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FBI Face Recognition Technology Has 'No Limits,' Congressional Hearing Reveals


FBI Face Recognition Technology Has 'No Limits,' Congressional Hearing Reveals

Nika Knight, staff writer

If Congress doesn't take legislative action, the FBI's vast and growing facial recognition database could someday soon allow the government to track Americans' "every move" in a breathtaking, nationwide violation of the Fourth Amendment.

That was the takeaway of a scathing hearing in the Congressional Oversight Committee on the FBI's use of facial recognition technology last week.

"It is important to place meaningful checks on government use of face recognition now before we reach a point of no return."
—Jennifer Lynch, EFF


It shouldn't be too hard to confuse the database from photos supplied by state driver license records. Women have the option of ever changing hair styles, while men have the option of beards and moustaches. Slap on a hat or other head topping, maybe even add various eyeglass styles, and positive ID becomes less accurate, while Big Brother is left more confused on what else can be done to control and round up resisters, protesters, and picketers.


And down the rabbit hole we go! Goodbye, Bill of Rights. It was nice knowing you.

These technologies, in the hands of a paranoid Security State, are like handing a 6 year old a loaded M-16, only worse.


This sounds an awful lot like Huxley's "Brave New World "(1931-32). He , however , placed the date somewhere near the year 2500.I do believe we will survive this excess technology ,which just so happens to become more fragile the more advanced it becomes. Satellite infrastructure cannot be relocated without catastrophe in a garbage laden environment without a great deal of luck. Chain reaction destruction of artificial satellites resulting in our being stuck on this planet will be the pinnacle of our success. Escaping into space would be like running through a mine field, as the kinetic energy of even a paint chip collision can be quite devastating. Best better work things out


you might have more luck with a six year old!!! and it must take a long time to look through 30 million photos!!!
they obviously have nothing better to do with their time.....................


Think about how all this was collected. Was it bypeople showing up to the FBI to give up a mug shot? Obviously it isnt only felons. What about phones? What about traffic intersections? What about store cameras? What about transit cameras? Is it that the FBI is using anything? Yes.


With today's computers, it probably takes a handful of seconds at most right not and the speed will be dropping continuously so whatever it is now, it's going to be faster tomorrow.


Kinda brings it home.
Big Brother is watching You!


That's a great idea. Apparently they have me because I am in one of the states where I think they got it from my new driver's license.

I've heard dark sunglasses is the surest way of impairing it, but who knows?


Great points. I can imagine where this is going. Say your credit rating is a bit in the grey area, or below 700 even. You walk into any store with cameras, you are instantly identified and your presence is accepted or rejected.

Total corporate control when they control the grocery store purchases, as food becomes more scarce. Green roof technology? growing veggies in the basement along with your "other" plants? You can only save up so many of those MRE's.

Self reliance is the survival of the future, so it seems.


"You walk into any store with cameras, you are instantly identified and your presence is accepted or rejected." LMAO. Excellent way to put it :slight_smile: