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FBI and NSA Chiefs Forced to Fact-Check Boss as Trump Live-Tweets Hearing


Nor intended to be. Because the deceit goes so deep throughout the history of the 20th Century, there is precious little solid 'evidence' for anything. As a historian, one is trained to look always for the 'unwitting testimony' and investigate gut instincts. I am not a criminologist, but one is aware that crimes have patterns and successful ones are repeated. When Philip Zelikow desired "another Pearl Harbour' in his 1998 paper "Catastrophic Terrorism" which uncanny predicted the destruction of WTC and the deaths of thousands, the limits on civil rights, the ability to wage the wars of our choice etc. one can sense that Zelikow knows a trick or two more than the average Joe. Zelikow's academic prowess is in the manufacturing of public myths, and he is and expert on the Warren Commission. How remarkable that her gets appointed to manage the 9/11 Truth Commission, just as his undoubted hero Allen Dulles was appointed to 'manage' the Warren Commission, so as to prove that Oswlas acted alone, despite all the evidence which pointed to his CIA connections e.g. his working at Atsugi, the U2 base in Japan.
As you rightly say, we can only speculate. The truth is too horrible to acknowledge. Maybe ostriches are smarter than us?


I'm not oblivious to the past but this present circumstance is the subject.
One can speculate, as I often have, but Trump is a one man wrecking crew and a filthy lieing swine, too. He fits in well with his current adopted branch of The UniParty. The Republicans have always paid their traitors to the 99s, better. Just a fact, historically. And, Trump is always about the $$$.


If someone like, say, Noam Chomsky was president, the media would be completely ignoring him. Per the Herman-Chomsky propaganda model, if a public figure or nascent public idea really does present a threat to the capitalist system, he, she of it will be treated with dead-silence by the capitalist media - or as Orwell called it "memory holed". This is much more effective than mockery, which as Shakespeare observed (in Hamlet), only draws attention to the possible validity of the object of mocking. This is why one never hears about, even negatively, Chomsky(1), or single-payer, or global warming, among many other things, in the corporate media.

So, the media's over the top jocular coverage of Trump (especially during his campaign) while Bernie Sanders was totally ignored is really an indication that the corporate capitalist media does not consider Trump to be a threat at all to their agenda - probably quite the opposite.(2)

(1)At a local Noam Chomsky award dinner and talk I once attended, the ballroom was packed with reporters - yet the next day - absolutely nothing could be found in the newspapers, TV channels, even the free-weekly tabloid. His previous evening's visit to Pittsburgh and speech never happened - in stark to the attention given to a visit and talk by Henry Kissinger a couple years earlier. It was obvious that the reporters were there just on the outside chance that Chomsky committed some kind of faux pas or remark that would establish him as the "self-hating, terrorist-loving Jew" that they desperately want to stick on him.

(2) This kind of refutes the popular conspiracy theory among the US left of this "deep state of economic elites" who oppose Trump and are scheming to get rid of him, doesn't it?


Zaphod Beeblebrox was elected to the "presidency". It's just distraction and misdirection at this point.

I just wanted TPP, TTIP, and TISA dead.


Well now you will be getting something much worse. Trumps dismantling of domestic environmental and worker protections will go far, beyond anything a corporation could have imposed under the TPP or teh TTIP.


This was all said here at CD prior to the election, but the wrecking crew here doesn't care. They've got a point to prove damnit, and we all get to experience the result of them proving it! Yay.


A some point, dynamite does reduce the mountain to rubble. In 2016 we've possibly produced the way forward, even if it's a rough old rocky, gravelly road.


Or not. If Bernie gets elected in 2018, he'll have a 5-4 conservative majority to contend with, assuming Ginsburg stays on. If it goes 6-3, you can congratulate yourself by basking in the hard right legal revolution you chose to create. Go progressive wrecking crew!


Then we are in total agreement. My point was that for MSM, FBI and CIA to call Trump a liar was simply pot calling kettle black. Orwell: Ian time of universal deceit, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act. Vive la Revolution. Venceremos


How long will the GOP allow this nonsense to go on? If it weren't for the fact that this clown has the nuke codes, I'd love for it to go on until his presidency is up in 2020, since it would keep most of their bad ideas from getting accomplished. But there are those nuke codes, and so, I guess I'd rather have the evil Pence as president than risk a nuclear war. Of course, there have been some things in the Russian deal with his name on it too, so perhaps we can get rid of both of them, but not in such a fashion that would allow Paul Ryan to become president. Do they (the GOP) still have a Gerald Ford lurking about?


Good Question. Keep in mind who funded both Ted Cruise's and Marco's presidential campaign, The Robert Mercers, who also bailed out Trump's losing campaign at the last second. But it does provide interesting political theater to get the unwashed masses back into the Fake Democracy scam.


Are you nuts? Pence is a nightmare.

Thank god both Trump and Pence like Putin. Russia has 7500 nuke warheads, many with vodka-breath mobile truck and sub launched, and high chance for mistakes.

China? Only 250. Iran? None. North Korea? Maybe a handful.

Don't poke the old wounded Russian Bear with a stick, children! Nothing good is going to come from it. Trump must fire that nutcase warmonger Victoria Nuland who already toppled the democratically elected government of the Ukraine in favor of known Nazis. Clinton's number two at the State Department, she massed NATO tanks and missiles on the Russian Border.

Not smart.


'"The kind of speculation that would discredit the integrity of the FBI, Congress and the presidency and of these proceedings."' That's pretty obvious and probably the most logical statement. It's not like he openly admitted this before and during his stay in office. I just wonder what ELSE is going on? Conflict of interest still be committed which apparently is no big deal anymore. Phew, close one.


I hear that


Since most everyone is dirty up there in the lofty political arena, it appears to me that the only thing to do is to focus on the issues. Stopping eternal war, for instance.
Trumpet's talent is creating a huge stir over drivel, drawing focus away from real issues that are destroying the future of the world we think we know. The media is cleverly playing along.


Another Russia day. They happen from time to time. The establishment and MSM throws the mud around, hoping something sticks, nothing does, and a few weeks later. . .they try it all over again.

Meanwhile, important issues such as climate change and expanding war (check out what is going on with Israel re: Syria just to name one of many hot situations) is again ignored.

BTW, the New York Times proudly proclaimed, complete with some lovely photos, that it would begin to really, really cover climate change, promise, please subscribe.

Yeah, right.


No Way. There was nothing as treasonous as the TPP which outranked All three branches of federal government with an unconstitutional "despute resolution board" made up of foreign investors which supposedly outweighed the Constitution itself and allowed no imput nor Amendment or review by Congress. Your hero Clinton strongarmed 12 countries into signing it.
It was the deathbell for Federal Labor Law as Slave countries could sue for perceived loss of future profits.


I see, so you oppose the TPP more from a right-wing jingoistic perspective than a workers rights and environment perspective. A corporation suing a (usually local) government for "loss of profits" due to a regulation being a "impediment to trade" under the TPP is bad, but a government simply eliminating beneficial regulations all on its own is far worse. I'm embarrassed that I have to write this out.


Conflict of interest would be a huge deal if Chelsea Clinton set up an office in the White House to run her business like Ivanka. In fact, I'd argue the only reason we don't have ten threads on CD right now on that matter is because too many on the Left prefer to battle with the Clintons than actual, real-time, crooks.


Another Russia day because the head of the FBI testified that the President's campaign staff are under investigation for potential collusion with a foreign power to influence our election, among other things. How is this not important? How is it in anyway a distraction? A distraction from what, exactly? Prior to the election, folks like me wrote to folks like you about voting for the bigger picture, the Attorney Generals Office and Supreme Court, and was told I was pushing fear voting. I wrote about CAFE standards, renewable energy tax credits, and a host of other not-flashy budgetary items that mattered, especially in terms of the environment, but was told I was selling out to the neolibs because all fracking wasn't banned by Obama now, now, now! So I ask, who was it that was distracted then? Who exactly is being distracted by one more facet of potential corruption by a conartist some on the Left said would great on "trade" or "peace"?