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'Favoring Capitalist Interests Above All Else,' Europe's Parliament Backs TTIP


'Favoring Capitalist Interests Above All Else,' Europe's Parliament Backs TTIP

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) on Wednesday passed a resolution on the pending trade deal between Europe and the United States, backing a controversial provision that critics warn places corporate profits above the health and safety of the people and puts the continent's fragile democracy at great risk.

Despite clear disagreement within European Parliament (EP) over the inclusion of a modified version of the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision, MEPs voted 436-241 in favor of a draft text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


The EU could decide the TPP issue democratically with a Greek style referendum.


At one of the US War Colleges training South American military, the discussion was on Command Decisions. One young Naval Lieutenant recounted being at sea in his Minesweeper when a message came in:

  • “There is a revolution going on in the Capitol. Which side are you on?”
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears the battle lines have been drawn between the Oligarchy and its Banksters, and We the People of the World.
  • Which side are you on?


Like the democratic fast track process?


The fast track deal that was railroaded in behind closed doors after the US House of Representatives failed to approve it ?


That was democracy at work?


And what would you do as an alternative?

Listening to conversations on here is like a school yard where people simply toss around tired name calling. Capitalist! Corporation! THe West!

Never does it include discussions about the effects of climate change on overpopulation.

Climate change exists in this bubble on Commondreams. Yes, it is real. But it has nothing to do with actual events in reality. That is all the fault of Capitalist The West Corporations!!!

And overpopulation doesn’t exist at all on Commondreams because that would mean questioning all sorts of assumptions about their religious beliefs, their idea that breeding is not the problem, just profit sharing. And of course, it would mean taking a look in the mirror.

it’s not just corporations. It’s not just The West. And until you present a logical alternative to trade using money, you’re just calling people names.


Nothing trumps the Jesus and Mary, the Allah and Yahweh Lobby. They all love children so much they slaughter, starve and abuse millions of them every year. The death clock will resemble the debt clock in another decade rolling up 1s, 10s and 100s faster than the eye can see and the brain process. So it goes…


Seems democracy as it is, is getting a bad name among the people it is suppose to represent.
Perhaps we should have taken a clue from something James Madison said over 200 years ago:

“The constitutional system was originally designed “to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority,” in the words of the leading framer, James Madison. Political power, he explained, must be in the hands of “the wealth of the nation,” men who can be trusted to “secure the permanent interests of the country”—the rights of the propertied—and to defend these interests against the “leveling spirit” of the general public. If the public were allowed to participate freely in elections, Madison warned his colleagues, their “leveling spirit” might lead to measures to improve the conditions of those who “labor under all the hardships of life, and secretly sigh for a more equal distribution of its blessings.” Agrarian reform was the primary threat that Madison perceived; by now, it is much broader.” - Noam Chomsky ( Voting Patterns and Abstentions, Z Magazine, February, 2001).


JonnyJames you sound like an educated man but if you don’ know by now that the corporations rule the world
and think the Europeans are the answer for this and suggest a lot of things for them to do to fix this. It is going to take all the countries to put corporations in their proper place with regulations and laws.


When this issue comes to the US Congress for approval if the clause is included unchanged the Congress should reprimand Obama for agreeing to it and reject the thing as a whole. He promised us that this would not happen. Just call his bluff and the bluff of all the billionaires and banks


I, personally, have had it with the financial elite, and feel that they are largely responsible for the bad
times that the world has fallen into. These self-serving clods are in no ways superior to the general
population, and the time has come to greatly reduce their effect on our function and welfare. They
are the unnecessary garbage piled up after generations of political neglect in keeping our house in
order. Throw the bums out, all of them, and we’ll be able to correct our own untenable situation.


Yep, that’s the one!


I spent an hour or so on the net, tracking down a comment I had read about the GMOs and sterility and other problems in rats and hamsters.

  • There are a great number of studies on the subject, all with similar results. As a result, researchers have lost their jobs, their labs and papers have been burnt, they are blacklisted.
  • Apparently it takes about three generations of Hamsters and at least two in rats before the problems really show up. However, the second generation starts having lower birth rates, there is an increase in birth defects and stillbirths. After around the third generation, very few can breed and they have small and stunted litters. Life expectancy drops.
  • Other studies show that the result of all these “Roundup Ready” crops, and the use of Roundup is sterilizing the soil. Eventually, you cannot grow crops in it.
  • The 0.001% has been griping about overpopulation for a long time. Many have said that the population should be reduced by about six billion, so the serfs will not be using up so much of their resources.
  • If these studies are correct, they have solved the problem. If all we can eat is GMO, then in, say sixty or seventy years, all that will be left of the human race is a handful of sickly people.
  • I’m sure the 0.001% have non-GMO foods, grown in protected and filtered areas that will give them healthy food as long as needed.
  • https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Study+on+GMOs+and+rat+sterility
  • This will open up about 79,600 articles on the subject. Just work down the list as far as your stomach will allow.
  • Ghastly!


The best money can buy which means none. We are all very close to a world wide fascist regime with the only hold outs being countries being run by megalomaniacs. Sweet. When you think of free societies you don’t jump to North Korea or the Middle East.


discover, we are all Poed and frustrated as hell. It’s not human nature, whatever it is we think we know of it, to accept being exploited, exploited, exploited, exploited. But a major tool of exploitation is… P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A…which is intended to dilute rational thinking and reasoning. And kill hope and expectations.

You asked…And what would you do as an alternative? Rule#1: You do not replace a cancer…you REMOVE a cancer. Solutions that don’t cause the economic and financial slavery that the present ‘system’ dictates as necessary need only one barrier to overcome. Propaganda. It takes a lot more to implement the evil policies. The secrecy, the buying and bribing, the necessary lying and the never ending follow up lies. Capitalism, corporations, economic and monetary systems have been used as tools by exploiters. Of course in their heart of hearts they are just being ‘Free Marketers’, thus making propaganda a moral comfort blanket for those exploiters. Sources of power that live off others. A cooperative species can not survive with such an amoral, irrational and exploitative behavior. We either change it or we all disappear. And don’t kid yourself into believing the ‘only’ functioning system just so happens to be the one that exploited and enslaved humanity for so long. That doesn’t even reach the level of a cartoon. But it is propaganda.


I haven’t had time to thoroughly research this, but Mr. Chomsky seems to have taken a warning by Madison that this could happen if the people were not vigilant and turned it around into a position paper.

  • This tactic is dishonest, but not unknown.


Could and ‘did’ happen. Chomsky has given many talks and articles, just as the ‘Z’ piece by BuddhaNature that you so conspiratorially reference, about the topic of ‘Madisonian democracy’, and has done so for decades. BuddhaNature was quite accurate is showing how relevant Madison’s words are from then up to the present. I realize you were born post 1990 but, good god, we are in the IT era. You have to ‘research’ that Chomsky was not some 20 something blogger in 2001 trying to pay off his student loans by pilfering ideas from James Madison?? By the way, where did you ever get that idea about…never mind. Just don’t get caught.

By the way, the question you presented in a previous comment to the same CD article in which you asked…‘Which side are you on?’… was a labor ralling cry by coal miners and their families in this country during the 1930’s and beyond. Eh…you weren’t trying to ‘turn that around’ into a position paper, were you?


Well, I was born in the 1930s, grew up during the war and I have watched what has happened to this country. It is no longer a Constitutional Republic. When I was a young fellow, we were taught about the government and its functions, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. We read and studied from the works of Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Franklin, Paine, etc. Even Hamilton!

  • What you get when you ask a “modern” school age child a question on any of the above is a blank stare. They don’t even recognize the names and have no idea of the Constitution, of what they have lost, but boy can they play those games on their dumb “smart phones”!
  • What I was trying to find was the particular comment attributed to Madison in that Chomsky reference. The closest I could find on a quick scan were some warnings as to what could happen to our Republic if the people were not watchful.
  • As to my anecdote, that was true. I simply put it into context with what is going on today. The same question, and I think a valid one.


We can see democracy is as revolutionary as capitalism.
For almost the 1st time I’m aware of, democracy is throwing a monkey wrench in the gears of corporate expansion.
(The exception is Eugene Debs and the Wobblies.)
And corporations need expansion to survive.
We need democracy to survive.
The Eaarth needs some adult tennets to survive.