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FBI is Asking Apple to Create 'Software Equivalent of Cancer': Tim Cook


FBI is Asking Apple to Create 'Software Equivalent of Cancer': Tim Cook

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In an interview with ABC News on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out about the tech company's ongoing privacy fight with the U.S. government, saying the FBI was essentially asking Apple to create "the software equivalent of cancer."


This case gives me a great idea for an App.
How about an App that displays a special icon whenever the cell tower to which it is connected to cannot be verified as from a legitimate cell tower provider? That is, if the cell phone is connected to a StingRay or other local relay, the user would know.
Unfortunately, I don't have the expertise for this, but there must be someway to tell, even if it is just the increased latency that the StingRay requires in relaying the signals to the real cell service provider.
It would be nice to know when you are being spied upon by our government or other party


That's a good idea


It's already been done, but you have to root or jailbreak your phone in order to use it.


If the FBI wins this case, Chinese and Russian hackers will be very excited to start tapping into the American mobile network. Just think of all the confidential business documents they will have access to, and all the payment data, account ids, bank account information, private conversations, nude photos, etc. The easier it is for the FBI to gain access to a phone, the easier it is for hackers too.


Yes. Not that it is the Russians and the Chinese that we really need to worry about.


Maybe the cops shouldn't be so quick to assassinate the perps involved in crimes. It appears the suspects in San Bernardino were faced with armored vehicles, so hurry up and wait them out should have been preferable. Now Apple is being asked to create access to a personal secure device, which we all know will be at the top of a very long, rocky, slippery slope. Perhaps the Feds should find a way to bring them back to life to ask them about the crime. The cops destroyed the chance to question the suspects and discover motives and possible added suspects, thanks to inadequate training and knowledge of practical fundamentals and operations.


Yes, exactly!

As well as the execution of Saddam in Iraq. Bush just had to go to war there, making up lies about hidden weapons of mass destruction. Now it turns out those weapons are in the hands of Isis. Not the imaginary weapons that Bush and Cheney said were there, but weapons that have been amassed by Isis, much of which was captured from the assembled Iraqi army we were funding to maintain some control in the country when we left. When Saddam was chased from power, hunted down and killed, that left no one to maintain control over the country. Thanks to Bush's legacy of invasion by reason of his imagination, his war has come to the U.S. as the San Bernardino killings are proving to be an example of that.


Get the feeling that Apple arguing with the FBI is akin to masturbation.
Apple and the FBI are both of products of the military industrial complex.
The cries of passion here are designed to arouse the lust and envy in all who hear.
Any with sense who hear their cries know that "America" is broken.