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FBI Files Show Agents Tracked Non-Violent 350.org Climate Activists as Part of 'Domestic Terrorism Case'


FBI Files Show Agents Tracked Non-Violent 350.org Climate Activists as Part of 'Domestic Terrorism Case'

Jon Queally, staff writer

When the U.S.-based 350.org launched its 'Break Free From Fossil Fuels' campaign in May of 2106, the global climate justice group called the multi-week set of coordinated actions "largest civil disobedience in the history of the environmental movement."

With hundreds of actions taking place on six continents, the whole world was watching—and, according to newly-released documents, was the Federal Bureau of Investigations.


From the article:

“…FBI’s apparent failure to distinguish between non-violent civil disobedience and domestic terrorism was contemptible.”

Contemptible? Absolutely. But failure? Hardly.

Purposeful conflation is far more likely.


Everybody knows phone lines are still tapped.

They may have eliminated olden days clicks and static,

Even so, Everybody knows

FBI, Homeland security and Pentagon believe their own brainwashing.

Everybody knows.



And that somehow led me to playing my tenor recorder along with Bob Dylan’s “Going back to New York City.”

I sometimes dream of sitting on plastic buckets in downtown ew York and playing that alon\g with some friends.

Probly end up standing yet the buckets make a darn good prop.


They’re spying on people who want nothing more than to get arrested and go to court? What is the FBI going to do with them, eventually arrest them and put them in front of a judge?


Environmentalists, tree hugers, political activists or anyone who dares to speak truth to power is targeted by our taxpayer paid FBI and other federal and state police/spy agencies. The elites fear and intend to eradicate all opposition to their rule.


No not really, more likely gas them like they put down dogs and i am not kidding.


or like journalist across the globe, they are being killed.


Remember when they were spying on Quakers and vegans?


I agree with Bill, but America is not a government for the people; by the people; and of the people unless you mean by people 1% of the people and the fossil fuel oligarchy.


Shouldn’t the FBI be spending more time dealing with hate crimes by white supremacists then keeping track of climate activists participating in non-violent civil disobedience?


Recommended reading to more deeply understand FBI political repression – and how to protect ourselves:

  1. COINTELPRO: The FBI’s Secret War on Political Freedom by Nelson Blackstock

  2. War At Home by Brian Glick


Yes! Also, shouldn’t the FBI be arresting the right-wing criminals who have made death threats against Bill McKibben?


It is almost as if the FBI was created for the specific purpose of subverting and destroying social movements to preserve the fascist status quo…


Not almost, but why! Hoover was a fascist that even tried to destroy MLK as a communist sympathizer! And he destroyed and subverted many social movements. And what a travesty, THE FBI BUILDING IS NAMED AFTER HIM!


They are very good at infiltrating, undermining, subverting, and splitting groups. They have it down to a science. It’s only when those tactics fail that they take recourse to more brute & thuggish means. You might want to read Philip Agee’s Inside the Company. Many activists have recognized Agee’s book as critical in their learning how to resist these methods.


You’ve missed all the books on the operations of the CIA & MI6. See my post below for one link. Here, by the way, is Glick’s book.



No, I didn’t miss the books on the CIA and MI6.

This is an article on FBI political abuses – so I limited my recommended books to the two best books I know about FBI political abuses.

Also, I purposely limited my book recommendations to two books. I didn’t want to list 10 or 20 (or 50) books.

But please list any additional books you recommend. I appreciate your contributing your suggestions.


Check Agee in my other post responding to PaulK. All of these intel agencies use the same tactics, so there’s no reason to restrict oneself to the FBI.