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FBI and Access to NSA Data on Americans


FBI and Access to NSA Data on Americans

Peter Van Buren

Hear that hissing sound? That is the last gasps for air from the Bill of Rights. The Bill is one breath away from hell.

The FBI has quietly revised its rules for searching data involving Americans’ communications collected by the National Security Agency.


"Collect it all."
--former NSA Director, Gen. Keith B. Alexander

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."
--Janis Joplin


The FBI thinks of American citizens as its enemy. American citizens should consider the entire US government their enemy. That is the sad reality of the United States.


Just wait 'til this guy comes to power.


After the assassination of JFK, a consortium of Organized Crime families, Industrialists, Deep State Operatives, and certain "dynastic families" took control of the U.S. govt. in a silent coup.

Note how since that time militarism has escalated, mantras echo across right wing media (which is ubiquitous) that demonize govt., and a deregulatory craze has defanged govt. of its powers to rein in corporate greed, malfeasance, and massive crimes (starting with ruining substantial segments of The Commons).

Since "war abroad allows for tyranny at home," it's logical that the planned wars intended to take down 6 Middle East nations carried the "bonus" of subducting long established Constitutionally protected rights and liberties here inside "the Homeland."

Many of us take 911 for the Inside Job that it was.

All of the attacks on basic liberties since then were baked into the cake.

These were premeditated crimes against humanity AND liberty writ large.


When Bush ruled with his combination of idiot-despot flare, I thought of leaving the U.S.

Like many, I thought the tide of war, illegalities, and insanity would be turned back (at least partially) under Obama.

If this disgusting demon is given the Oval Office, I think it would be prudent to move to Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador.

And I don't want to hear about the WE thing on this. A segment of the population is deluded and delusional and while FEW in this forum dare to speak honestly about the roots of this problem--it IS fundamentalist Christianity. THAT is who salutes this authoritarian hate-based mad man.

He's a Capricorn like J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Karl Rove, Scott Walker and lots of other natural-born authoritarians. The fact that a segment of the population bows down to the strict father figure has been discussed wisely by George Lakoff. It's CONDITIONED into young children at a young age if they grow up in Conservative Christian homes. Only a few manage to rebel and fly over that cuckoo's nest.

What's utterly sickening (and to me this IS the anti-Christ) is that someone who speaks openly about KILLING other people is given a welcome in so-called Christian houses of worship.

The policy of closing off borders to Latinos is particularly striking when coming from Latinos like Cruz and Rubio. How the phuck did they get in? But they'd close the door to their own peers? That's about as Democratic and caring as Colin Powell--a recipient of Affirmative Action--tossing THAT ladder out from under the Black community.

Selfishness should be tested for... and any candidate who tests positive should be tossed onto the junk heap of history before he or she has a chance to do REAL damage. How much history is yet to unfold is difficult to say as there are very astute voices who say that humanity has already crossed the ecological Rubicon for "Game Over."

It really comes down to how Pachamana, Earth Mother votes.


Loose is the opposite of tight-fitting.

Lose is the opposite of win.

Now CAN you hear me?