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FBI Arrests Cliven Bundy as Oregon Standoff Comes to a Head


FBI Arrests Cliven Bundy as Oregon Standoff Comes to a Head

Common Dreams staff

Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who last year engaged in a standoff with federal agents over his use of public lands for grazing in the southwest, was arrested by FBI agents on Wednesday night just after landing in Oregon where a tense standoff that has been ongoing since the beginning of the year appears to be reaching its final stages.


Meanwhile, the right wingnut media have slept in their own beds.


Looks like the FBI found out that Cliven was leaving the sanctuary of his 'ranch' to go up to Oregon in support of his sons, and they seized the chance to arrest him away from his right wing para-military army. After all he did draw weapons on federal agents. Two birds with one stone. He thought he could just go waltzing up there and the feds wouldn't notice, or care?


What better use of this land than as a wildlife refuge for birds. The sooner these right-wing characters who want to privatize the land leave the better. It belongs to the federal government of the United States not them. They should go home or to jail and let nature thrive.


Open carry in federal prison ! An idea whose time has come.


Hey now! We the people are the government, it belongs to all of us, including the Bundy's, etc. They should educate themselves on how our constitution was designed to work. I was amused that a member of the "good Christian" community was visiting with the holdouts. As I recall from my youth, we were taught in Sunday school and from the pulpit that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. But then again, that same church advocated beating children into submission. Didn't work on me, though it seems they are still at it. In my humble opinion, organized religions are nothing more than human domestication programs. Get us while we are young and keep hammering away. We should teach our young ones how to think, not what to think. Again, just my opinion. Peace and blessings to all. Tom Evans


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No, the land is owned by the US government. It is not owned by the people. However, the people do elect the president and members of Congress so in that way people can have a say about what the government should do with the land that it owns. People carrying guns have no right to go on government land and claim it as theirs. If they think the government should sell the land or use it for some other purpose there are democratic means available for making that case. The US government owns a majority of the land in the western part of the US and much of this has been designated as national parks, national forests, wilderness areas, wildlife refuges, etc. If this land was not owned by the government the environmental destruction would have been far greater than what has occurred. This government owned land is probably the greatest treasure of the US with the national part system being the "crown jewels." We need to protect it from the right wingers.


Finally, Cliven Bundy, the not too smart wanna be patriarch of a bunch undereducated parasites, gets arrested. He should have been stopped a couple of years ago when he threatened Federal employees and police. This guy owes the people of the US more than a million dollars in grazing fees nd penalties.

The Sage Brush Rebellion is not about freedom it's about stealing publically owned land so that it can be exploited by ranching, logging, and mining interests. They want to exploit what belongs to all of us and not pay for it.

The Bundys and others swore that they would occupy Federal property for years if need be. I hope they do and it appears they will. The Federal property they will be occupying is Federal Prison. Which they so richly deserve and have earned.


Hey now! Wow!! Just listened to part of the almost 5 hour rant from the holdout "patriots". Could only take about 15 minutes. These folks seem to need some serious therapy and,to me, it sounds that Sandy Anderson was actually born as a man. Just my opinion. By the way, I served 6 years in the army during Vietnam. Was disabled in a very serious helicopter crash. How have these folks served our nation for the common good? Peace and blessings to all, Tom Evans


'We're Not Surrendering, We’re Turning Ourselves In'--

And when they lock you up they will exclaim, "We're not incarcerating you, just giving you an all expense paid extendced vacation at the Club Fed"!! So nice to see neither side losing their sense of proper aesthetics in this tense situation.

Now maybe the birds can nest in peace.


Hey now! Well, it seems we disagree on that issue. I be believe the preamble to the constitution of these United States begins with these three words, We the people. We live in a republic, not democracy. Or am I mistaken on that point? Ours tax dollars pay the costs of maintaining upkeep, salaries,and whatever else that is required to preserve these for the federal govt., we the people. Just my humble opinion. Peace and blessings to all, Tom Evans


The two men, who are actually sitting in prison for the episode that kicked this all off are being mistreated. The Bundy bozos deserve what they get at this point, but the other two had already served their prison time for arson on public lands. A fire got out of control, they hadn't notified the feds they were going to burn. They went to jail. But anti-terrorism laws with mandated prison terms forced them back behind bars. I think we can all agree, the fire was an accident and not an act of terrorism, and the two men should be freed. In fact they are appealing to the president to commute their sentence. This is also a miscarriage of justice.

This underlying story is where a narrative about mass incarceration, sentence mandates and the private prison complex could hit home with many conservative voters. But we're all missing the boat because of Bundy and his band of bozos, who just showed up uninvited, mostly unwanted and created a molehill big enough to obscure the mountain of our broken judicial system.


The mormon church has a history of vigilanteism and violence during its territorial days, and there are many fundamentalists willing to take up arms, and do right now, as we so clearly see. There's a religious element to all this which has not been fully explored, and it helps to explain some of the "crazy."


Now that the carpetbagger Bundys are off the scene... perhaps Obama will commute the Hammonds' sentences. He could tie it to the other commutations he's made regarding "mandatory sentences."

But he likely will not, since it would mean acting against the Anti-Terrorism law...


Bullshit! These ranchers have a long history of abusing public land. They disregarded over and over again agreements they had with the BLM to not over graze and they broke those promises. Finally in the 1980's they were refused permission to graze on refuge land. They ignored that. They are a couple of arrogant, irresponsible pricks who abused public land for personal financial gain. Don't ignore the facts and try to paint what they have done as an accident. They deserve every god-damned day in prison that they have been given.


The Hammonds are a bunch of low rent, welfare loving, land bandits. They have a history of fairly serious misdeeds and thuggish behavior, towards the management of public lands, going back decades in and around Harney Country. Their re-sentencing was not unwarranted or capricious. More like long overdue regarding the refuge.The Bundy Brood, and other right wing religious riffraff that hang around them, are dangerous, misguided false patriots. They're merely stooges and buffoons for wealthy elites who want to get their filthy hands on yet more of the public lands. To degrade and pillage sacred ground while also being subsidized by real live U.S. taxpayers. These cow punching creeps will try to create a " tent revival/circus trial " in Oregon. Will there be some kind of patriot shoot out or a string of armed bank robberies? Will they " Alan Berg " some local celebrity? No one living here wants that, or them, brought to trial in Oregon. We'd like them to pay for their damages and leave; a.s.a.p.. Have the Feds take them back to their home states and save us from having to watch this Sagebrush Soap Opera play out. And, the gov't needs to make it Clivin Bundy's last rodeo, too. He needs to go to the funny farm and not back to the ranch.


Additionally the Hammonds' were threatening public employees and private citizens, with gross physical harm and actual death.
Good comment btw.


Amen and hell yes to that!


The point I'm making is that they did serve their time in prison for arson. I'm not saying yay them. I'm saying these guys are not terrorists. They are criminals and paid for it. If they go out and burn up more land, they should be arrested again and tried. But there wasn't a second crime. They got re-jailed over the same crime. That's a link to what's wrong with our criminal justice system and can provide a platform to educate about the issue to a demographic that is almost entirely unreachable.

We can all sit in judgement about the kind of people they were and decide they were total schmucks. They contributed to a series of events which brought the law down on them, and were found guilty, but being a total schmuck is not a crime in and of itself. They abused the system, but nearly not as much as the 1% does. Does that give the system the authority to go beyond punishment to abuse them as well?

If folks decide these two guys were terrorists and should have been re-incarcerated for the same crime, then I'm clearly fighting a losing battle. But if we are to have the society Bernie is fighting for, it will mean trying to understand the point of view of people with whom you might strongly disagree. Tea Party patriotism imbued with a strange sort of mormon fundamentalism combined to bring together a very small contingent of gun-toting nuts, who have so far not shot and killed anyone. It is far better to find some common ground with which to relate to them, because they're angry too, but can't figure out why--because of the political box they are trapped in.

To reiterate, the Bundy's and their band, deserve everything they get in criminal proceedings. If the government is going to prosecute them under anti-terrorism laws, then at least it will be in the light of day, and the Bundy's can mount that defense. Be warned that what is happening to these idiots can happen to anybody in or out of the criminal justice system, once we start throwing the term terrorist around willy-nilly.