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FBI Investigates Robocalls Aimed at Suppressing Turnout as State Officials Pledge Vigilance Against Attacks on Voting Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/fbi-investigates-robocalls-aimed-suppressing-turnout-state-officials-pledge


OMG! I was just phone banking in Virginia for Qasim Rashid and spoke to someone who reported that he was going to vote tomorrow! I told him that today was the last day but wasn’t sure when the polls were closing in Virginia as every state is different.

I just don’t understand how people can be alright with such deception and subterfuge. I hope to never grow out of shaking my head at this side of humanity.


I got one of these calls. It said something like “BE CAREFUL, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE”. The number was 925-983-5699. I went out and voted. The only thing that made me unsafe was the armed large brawny police standing watch at the polls.


The article closes with:
“The fact that we have that many votes shows that people are confident in the process,” a senior CISA official told CNET.

Umm, no. i have extremely low confidence in the process, but i voted.


"The fact that we have that many votes shows that people are confident in the process," a senior CISA official said

In fact, it means precisely the opposite: that people are beginning to doubt whether “The Process” actually works and are desperate to verify that it does…by voting this time around.


I suspect the FBI announcement is a PR stunt to cover their asses. There are individual Special Agents that are good people; some examples are the ones who spoke out about being stifled by their supervisors about investigation the 9/11/2001 debacle when it was in its planning stages.

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Misleading robocalls is a play used in Canada by the Harper Conservatives –
but the idea and likely substantial implementation came from a Republican-linked firm
south of the border, I recall. Voters were told to go to the wrong polls; some did.

(Real Republicans must think Americans are more gullible than Canadians
to buy the election being held on a different day than all the media say.)

Eventually the (more-or-less) nonpartisan election body tracked down their origin,
and the Conservatives were fined a token, but real amount ($50k?). Of course,
the damage was done: the the Republicans North had ‘won’ their majority.