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FBI and NSA Chiefs Forced to Fact-Check Boss as Trump Live-Tweets Hearing


FBI and NSA Chiefs Forced to Fact-Check Boss as Trump Live-Tweets Hearing

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump (or possibly an authorized staff member) took the unusual step on Monday of commenting in real-time during a congressional hearing as he dishonestly spun and mischaracterized the testimony of top level officials in his own administration as they answered questions under oath from members of the House Intelligence Committee.


POTUS is unraveling and showing the world just how bat-guano crazy he is! Won’t be long, DJT and you will be in a padded room all by yourself with no access to social media or a private privvy. Keep it up.


Can someone explain this? What are the congresspersons doing looking up Trump’s twitters on their smartphones during their questioning of people under oath?


How long will the GOP sit on their hands while this farce, this fraud, continues?

You know if this scumbag gets thrown to the curb, everybody including his children will disown him.

That would be sweet justice indeed. Keep that in mind Lyin’ Ted, and Little Marco.


CORRECTION: "Committee members were forced to respond to yet another display of PRESIDUNCIAL MIS-BEHAVIOR today by requesting that Comey and Rogers clarify earlier testimony . . .


Quit giving this guy airtime recognition

Every story leadin should read

Donald Trump Lied again today …

No selfies no pics no video no explanations just facts


Actually, this is how you deal with a narcissist. Great idea.


I agree, but if I did not know different, I would have thought DT would have escaped from an insane asylum a long time ago!


Oh, not so long ago, me thinks…


Every day that finds Don still in office will make it harder to remove him. No hurry.


Except that, with every day the pressure to get rid of him builds…


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:39698”]
In his opening remarks during testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that ‘there remains an open and ongoing criminal investigation’ into the possibility that members of the Trump campaign or transition team colluded with alleged Russian interference in last year’s presidential elections.”[/quote]
I wonder if Tweetle-Dumb and his henchmen are beginning to feel the heat?
        “They HANG Traitors, Don’t They?”


While the hearing is going on - the staff are continuously feeding the Representatives information to help their their questioning. Tump’s tweets provided too good of fodder for the Democrats’ staff to pass up.


The Emporer is not only wearing no clothes, he is covered in feces and masturbating in public ! Aye Chihuahua !


Not masturbating yet. He first dances The Kasatsky in a spandex leisure suit he got as a gift from Roger Stone and Wayne Newton. Then he jerks himself a White Russian on ice, with just a splash of Russian vodka. I thought everyone who reads his tweets knew that; please, try to keep up. With the latter not the former, unless …


To respond to the rhetorical question in the title - It’s standard operating procedure for the top brass of the rogue intelligence agencies to perjure themselves in Congressional hearings. They’ve been doing that since Dulles & J. Hoover took over the country. There’s no consequences for any purjury by the heads of any three letter agency, IRS included. Today Comey dialed back the lies because of the unpredictable loose cannon tweeting away.

Enjoying the circus.


Are you a peanut or cotton candy vendor, by any chance? My guess is nuts.


Good Comment, Dan. The CIA’s assumed mantle of “Plausible Deniability” was interpreted by Dulles as license to lie through his teeth. Thus the CIA has long been a loose canon, and the FBI under Hoover, even longer. Presidents are just puppets, but if they attempt to assert any control, the puppet masters will pull their strings accordingly. I know this and I am not an American. There are thousands of books written by many brave men and women testifying to this simple truth. To not be aware requires wilful ignorance. Trumps lies are amateurish and of little consequence compared to the whoppers which surround the sinking of the Maine, Lusitania, Zimmerman, Business Coup, Pearl Harbour, JFK, MLK, RFK, Operations Northwoods, Cyanide, Phoenix, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11…and thats only the few we know about!


Speculative in this situation. Facts not in evidence regarding Trump. Combining over a 100 years of wrongdoing in a paragraph, or two, is not proof in this particular instance.


Spot on, HistoryPilot.