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Faux-Populist Trump Wages War on Labor Movement


Faux-Populist Trump Wages War on Labor Movement

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump, a supposedly populist candidate who rose to power on promises made to frustrated American workers, has now seemingly launched what Politico is describing as an outright "war on unions."


Trump is the poster boy for just about everything wrong with the US.


I am with Chuck Jones and all workers and people seeking a just fair society!
Discerning people of good conscience and honesty, can see the truth in a persons face and expressions, in their words, and past history - look at Jones’face and then Trumps… Trump is an open book of pathology and deceit, for any that care enough to look past the lies - the divisive racist rhetoric, financial usury, contempt for the “little guy and gal” - ignorance and environmental contempt - he is a depraved creature of vulture capitalism and the wage-interest slavery reality he espouses - exploitation of others and the “art of the deal” - a perverted, greed-driven, and I will say insane, unsustainable viewpoint of life on Earth - a person of low moral character and champion of an economic system that has gone beyond all bounds of decency and The Founders vision of “Common Good”.

The Trump regime is formed Of, By, and FOR the 1%, the usurers and arrogant, the greed-driven arrogant and extremists that use the 99% for their own advantage and profit!

"Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men: Therefore the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity and happiness require it" - John Adams


Roseann DeMoro: " they want to do away with democracy."

Politico: " A war on unions".

January 20,2017 looks to me like a domestic Pearl Harbor where the average U.S. citizen and unions will have to declare a non-violent war on the incoming, totalitarian regime!

January 20,2017. Like 12/07/41.
The day America was attacked not from a foreign country; but from domestic terrorists inside it’s own government!



DeMoro is a little behind the curve. “THEY” already did away with democracy during Saint Ronny’s Revolution and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation more than three decades ago.

Today “they want to do away with” the middle class. Their vision is neofeudalism whereby the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.

11/9/16, the day Trump attained 270 electoral votes is actually the day that will live in infamy. Since most of the world (unlike the US) uses the day, rather than the month fist in identifying dates, the day that will live in infamy was 9/11/16 in most of the world.



" To reform, alter, or totally change ( the Trump regime) when their protection, safety, prosperity and happiness require it."

Prescient and perspicacious words from John Adams.

We are looking at that time now! That Mr. Adams wrote about so long ago. It is required now!


No doubt about it! " DeMoro is a little behind the curve."


Trump might help unite the American working class and ironically contribute to reawakening of the 1920’s style unionization movements.


Well, if nothing else, true or not, it is nice to hear some positive Trump news.


I think you are correct. And there will be widespread reaction. Trump voters will eventually wake up to Mango taking them from behind. That will be interesting, but many/most will deny it, just as they deny science and assert that Drumpf never lies.


And they should not have to wait four years to do it!


Inform Organize Unionize Strike

It Works


Recall the troglodyte at Stanford who attempted to rape a drunken semi-conscious young women behind a dumpster? He basically walked because a misogynist judge likened his behavior to frat boy antics and drug-fueled bad judgment. Plus, a harsh sentence would have made it almost impossible for him to get that dream job in Silicon Valley, as well. Does this remind you of a certain person who ran beauty pageants and was a creeper-peeper. A man who saw an opportunity and seized it, so to speak.


Been thinking along the same lines. Must be others who are also thinking along this line…

Here is a list of Labor Unions in the USA to contact and ask if you can join–why not??:

Also, consider the fighting union, the I.W.W.


Yes, agreed and this would be the Gandhian total non cooperation.


I suspect that this may well be the reason for the women’s march on Jan 21.


It’s interesting how much of the voting working class in 2016 exhibited enough perspicacity in avoiding the neoliberal but then reverted to the appearance of being nothing more than troglodytes when it came to Trump. After all, Trump’s corruption was known. Some have said that they liked him because he was not a ‘politician’. OK, fair enough: A statesman is always preferable.


Trump not a corrupt politician? Very true, because Trump has been and is…A CORRUPT BUSINESSMAN!


We progressives desperately need another Gandhi to lead us in the dark times ahead. But he would need his own secret service for protection; otherwise in my view, what happened to JFK,MLK,RFK, and others like Wellstone, would probably happen to an American Gandhi. Remember Gandhi was also assassinated.


And, as he is amply demonstrating already, he will continue as a corrupt businessman since the USA will be treated as his personal family business!