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Fauci Warns Pre-Pandemic Normalcy Not Likely Until 'Well Into' or 'Towards the End of 2021'

Thank you.

Fauci insists that the only ‘solution’ to the CV situation is administering a vaccine to the entire world population. Right there, I stop believing in him and his integrity. I’m not talking masks, social distancing, lockdowns or anything else - I’m talking about that claim.

No, I do not think that vaccinating the entire world population, with unproven and barely tested chemicals, and new RNA/DNA experimental vaccines, is any kind of realistic solution. And about half of the world’s population, or at least in most countries, say they would refuse such a vaccination.

What then, force people to get the shot? Why would this not cause concern? And who is going to profit off it all? If the virus is a threat to humanity, why are we still operating under the profit motive?

No, I do not trust Anthony Fauci, period.