek to just pave it all over, rather than clean it up, then build housing out there on top of that supertoxic mess. No digging, please!

Meanwhile, these same corporate paragons are announcing in a public news conference the halt of Cambridge Vaccine stage 3 trials, while simultaneously holding a private call with investors, in which a little more information (such as the MS angle) was disclosed. The people we’re looking to for a vaccine just happen to be the exact same shady operators, pursuing the exact same shady operations, as those which fouled the bay coastline out here in Richmond, CA. Isn’t that special?


It is just about 8 PM here.
Expecting Fauci to be fired within an hour.


It seems it’s his only way to keep all the crazies together in his camp.

They thrive on that shit.


Who’s brad pitt?

I’m not sure how genuine this is but then, how genuine is anything these days;


Will he hear about it before fox news?

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Fauci is politically compromised. I no longer believe a word he says.


Let me be the first to state, without reservation, that I do not trust Anthony Fauci. No, I am not a Trump supporter, I’m an informed citizen who does not believe in the idea of a safe and effective CV19 vaccine, do not trust those (like Fauci) who insist that it is the only hope to deal with the virus, recall quite clearly that his statements and predictions have been conflicting and dramatically wrong, and do not believe that putting untold numbers of people out of work, and small businesses out of business, is an effective way to deal with the virus. The effects of the lockdowns on containing the virus are very much arguable, but the effects on people’s lives are enormous, and irreversible. So tear into me, I don’t care, I’m sick of the group think, the fear mongering and the blind trust in the pharmaceutical industry and people with major financial ties to that industry like Fauci, Bill Gates, and the well-paid CEOs of the companies “racing” to save us all from a virus.


Pre-pandemic normalcy is now making its way into Europe rather quickly. For example, people are still holding on to their masks in their pockets but they’re talking without masks from a 6 foot social distance, because that works and it’s socially acceptable.

The U.S. has mass death gatherings of faithful Donald Trump supporters, also mass death gatherings of the Evangelical faithful. Not everybody dies, aren’t they lucky!

The U.S. has millions of people who are sometimes officially deportable and sometimes they want political asylum from death but they get literally kidnapped (if they’re kids), held incommunicado in private hotel rooms by their paid kidnappers and deported to their deaths anyway. So, we have a large population of people terrified for the physical safety of some of their family members. The pandemic spreads through this particular group rather badly, and that’s why testing and tracing is too often failing. The political establishment, officially in the name of the people and unofficially in the name of the fabulously wealthy, has chosen death.

Occasionally one of the fabulously wealthy pays his fair share of taxes. Herman Cain was worth $10 million. He paid up on July 30. That’s the thing about a pandemic. We all can pay up. Wealth doesn’t insulate you from your servants and you can’t spend your $10 million in the grave.


Thank you for your candor. Very refreshing.

Fauci is obviously as phony as a three dollar bill. The idea that he represents the truth, that he (as opposed to rumpdump) has integrity, that he is a white-smocked expert with gravitas, is absurd. He’s just another ratfucker… paid to ratfuck the people into giving away what is left of their civil liberties.

And let’s be candid. Fauci is 100% on the same team as rumpdump and barr and Mnuchin… the same team of sick ratfuckers that conspired with transnational corporate overlords to take down America. The chaos is a smokescreen. Amid the chaos, the heist continues, systematically and methodically.

Mandatory vaccinations are only part of the plan. Covid is a pretext for enslaving humanity… for reducing humanity to batteries and drones in a totalitarian grid… where all life’s necessities are permanently dependent on the parasites who designed the grid… where no one passes without paying tribute, every step, to Caesar and his class of degenerate rentiers.


Americans, unaccustomed to truth, will be suspicious.

Dr. Fauci is a fine example of how to share expertise and solidly stand by it. All the cowards who secretly desire to stand up to Trump and his bullies need to take a lesson on integrity from Dr. Fauci and realize it can be done.


Polio is a virus.
We had behavior changes in our everyday lives
to help avoid this dread disease.
And - Later in their life, the polio victims had all the bad physical effects return.

This is why I am very wary of those who tell us that children have some great
resistance to covid19. Maybe today, but what about 20 years from now, 40 years or 60 years.
And our young people socializing without care? Pray it ain’t so, Joe.


Fauci works for the rump administration. He is saying what rump’s handlers want him to say. Nobody goes off-script in rumpdumpland.

Fauci has zero integrity. He is a stuffed shirt playing a part in the DC theater.