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Faulting EPA, Green Leaders Warn Obama: Bees Running Out of Time


Faulting EPA, Green Leaders Warn Obama: Bees Running Out of Time

They speak for the bees.

In a letter destined for President Obama on Thursday, eleven of the nation's top environmental and public health advocacy groups, representing millions of Americans, are demanding the administration take much stronger and swifter action to end the perilous situation of the nation's most prolific pollinators, most prominently the honey bee, caused by the widespread use of neonicotinoids, a dangerous class of pesticide.


but the billionaires are immortal, they dont need food air or water, they live solely on money

so please, stop this reactionary nonsense


Analogies to Mother Nature having again reached her ‘due date’ giving birth to ‘humanity’ seem increasingly apt. The electro-magnetic-biochemical autonomic cosmos systems that inform 100% of life, are not deaf dumb and blind but rather the encyclopedia for sensory resonance learning. Birds do it, bees do it, even fleas and plants do it with the air, water, fire and earth. Time for domination, extractive, industrial monetary systems to undergo the instantaneous evolutionary leap to realize that whatever placental role it might have played, the placental water has already broken. Doctor Mind is poised to deliver her life changing stage-specific sting slaps. Lungs are filling with the maturation of fearless, loving humanity delighting in listening for and to what it has ignored for


Sadly, one must always be aware that when potential loss of profits is concerned, the Oilagarchy is always happy to toss a few hundred million to their hirees in the government and judiciary to protect their interests. We the People in our hundreds of millions or billions, and our concerns, are of no account and are probably not even included in the equation.

  • But, we’ve got to keep trying. We may die trying, but we’ll certainly die if we don’t.


This is just one more way that “free markets” utterly fail to assign value to what is genuinely valuable (like life), while assigning high value to utter rubbish.


Until the human race really learns to apply the precautionary principle it will continue to plod/plunge to an early death. The silly discussions of so-called moral issues (as in who is doing who) detract greatly from the real moral issues at hand, such as how do we create a world that is sustainable for the maximum duration. So much brilliance in our species is obfuscated by the greedy tactics of such a small percent of the population. Sad, truly sad.


So typical of Obama to voice concern about pesticides and pollinators, and then do nada, zip, bupkis, as our society and planet continue to circle the drain-hole. It’s amazing that some folks still pretend to be impressed with his spellbinding oratory.

It’s the same story whether the issue is pollinators, global warming, civil rights, or world peace - another performance worthy of a Nobel Prize for towering hypocrisy.


Between bees and life and money, for the patriarchal minions, money is all. And death.


It is mind boggling to me to see my state of California is still spraying roadsides on all our highways and byways. Even within city limits city and county wide MONSANTO roundup is vigorously and forcefully sprayed bought and paid for by the taxpayers.


“will have devastating impacts on our food, ecosystems, and economic wellbeing.” Economic well being is the line that should get them. The only thing that our corporate controlled government cares about is making more money for rich people. They could care less about the destruction of the bees, unless it will cost the people that they represent money.


Sometimes agencies get in a rut, repeating the same behaviors without really considering whether they are useful or even needed anymore (much less actually harmful). This might indicate the need for more careful periodic review at the managerial level when budgets are created.


The bees are very, very beneficial, in many, many more ways than one, and if they become extinct, it will spell disaster, for sure.


People don’t think, they do not like to think. I brought up this article to a co worker today. She barely made a reaction… and went on texting… some of my co workers get it… .a couple… it is mind boggling… it is hard for me some days to just go to work. I have to really work at being positive… at functioning… I have days that I get passionate and can go about my day, because … the motivation from that passion, carries me through… but some times… I’m… flat… foggy… stale… when I feel like nothing is being done of any significance… I fight that… but, sometimes, I have to give in for just a bit… then, I pick my self up, dust my self off and start all over again… I have just begun with a Green party chapter in my area… I am learning a lot about how a party works… I am not sure this will help me feel more connected, or like I am doing more… but, we will see.


They will care when they are hungry… which, for the rich may not be for while… but, those who do not have food, will not go quietly…


I try, I really do try, to give out education about these types of things … and ENGAGE PEOPLE… that needs to be done on a regular basis… I know it can be difficult… but there are people who do not read much and they do not go on sites like this… I do not really care if I talked to strangers… and I connect with others in a way that is accepted… I try to be careful, not over stepping my bounds… but the more we ENGAGE… THE BETTER… I also call the white house comment line a few times a month, maybe a little less… today, I called with a jobs program… give out land grants, like in the pioneer days… five acres or so a piece for people to do organic farms… size can vary… this could be the next revolution… transform our food supply…using less … alot less fossil fuels…


well said


Actually more than well said…your most inspiring heart shines through your most truithful words

infinite blessings to you yours and all that may be graced by your being


That’s because an awful lot of people are willfully ignorant and do not want to face facts. I have to admit, that as a very physically active woman, however, I could not/would not go the vegetarian route, but I’d be willing to eat even more fish that’re chock-full of Omega-3 fatty acids (which, btw, are very beneficial, proof that not all fats are bad for people!), and even less red meat and/or poultry than I already do.